ICW No Holds Barred 35: Deathmatch Horror Story - Kasey Kirk vs. Matt Tremont

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ICW No Holds Barred 35: Deathmatch Horror Story

Saturday, October 29, 2022, ICW Arena, Newark, New Jersey

Deathmatch: AKIRA vs. Lucky 13

The match started with both men engaging in some chain wrestling that resulted in numerous stalemates, the exchange ended when AKIRA sent Lucky head-first into a ladder. Lucky popped back up and scoop slammed AKIRA onto the ladder then rammed it into his stomach; the two men jockeyed over a ladder AKIRA grabbed hold and did the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot. Lucky responded by vertically suplexing AKIRA over the chains and taking him out with a Fosbury Flop. Lucky connected with a couple of kicks to AKIRA’s chest then sent him back into the ring and placed him on top of a trash can, Lucky climbed up onto the platform but was caught with a Pele kick and was sent crashing off the top onto the trash can. AKIRA went for the pinfall but Lucky kicked out, AKIRA hit him with a series of German Suplex and a stiff forearm strike to Lucky’s head; AKIRA rushed in but was back body dropped onto the ladder that was set up in the corner. Lucky retrieved a stop sign and hit AKIRA over the head with it a couple of times, AKIRA kicked Lucky in the gut and took the sign out of his hands, and hit him with a big hesitation dropkick followed by an exploder suplex for another near fall. Lucky fired back up and connected with a couple of kicks to the chest then planted AKIRA on his head with a Rana. Lucky placed AKIRA’s head onto a chair then came off the top with a double stomp but AKIRA was still able to kick out. AKIRA broke free from a full nelson and hit a whisper in wind onto a couple of open chairs then planted Lucky with the Death Penalty for the victory.

AKIRA Defeated Lucky 13

Deathmatch: Chris Bradley vs. Casanova Valentine

Cass punched Bradley in the face a couple of times but he got his fist stuck in a door, Bradley took advantage of this and blasted Cass in the back with a bundle of tubes. Bradley then hung Cass up in the chains and started to carve away at Cass’s forehead with a knife, Bradley grabbed a bundle of tubes and hit Cass with a sidewalk slam for a two count. The two men started to brawl on the floor, Bradley swung at Cass with a barbed wire baseball bat but he missed, Cass wrestled it out of his hands and hit Bradley in the back with it a couple of times. Cass grabbed a crutch that had a tube on it and he broke it over Bradley’s back, they returned to the ring and Cass hit Bradley with a lightube-assisted DDT for a near fall. Cass placed a trash can over Bradley’s head and hit him with a running knee, Cass dumped a bag of thumbtacks in the center of the ring but he took too long and Bradley planted Cass face-first into the tacks. Bradley broke another bundle of tubes across Cass’s back and attempted to suplex Cass into a barbed wire door but Cass reversed it and hit one of his own. Cass “locked in” a “Muta lock” for the victory.

Casanova Valentine Defeated Chris Bradley

Deathmatch: Danny Demanto vs. Eddy Only

Atticus Cogar was supposed to face Danny Demanto but Eddy Only came out instead and started to cut a promo but was quickly drowned out by ‘shut the fuck up chants. They went to lock up and Eddy went to the floor which further infuriated the crowd, this went on for a couple of minutes too long. Danny finally had enough and started to unload Eddy with a chair; Eddy went to the floor where he continued his assault. Danny grabbed an ‘exploding’ bat and hit Eddy over the back with it, Danny grabbed a Nunchuk and hit Eddy across the chest with it. Danny trapped Eddy’s arms behind his back and let the front row chop Eddy which elicited an ‘ICW’ chant from the sold-out crowd. Back in the ring, Danny hit Eddy with two atomic drops and dropped him with a uranage, Eddy kicked Danny in the balls and planted Danny with a DDT for a near fall. Danny placed Eddy on a door bridge and hit him with a frog splash but Eddy kicked out at 2; while Danny’s back was turned Atticus ran into the ring, hit him with a DDT then pinned him.

Atticus Cogar Defeated Danny Demanto

IWTV World Championship Match: AC Mack (Champion) vs. KRULE

Mack broke a bundle of tubes over KRULE’s back, KRULE no sold it and threw AC Mack threw a door and hit him with a choke breaker, and sent him through another door. KRULE hit the scorched earth and pinned AC Mack.

New IWTV World Champion KRULE

Deathmatch: Brandon Kirk vs. Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan dropkicked Brandon Kirk through a pane of glass, Ryan grabbed a couple of terracotta pots and smashed them into pieces in the center of the ring, and planted Kirk onto the pile with a neck breaker. Ryan repeatedly slammed Kirk onto the broken bits of Terracotta, Ryan went for another one but Kirk hit him with a back suplex and proceeded to take over the match. Kirk hit Ryan with a couple of rapid-fire shots to the jaw followed by a headbutt into a Death Valley Driver onto the pot shrapnel. Kirk locked in a half camel clutch but Ryan floated over for a quick 2 count, Ryan hooked Kirk’s leg and went to stomp on his head but Kirk escaped and threw a pot at Ryan’s back. Brandon Kirk sent Eric Ryan crashing through a pane of glass via a psycho driver which busted Eric Ryan’s back wide open. Kirk looked for another psycho driver but Ryan popped back up and stomped Kirk’s head for the TKO victory.

Eric Ryan Defeated Brandon Kirk

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Hoodfoot

Hoodfoot grabbed a box of gusset plates and broken glass and dumped them into the center of the ring and slammed Murdoch onto the pile twice. Hoodfoot then sent Murdoch head over heels into a light tube-covered door, Hoodfoot grabbed a couple of gusset plates and smashed them into the arms of John Wayne Murdoch. Hoodfoot broke a tube over Murdoch’s back and used the broken end to carve away at his forehead. Murdoch fired back up and sent Hoodfoot shoulder first into a couple of tubes and then proceeded to break a bundle over Hoodfoot’s head. The fight spilled to the floor and Murdoch continued his assault on Hoodfoot’s forehead. Murdoch eventually sent Hoodfoot back into the ring and started to cut away at the scar tissue on Hoodfoot’s arm and shoulders. Hoodfoot turned the tables and headbutted a gusset plate into Murdoch’s head as the two traded stiff forearm shots in the center of the ring. Murdoch lit a candle and put it out on Hoodfoot’s bleeding head, and if that wasn’t enough Murdoch started to stab away at Hoodfoot’s hand with a knife. Murdoch picked Hoodfoot up and planted him on a gusset plate board, he flipped Hoodfoot over and placed the board on his back, and hit him with a chair. Murdoch continued to break tubes over the back and head of Hoodfoot; Hoodfdoot was somehow able to recover and hit Murdoch with a back suplex onto a knife board which resulted in a two count. They stood in the center of the ring and broke bundles over each other’s heads, Murdoch grounded Hoodfoot with a series of palm strikes but was unable to secure the victory. Murdoch set up a pane of glass on the second chain, Murdoch was caught in a sleeper hold the ref was about to stop the match but Murdoch fired back up only to be hit with a backdrop driver from Hoodfoot.

Hoodfoot Defeated John Wayne Murdoch

American Deathmatch Championship Match: Kasey Kirk (Champion) vs. Matt Tremont

Kasey threw a bundle of tubes on Tremont’s head but that only fired Tremont up and responded by spearing Kasey through a pane of glass. Tremont grabbed a gusset plate and racked it across the champion’s forehead, Tremont followed that up by hitting her in the head with a thumbtack bat and a backdrop onto a bundle of tubes for a two count. Tremont continued his assault by breaking a series of tubes over Kasey’s head and used the broken pieces to carve away at her forehead. Kasey finally fired back up and smashed a tube into Tremont’s head and hit some rapid-fire headbutts followed by a series of tube-assisted forearm strikes to his chest. Kasey hit a tube-assisted low-flying cross body for a two count, Kasey rushed in but Tremont got her up on his shoulders; KRULE made his way to the apron and Kasey choked out Tremont for the victory.

Kasey Kirk Retained the American Deathmatch Championship