I love.....

The first 10-20 minutes of each podcast where I get to listen to John and Wai talk about their lives. I think it’s the best part. My wife doesn’t give a shit about wrestling but enjoys hearing about their everyday shenanigans as well. It’s good stuff.

Just my 3 cents. Thanks for all you do guys. #notimestampsneeded


While their shows were on YouTube, I raised an eyebrow whenever I saw time cues to get to the wrestling talk. I was never in such a rush. Maybe one day they can do another “driving from” video as they get back from a wrestling event.

I totally agree. The banter between John and Wai is what’s endeared them to me and why i’ve followed them here to Post Wrestling.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing time stamps. It could even be helpful in the future if John and Wai want to spoil a movie or TV show then it would be easier to skip ahead to the review.

I like the talking. The only time I end up skipping is when I’m re-listening to a show and even then I don’t skip that often.

I live for the banter!

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Yeah I love the banter between the two.
I like listening to what things they have been up to and what they’ve been watching. It gives me something that I can seek out and watch.

More Banter! More Gabe Sapolsky impressions!

Banter stays or I riot

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