Ice Ribbon's Tsukushi Haruka retiring at 24-years-old

Originally published at Ice Ribbon's Tsukushi Haruka retiring at 24-years-old

May 4th will be her last match.

The Ice Ribbon promotion held a press conference today as their current ICE×60 Champion Tsukushi Haruka is choosing to retire from pro wrestling. The 24-year-old Haruka has been a part of Ice Ribbon since 2010.

Her last match is going to take place on May 4th. The official Ice Ribbon English account transcribed her remarks and she said she has spent half of her life being a pro wrestler. She wants to pursue ventures outside of the sport such as her interest in child education.

She added that she has been mulling over this decision for a year and closed by saying she has been able to accomplish everything she’s ever wanted to in wrestling.

At today’s press conference Tsukushi Haruka has announced that she will be retiring on May 4th at the Yokohama Budoukan show.

The English translation of her statement are as follows:

— Ice Ribbon ~Official English Account~ (@IceRibbon_eng) March 4, 2022


— アイスリボン《公式》 (@ICERIBBON_jp) March 4, 2022

Over the past several years, she wrestled ten matches for CMLL and in 2017, she competed under the All Japan Pro Wrestling banner. She wants her last match to be for the ICEx60 Championship.