I try to like Zack Sabre Jr, but......

Please tell me why I should like ZSJ.
I try, but his technical moves, mat wrestling included are so goofy. At times they don’t sell.
Some are nice, but too many are just silly, which includes the time it takes to set it up.
Help me like him!
I want to like him.

Watch his after match promos on the New Japan YouTube page. Long live Saberism


He’s a progressive left-wing vegan with wonderful music taste and a splendid way with words. He’s impossible to not like.


I think he’s an excellent wrestler and find his submission work very clever. Maybe my favorite wrestler going today.

Though I thought this way when he was a face in EVOLVE and PWG, his heel work has only made him better.

Sorry that can’t change your mind. :smirk:

ZSJ is also a guy who is wrestling at an extremely high level (in terms of in-ring work) who is not exposing himself or others to head and neck injury. This makes him sort of unique amongst NJPW guys.


I’ll give you that.
And he is sexy!
I still don’t get these whacky submission/technical moves.
I guess I like mire traditional, more realistic smiles like Dean M. And Daniel Bryan(kind of)

He’s not a relatistic style. But then again is Kenny omega with his telegraphing moves and rise of terminator? Would someone seriously sit outside a ring while people are slapping the canvas and wait for someone to take a good 20-30secs to finally jump on them?

How dare you say anything bad about Mr.Omega. Lol

I think he needs to go lift some weights and eat a sandwich, at the very least.

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Haha. I love Kenny. But it’s not a realistic style it’s more cartoonish and fun. Which is fine - but it’s not like Ishii or Brock

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I love people talking about “realistic” styles in wrestling. No high flying move could ever legit be done in real life, unless the person taking the move was out cold. No one is going to lay on the ground and watch a guy jump on them from above.

An irish whip, the most basic thing in wrestling, is not a realistic move. I’ve never known a person in real life, with the strength to be able to whip guys like they do in wrestling.


It’s true. Nothing is realistic. Some styles are perhaps more realistic (ie Brock and just hitting a bunch of big moves over and over again, or Ishii) but 99 percent of it is clearly impractical in a real fight. Ronda was a bit more realistic than seeing Charlotte do a bad moonsault


Realistic is figurative in wrestling.
I was just saying I like my mat wrestling to look more amateur style.

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No. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him. And that’s ok.