Idea for Gimmick only Show to replace Smackdown

The idea of someone (sorry can’t remember who) to make a gimmick edition of WWE with the characters like Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy is excellent in my opinion. I wanted to create a thread to get more ideas on characters for this show. WWE - DO iT!

I’d suggest:

  • Goldust creates a stable he leads with Gran Metallik, Heath Slater and Natalya
  • Put the Wyatts back together - they would be great in this format
  • Breezango could split up and become some excellent comic book characters

I’m sure you could do better then me…

Is there a point to that Goldust stable? Because it seems way too random for those 4 to team up.

The Golddust stable feels like the formula for a boy band.

Golddust = The flamboyant androgynous member
Gran Metallik = Athletic High-Flyer
Heath Slater = The Blue Collar guy
Natalya = Cat loving, tough girl.

I think Nat and Heath could be much better with a new character. they would have to completely change from their current incarnations. They are doing nothing on the main roster though

It’s a great idea and you can watch 3 seasons of it on El Rey Network :wink:

ha ha, fair enough. I think Lucha Underground has shown there is an interest in this style of wrestling though but sadly they just can’t get enough eyes on their product.

I loved WWE as a kid and characters like The Undertaker, Jake the Snake, Demolition, Typhoon, Earthquake were all great as a kid. I’m sure if i was a kid now i’d like John Cena and AJ Styles but I’d be mega excited for the Bray Wyatt character if it worked or Goldust back in the day,

I sadly think the current product is stale and needs shaking up. characters like heath, natalia and bray are all not believable any longer as champions and the other titles aren’t treated as special so who cares if they win them. this kind of show could breath new life into the product and make 2 shows worth watching each week not just 1…if that.