I will have to drop down from Espresso to Double-Double Tier

Due to life events, I have to tighten my wallet for the next few months, so I will unfortunately have to drop out of the Espresso Tier, but I am staying on as a Double Double Patreon.

Ironically given the choice between Post Wrestling and the WWE Network, I am continuing to support/subscribe to Post Wrestling and ditching the network. I can live without watching the WWE but not without listening to John and Wai.


Life is shit sometimes, but these guys work hard to put out solid content and always bring the laughs. Thats why I’ve kept supporting them after losing my job. Hope life gets better for you.


Hey @jtaylor9449 sorry to hear you’ve come across a road bump. I know a few people were looking to get into the Expresso Tier. I’m sure the spot can be filled easily enough

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