I hated the Orton,Beth segment

Beth is out there,Orton’s music plays him down to the ring ,so production are now aware that Randell was planning to meet Beth in the ring while she tried to explain Edge’s welfare.
Once Orton was in the ring no one decided it wasn’t a good idea despite Randy having a track record of assaulting friends,foess,women and children out of nowhere.
Once the inevitable happened only the Job squad and Saxton seemed to give a shit.
Hated the whole angle,and that’s not even mentioning the twattish crowd.

Oh great. Next you’ll be telling me that alleged “R” “K” “O” didn’t actually hurt Beth’s supposed “face” as he drove her head in to the mat. Can’t believe they would pull that kind of shit.

I have no idea what you are saying or trying to say.But thanks for contacting us.

I blame Beth. She knew Randy was on the show and his behaviour. She also attacked him twice before he touched her.

I wonder if she will be completely fine on NXT on Wednesday

Randy is the face,Beth is the enabler,Edge is the Adam

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This “job squad” included the former Edge Heads Hawkins & Ryder (who were in Edge shirts here), D-Von Dudley, and Beth’s bestie Natalya. Of course all of these people would immediately get out there.

Of course the inevitable happened there, but so what? It’s a natural part of the story. Shit’s gonna hit the fan in confrontations like this, be it in wrestling or any other kind of narrative.

Can we talk about that, though? I just watched this angle and I thought it was awesome, but it seemed inevitable that a portion of the crowd was going to chant for and then pop for the RKO. Should WWE be avoiding this, even at the expense of a pretty good angle? Or do the fans have a degree of “responsibility” to play along and boo the damn heel for once?

I’m usually in the camp that fans can (within reason) do whatever they want, and it’s up to the performers and bookers to evoke the desired reaction. But I thought in this particular instance, a non-negligible percentage of the live fans were being asshole smarks that nearly ruined the whole thing.

This attention to detail is something I would be ecstatic about in other programming. Therefore I am estatic to see it in WWE story telling.