I unsubscribed from PROGRESS today.

I had three online subs to wrestling streaming services: WWE, NJPW, and PROGRESS. I let my NJPW and PROGRESS subs lapse during COVID-19 because I believe that it’s good (for those of us who can) to support the businesses we enjoy during this pandemic. However after reading a Whatculture article saying that PROGRESS was temporarily shutting down, I decided that since they won’t be putting on any new shows for a while, along with the myriad of sex allegations, it’s best to unsub and see where it goes.

I have a feeling that the past week and a half could really fuck up Brit-Wres. I’m not quite sure what British Wrestling will look like after this year is up. I can easily see nXt UK be abandoned and with all of the indies using a lot of the same guys caught up in the massive sex scandal the future isn’t looking that great.

How ironic is the name progress?

Not up to the level of irony of David Starr being a dedicated virtue signalling, social media darling but still ironic.

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It’s interesting, you bring up a fascinating point. So many times we’ve seen the moral arbiters & people who want to tell everyone how to live that end up being evil. Activism attracts both good people & sociopaths.