Ice Ribbon announces Nao Ishikawa is leaving promotion, Asahi renewing her contract

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An update on two Ice Ribbon talents. 

There was a press conference that Ice Ribbon held on March 16th and at the presser, updates were provided on two members of their talent roster, Nao Ishikawa and Asahi. 

Nao is opting not to renew her contract with the promotion and will be departing on March 31st. 

Asahi chose to re-sign with Ice Ribbon but per her request, she’ll be going on loan to the Actwres girl’Z promotion for approximately three-to-six months. 

Nao Ishikawa announces her departure from Ice Ribbon and will continue as a freelancer.

Asahi will be on loan to Actwres Girl’Z for about 3~6 months.

— Ice Ribbon ~Official English Account~ (@IceRibbon_eng) March 16, 2023

2023年度の契約更改および面談が全選手終了し朝陽は、アイスリボンとの所属契約を更新するも、本人の希望もあり、4/1よりActwres girl'Zへのレンタル移籍となります。

— アイスリボン《公式》 (@ICERIBBON_jp) March 16, 2023

Ishikawa started her in-ring career with Ice Ribbon in 2018. The 20-year-old Asahi began her in-ring career with Ice Ribbon as well back in 2017.