Ideal women's division?

I think we can all agree the women’s division is probably as good as it’s ever been.

I’d argue they have enough talent in the ring and on the mic they could support a weekly hour long show, not sure what the viewership or promotion would be…notice that they don’t even talk about 205 live on raw anymore? I don’t love it though in it’s current incarnation. I think each show has like 3-5 relevant solid women and that’s just enough for 1 feud per month and 2 women to be sidelined…I’m not sure that’s good for anyone other than a performer who’s banged up or wants time off.

Wondering what you all think about it, the state and make up of the division? Also, watching a bit of older content, it started getting me thinking of women that were previously with the company who I’d love to have seen in today’s product, like Melina, Michelle McCool, Trish (once she figured things out of course), Mickie James from her original run (that stalker gimmick was awesome, it’s a shame she couldn’t share the ring with better competitors), Gail of course, AJ…I’m sure I’m missing a few more. I think if Eve had stuck around longer she could’ve been pretty solid, Kong always made things interesting.

Your thoughts?

First, I think Eve was good in ring. Melina was mostly hated backstage by other divas.

Otherwise I think there is no better way at the moment to present women’s wrestling in WWE. I would prefer that they cut people (where is Tamina ?). The roster (males + females) is overloaded.

A 1-hour weekly “all womens” show. I’m sure some people would watch, just like some people still watch “205 live” & “main event”.

The simple fact of the matter is WWE over saturates the wrestling market enough as it is. Just look at this week:

  • Monday - Raw (3hrs 15mins)
  • Tuesday - SmackDown (2hrs) & 205 live (1hr)
  • Wednesday- NXT (1hr)
  • Thursday - Main Event (1hr)
  • Saturday - Kickoff (1hr) & Takeover (3hrs)
  • Sunday - Kickoff (2hrs) & SummerSlam (5hrs)
    Total hrs = 19hrs and 15mins

Add the fact that New in-ring weekly shows are starting soon:

  • Mae Young Classic 2018 (1hr, based on last year)
  • NXT UK (1hr, if staying in line with NXT US)

Adding this all together and it becomes almost 22hrs of New in-ring programming every PPV week (or an average of just over 3hours of WWE per day). This is of course before you include other “new/first run” content. E.g… WWE.COM exclusives, facebook/Twitter interviews, New network shows (table for 3, ride along, swerved), debut archival footage on the network (WCW nitros, AWA TV, ECW TV, All programming you may have never watched when it first aired).

Personally I say do it if it helps more women in WWE reach the top in ring level we reach today, but I’d probably not have time to watch it. Pretty much only use the network for NXT (& Takeovers) and cheaper PPVs .

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I don’t disagree about Eve, I just think after studying with her husband and getting more experienced she got better and would’ve been quite good had she stuck around and/or had better competition.

Fair enough on Melina, though my “ideal” division doesn’t really put any stock in backstage politics.

I’d love to see them cut people, not that I want anyone to lose a job, but there just isn’t room on the shows, despite their length to have relevant programs for even 1/4 of the talent. I’d love to see people get rotated in/out more often, but I guess with the pay structure no one really wants to be rotated out.

Though I do think there’s room for a weekly 1 hour women’s show. I’m just not sure what kinda viewership or promotion it would get, due to thing like Superstars/Main Event and 205 Live already getting no promotion and no viewers. NXT has succeeded despite that, but I wonder if a women’s show would be closer to NXT or closer to 205 live.

Wait…what’s on this week ;)?

There’s only one solution I see, to get more women involved…bring back pudding matches and gravy boat matches. And don’t forget Jerry Lawler as guest commentator.

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