ICW Square Go 2018

The ICW equivalent of the royal rumble took place in Glasgow last night …if you get chance watch the ICW title match between Bram and BT Gunn it’s a belter and the best performance I’ve personally seen from Bram …BT is a star in the making (outside the uk) and it is only a matter of time before he makes it to North America …it’s in ICW on demand and is only a matter of time before it gets on you tube …well worth a watch

Regards Dave

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No thanks.

Not to defend Bram, but he did similar to what Steve Austin did and Austin is still given a pass due to his success (which I myself am guilty of doing). Is it ever possible for Bram to be able to carry on with his career without his past being bought up?

I’d like to stress the nature of the original post was based purely on the match quality and performance of the individuals here for people to maybe check it out

Not meant as an excuse to bring past misdemeanours back into discussion… not my style

I have to agree that it was an incredible match, BT is world class and this shows it. I’m also incredibly hyped for him and the Square Go winner to have a match. And if people are worried about Bram being pushed he quickly went back to feuding with Ravie Davie by the end of the show.

Bram being on ICW shows in general is shit. I don’t go to my local indy anymore because they book him. Such a waste of a spot.

I do agree, I don’t like his work or his personal business. Looking at the big picture you could have done the exact same story with Iestyn Rees and you’d probably have more upside in the aftermath.

I actually agree with that point …there was a certain sense of irony in the original post in that he was involved in such a good match and put in a great performance …makes you wonder has he been phoning it in previously

In other ICW related news - Joe Hendry has qualified for the Commonwealth games - representing Scotland in wrestling.