I wish Crash Holly were still alive for next Monday.

Him getting the 24/7 belt would just be fantastic.


That would’ve been perfect.

But you’re right, if the Boogeyman, Santino Marella or someone equally as ridiculous doesn’t win the 24/7 Title for at least a hot minute on Monday, I will consider the whole night to be a failure.

I would love to see Stone Cold win the belt on Monday.

Houdini of hardcore would’ve been perfect for that title…I’d also love to see the Meanstreet posse try attack R Truth on Monday.

Yeah definitely. I loved all of his hardcore title 24/7 run was great. My favourite one was where he was being chased in the indoor play area.

Would’ve liked to have seen Molly Holly winning it and then them doing the spot where Christian won the hardcore title from her but with a current wrestler in his place. Someone like EC3 maybe. And then he could reignite his richboy gimmick by hiring AOP as his 24/7 security…

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I’d buy that for a dollar.

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