ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 39 - Brandon Kirk wins American Deathmatch title

Originally published at ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 39 - Brandon Kirk wins American Deathmatch title

ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 39

Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Heart Ballroom, Newark, New Jersey

Commentary: The Struggles, Jack Solomon, Tommy Vendetta, and Wraith Ghouligan

Deathmatch: Bobby Beverly vs. AKIRA

While Larry Legend was finishing his introduction for AKIRA, Bobby Beverly jumped AKIRA with some tubes and a Saito suplex. Bobby continued his assault with some more tube shots followed by punches to AKIRA’s previously injured eye; Bobby hit another Saito but AKIRA popped back up and hit Bobby with one of his own along with a couple of light tubes to his head. They continued the fight on the floor with AKIRA using the broken ends of the tubes to cut Bobby’s head, AKIRA slid Bobby back into the ring which gave Bobby the chance to lay in some offense on AKIRA. Bobby proceeded to pick apart AKIRA with a series of chair shots to his legs, while AKIRA was recovering Bobby set up a couple of tubes across a pair of chairs, AKIRA reversed Bobby’s suplex attempt but Bobby hit him in the head with tubes anyways. AKIRA responded with a bridging German suplex for the first near fall of the match, Bobby hit AKIRA with a tube-assisted short drop DDT for another near fall. Bobby set up a door bridge and hit AKIRA a couple of times in the head with a water jug, AKIRA eventually took control of the jug and viciously hit Bobby in the head. AKIRA went for a top chain Destroyer but Bobby reversed it and hit him with an avalanche Brainbuster through the door but AKIRA popped back up, stuck a metal thing into Bobby’s head, and hit the Death Penalty for the victory. 

AKIRA Defeated Bobby Beverly 

Deathmatch: Orin Viedt vs. Dr. Redacted

Orin took the fight to Dr. Redacted with a couple of tubes to the top of his head followed by a gusset plate. Orin headbutted a couple of tubes into Doctor’s head and then sent him to the floor where Doctor turned the tables and started to beat Orin up around ringside. The Doctor grabbed a trash can but Orin wrestled it away from him and placed it on his head and meekly hit the can with a chair, which is a good thing but it stood out in a Deathmatch show. Orin set up a door bridge on the floor and just kind of meandered around the ring, Doctor fought Orin off and placed him on the door. The doctor climbed on top of the platform, placed the can on his head, and took a nasty bump off the top through the doors. The doctor threw Orin back into the ring and went to the back to grab a weed whacker and hit Orin in the stomach with it. Orin recovered and sent Dr. Redacted into an upside-down chair, followed by another gusset plate to his head and a Giant Swing. Orin swung him around at least 25 times but the Doctor caught him off guard with a bundle to Orin’s legs followed by a series of tube-assisted Back Drop Drivers and a Frog Splash off the top for the victory. 

Dr. Redacted Defeated Orin Viedt 

Deathmatch: Danny Demanto vs. Jimmy Lloyd

This was Jimmy’s first time back in the chains before the world fell apart in 2020. The two men traded fists in the center of the ring before they grabbed some tubes and started to go to work with them. Danny went to the floor but Jimmy took him out with a Tope Suicida; while Danny was down Jimmy grabbed a couple of gusset plates and hammer-fisted one into Danny’s head. Danny did the same to Jimmy and followed it up with a bundle of tubes and a firecracker bat. Jimmy set up a cut can door in the corner but Danny ended up sending Jimmy through it, Danny went to the back and brought out a scissor board. Jimmy has been impaled with scissors twice before by Takeda and G-Raver respectively. One narrowly missed Jimmy’s throat and the other time it got lodged in his shoulder. Danny placed the board on Jimmy but Jimmy moved out of the way and hit Danny with a Death Valley Driver followed by a trash can to the top of Danny’s head. The two climbed on top of a bunch of chairs and before Jimmy could do anything Danny planted him on top of his head with a cutter. Danny hit Jimmy with the Demanto Driver but Jimmy was again able to kick out. Danny placed a barbed wire door on top of Jimmy and came off the top with a big Elbow Drop, and Jimmy kicked out again. Jimmy hit Danny with a Death Valley Driver through the light tube door but Danny kicked out at one, Jimmy placed the scissor board on top of Danny and hit it with a chair for the victory. 

Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Danny Demanto 

Deathmatch: Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Hoodfoot

From the moment this match was announced everyone knew it was going to be a very bloody encounter and the match didn’t disappoint. The two men locked up briefly with each man jockeying for position during this feeling-out process. Hoodfoot had enough and started to throw bundles of tubes at Kobayashi, Kobayashi was able to return the favor as both men took the fight to the floor. They started to hit each other over the head with a broken piece of a door with Hoodfoot getting the best of the situation. Kobayashi went running into the crowd but he was able to sucker in Hoodfoot and landed a couple of punches. Back inside the ring, Kobayashi took Hoodfoot down with a shoulder tackle followed by a Shining Wizard but he missed with an Elbow Drop. Hoodfoot set up two chairs and they each took a seat and started trading shots back and forth followed by headbutts. I hate headbutts, such a stupid spot. The Legend took Hoodfoot down and hammered a bunch of tubes on Hoodfoot’s back but Hoodfoot still kicked out. Hoodfoot planted his opponent with a Back Drop Driver onto a pile of broken glass but he still kicked out. Kobayashi hammered a Kenzan into Hoodfoots head and hit him with a light tube fan but he kicked out and started to beat up the legend. Hoodfoot delivered another Back Drop Driver, placed a couple of tubes on Kobayashi’s chest, and climbed up onto the platform. Hoodfoot hit a huge Elbow Drop and pinned Abdullah Kobayashi. 

Hoodfoot Defeated Abdullah Kobayashi 

Deathmatch: Matt Tremont vs. Tommy Vendetta

Other than Nick Gage, Matt Tremont has the best entrance in Deathmatch Wrestling, the energy in the room for those entrances is unmatched and truly special. The two traded fists in the center of the ring but Tommy tripped up Tremont and smashed a bunch of tubes across his back but still got sent to the floor, Tremont followed him to the floor but ended up getting stabbed in his horn of scar tissue with a BBQ fork. Tremont was able to regain control and started stabbing Tommy with two more of the forks. Tommy dumped a bunch of Legos onto the canvas and hit Tremont with a Saito suplex onto the pile of bricks, they both dropped to their knees and started slapping each other in the face with the Lego. Tremont grabbed a bundle of loose tubes and the two men started unloading on each other with the bulbs, both men were bleeding heavily by this point. Tremont got Tommy up on his shoulders and planted him on a bunch of tubes via a Back Drop Driver followed by a Package Piledriver onto a trash can for the victory.

Matt Tremont Defeated Tommy Vendetta

Post Match: Matt Tremont called out Sami Callahan 

Dog Collar Deathmatch: Eric Ryan vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

This is their fifth meeting with the score even at 2-2 with one no-contest. Murdoch was wasting time on the floor but Eric finally took him out with a tube-assisted tope and proceeded to turn the match into a Dog Collar Match. Ryan raked the chain across Murdoch’s forehead but Murdoch responded quickly with an Irish whip that sent Ryan into a bundle of tubes in the corner. Murdoch placed a bundle of tubes across Ryan’s back and whipped the chain on them causing them to shatter on the already bleeding back of Eric Ryan. Murdoch continued his beatdown with various tube-assisted moves but Ryan finally fired back up and took Murdoch down with a DDT followed by a tube-assisted knee lift. Ryan went to the floor and used the low center of gravity to try and pull Ryan out of the ring, it didn’t work and Murdoch locked in the Koji Clutch, Ryan escaped and started to stomp on Murdoch’s head. He was eventually cut off with an upkick from Murdoch, followed by a Brainbuster onto a pile of tubes for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Eric Ryan 

Murdoch is now up 3-2 in the series 

ICW American Deathmatch Championship Match: Kasey Kirk (Champion) vs. Brandon Kirk 

Husband vs. Wife for the American Deathmatch Championship. The lights turned red and Krule’s music hit but it was a distraction as Kasey tried to roll up her husband but he kicked out and he threw a bundle of tubes across Kasey’s back. He used the broken ends of the tubes to carve away at Kasey’s forehead and followed it up with a couple more tube shots across her head. There was no malice behind any of the strikes, Brandon just wanted to get this over with. Tremont and Vendetta should’ve main-evented. Kasey turned the tables and started breaking tubes across Brandon’s head, Kasey went to the floor and retrieved a door, and set it up in the corner while also throwing another bundle of tubes at Brandon’s head. Maybe Kasey is injured but this match was slower than usual. She went for a crossbody but Brandon got her up on his shoulders and sent her through the door with a Death Valley Driver. They were about to hit each other with more tubes but they both begged off, Kasey started ‘crying’ as they hugged in the ring but she turned it into a small package. Brandon kicked out and hit her with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall, Kasey fired up and hit Brandon with a Piledriver followed by a top rope splash with a chair but the tubes didn’t break. The crowd booed as Kasey did the WWE shocked face. She threw a couple more tubes at Brandon’s head but he continually kicked out. She removed the padding from the ring but was caught by Brandon who planted her on the boards with a Sidewalk Slam. Brandon set up a double-door bridge in the corner and lured Kasey up to the platform where he hit the Psycho Driver for the victory.

New American Deathmatch Champion Brandon Kirk