ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 43: Matt Tremont vs. Tank

Originally published at ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 43: Matt Tremont vs. Tank

ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 43

Saturday, March 12, 2023

TWE Arena, Red Bank, Tennessee 

Last night, XPW owner Rob Black announced in the Deathmatch Elite Facebook Group that ICW Ring Announcer, Larry Legend, would be switching promotions. Larry is following former ICW color commentator, Ron Niemi, to the rival promotion.

ICW American Deathmatch Championship: Brandon Kirk (Champion) vs. AKIRA 

Kasey Kirk struck AKIRA in the groin as he was making his way to the ring. Brandon took advantage of this and hit him over the head with a bundle of tubes. Then, he executed a brainbuster on AKIRA, followed by repeated shots to his head after bringing him back inside the ring. Brandon attempted the psycho driver, but AKIRA managed to reverse it and landed consecutive German suplexes followed by a sleeper suplex. AKIRA smashed a bundle of tubes over Kirk’s head and then climbed to the top rope. However, Brandon pushed the referee into the chains, causing AKIRA to lose his balance. Kasey Kirk used this opportunity to hit AKIRA with a bundle of tubes, and Brandon capitalized on this by planting AKIRA with the psycho driver for the victory.

Brandon Kirk Retained the American Deathmatch Championship

Deathmatch: Hardway Heeter vs. Sean Campbell

Heeter started off the match by landing a couple of right hands on Sean, which took him off his feet. However, Sean quickly got back up and tried to throw some punches, but Heeter easily swatted them away. The action spilled to the floor, where Campbell managed to sit Heeter down in the front row. They exchanged a couple of chops and enjoyed some beers before continuing the match. Campbell grabbed a gusset plate and slammed it into Heeter’s chest and head. Although Heeter was somewhat unaffected, he retaliated with a series of vinyl records to Campbell’s head. Campbell fired up and placed Heeter on a board, hitting a Cactus elbow off the apron, which sent them both crashing through the board. They each threw a bundle at each other, but it didn’t break. Campbell then Sabu’d the bundle at Heeter’s head, but Heeter quickly responded by baseball-swinging a bundle of tubes across Campbell’s shoulders and planting him with a Tiger Driver for the victory.

Hardway Heeter Defeated Sean Campbell

Deathmatch: MM3 vs. Hoodfoot

Hoodfoot took a chair to the head by MM3, who quickly followed up with a couple of shots and a leg lariat. MM3 grabbed a popper bat and smashed Hoodfoot over the back with it, but Hoodfoot retaliated by grabbing a thumbtack bat and hitting MM3 in the shoulder with it. After trading strikes on the floor, they returned to the ring, where MM3 Sabu’d a chair into Hoodfoot’s head. MM3 grabbed a gusset plate, but before he could use it, Hoodfoot took him down and attempted to smash him with the gusset. However, MM3 escaped and hit Hoodfoot with the gusset, which only fired up Hoodfoot. He stuck MM3 with a brainbuster, but MM3 managed to kick out. Hoodfoot piled a bunch of chairs in the center of the ring, and although MM3 was able to fight out of a DVD, he turned it into a pop-up dropkick, which sent Hoodfoot crashing through a door. MM3 set up a door bridge in the corner, but Hoodfoot reversed it and sent MM3 through the door with a chokeslam followed by a backdrop driver. MM3 fired up and hit a hook kick before going to the platform and connecting with a double stomp, but Hoodfoot managed to kick out. Hoodfoot then planted MM3 on the back of his head with another backdrop driver for the victory.

Deathmatch: Kasey Kirk vs. Tommy Vendetta 

Tommy kept attempting to lock up with Kasey, but she bailed to the floor every time before luring him back into the ring and hitting him with a bundle of tubes. Kasey used the jagged edge of the broken tube to carve away at Vendetta’s forehead; Kasey sent Tommy flying through a door but he managed to kick out at 2. Kasey retrieved a gusset plate and hit Tommy in the head with it followed by a series of tubes. Kasey climbed to the top platform and teased a dive but she flipped off the crowd and told them they didn’t deserve it. Tommy responded with a tube-assisted piledriver, Tommy looked like he was going to get the victory but Brandon Kirk pulled the ref out of the ring before he could make the three count. Tommy unloaded on Kasey’s head with a series of tubes and placed a trash can over her head and hit her with a chair. Vendetta went for his box of Legos and emptied it into the center of the ring, Kasey hit him with a low blow followed by a piledriver for the victory. 

Kasey Kirk Defeated Tommy Vendetta

Deathmatch: Danny Wayne DeMurdoch vs. Johnny Wayne Demanto (Demanto and Murdoch dressed up as each other)

On the floor, Murdoch attacked Danny with a tube and began carving away at his forehead, followed by a thumbtack bat to Danny’s back and forehead. Murdoch continued to work over Danny before finally returning him to the ring. Danny turned the tables and sent Murdoch through a door in the corner. He used the broken end of the door to hit Murdoch over the head before dragging a knife board into the center of the ring. Murdoch hit Danny with a Russian leg sweep on the board, but Danny kicked out at 2. Danny grabbed a gusset plate and hammered it into Murdoch’s head, followed by a single tube. Danny sent Murdoch to the floor, where he hit him with a gusset plate bat. Murdoch returned the favor and hit Danny with one of his own. Murdoch set up a door bridge in the corner and came off the top rope with a Frog Splash, but Danny kicked out. Murdoch set up a bunch of chairs in the center of the ring and hit Danny with a cutter for the victory.

Johnny Wayne DeManto Defeated Danny Wayne DeMurdoch 

Deathmatch: Chris Bradley vs. Kristian Ross

The two giant men traded stiff forearm shots in the center of the ring before they each emptied a box of tubes and started swinging away at each other’s heads. Ross got the best of the situation and started to cut away at the back of Bradley’s head. Bradley responded with a trash can to Ross’s head, followed by a gusset plate to the top of his head. Bradley hit Ross with a couple of unprotected chair shots to the head, which only fired Ross up, and he slammed Bradley over the head with a giant bundle of tubes. Bradley went to the floor to gather himself, but Ross quickly followed him outside, where he beat him over the head with a trash can. Back inside the ring, Ross sent Bradley through a door, allowing him time to set up a ladder bridge in the corner. Bradley turned the tables and planted Ross through the ladder. Bradley climbed to the top platform with the ladder and jumped off the top onto Ross, but Ross was able to kick out at 2. Ross fired up with a series of tubes across Bradley’s head, but Bradley fired up and sent Ross through a door with a Death Valley Driver for the victory.

Chris Bradley Defeated Kristian Ross

Deathmatch: Tank vs. Matt Tremont

The two began trading big right hands before Tremont fell to the floor, where he was struck with a fork right in his scar tissue horn. Tank followed Tremont to the floor and began working on the cut. Tremont turned the tables and grabbed a fork of his own. The two exchanged headbutts, with Tank getting the upper hand. Tank placed Tremont’s hand under a cinder block and stomped on it. He then dumped Tremont onto a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring. They set up two chairs in the center of the ring and began headbutting tubes at each other. Tremont sidestepped a charging Tank, who ended up crashing through a door that had been set up in the corner. Tank hit Tremont with a backdrop driver onto the corner of the ring steps, but Tremont was still able to kick out. Tank swung wildly with a bundle, but Tremont ducked and hit a tube-assisted lariat for a very close nearfall. They exchanged more headbutts, and Tank rushed in with another bundle of tubes. Tremont moved out of the way and was able to roll Tank up for the victory. 

Matt Tremont Defeated Tank