If Georges St-Pierre does return, who should he face?

Stepping away from the political drama, here are some interesting takes from Ariel Helwani and Brett Okamoto about whom Georges St-Pierre should fight next. With the likeliness of McGregor-GSP now looking slim, the best fight for St-Pierre is welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley. If not, there isn’t a ton left for St-Pierre to do, though, and for the first time since before his Johny Hendricks fight at UFC 167, I feel like St-Pierre walking away for good seems like the best bet.

I think in the majority of fans eyes, Georges St Pierre has already cemented his legeacy as the greatest of all time. Most of his competition kind of took themselves out of the picture, with Jon Jones and Anderson Silva failing drug tests, Fedor going on a losing streak, Aldo losing 3 of his last 5 and Mighty Mouse finally losing his title.

Georges seems to only care about legacy at this point, so the only thing I can see him coming back for is a 165 pound title fight if that division were to be made. I think being a 3 division champion would be very appealing to GSP.

For me belts don’t matter in the UFC anymore give me the big money fight with McGregor

Sure let’s bastardize titles…sure worked out for pro wrestling.

I may be in the minority(no pun intended) but I would be interested in the Woodley fight it he defends against Colby. I see some similarities between the two and I think it would be great fight at 170. GSP got to prove himself vs Hughes & I think T-Wood can be one of the best at 170.Sounds like a legacy fight to me.

I’d say Woodley is already amongst the best of all time at 170. His resume of wins has quietly gotten very impressive.

I agree that GSP vs Woodley is stylistically and competitively the most interesting fight, it’s just that Georges has shown so little interest in fighting at 170 again that it seems very unlikely.