I am so sorry

As an avid listener of your good selves during the LAW days i was excited to follow you to the new POST venture,but alas financially i was struggling with thr birth of our 3rd child(all 3 named after wrestlers).
So i had to hold off until i could hold off no more even though we are expecting a 4th in August.
I will find otherways to WATCH WRESTLING.I will cancel my WWE sub,i will eat only lettuce but i will not miss John and Wai reviewing Superstars from the golden age of 1992.
You are only a few episodes away from the debut ofDamien Demento.
Long live Post


My favorite part. Second, was the lettuce. Then Demento. Great POST!

This is one of the reasons I am looking forward to Smackdown being on Fox. I cut cable awhile ago so I don’t have access to USA to watch Raw and Smackdown live. I do have Hulu and will occassionally watch smackdown a day later if I hear it’s a good episode. Otherwise I keep up with Raw through John & Wai and the highlights on YouTube.

With Fox being a free, over the air station it will be nice to turn on Smackdown live every now and again when I’m not busy on a Friday night.