If you could only watch one

You guys/gals watch too much wrestling.
Geez, read a book.
If you could only watch 1 show a week what would you choose. You all a bunch of crazies with all yo wrasslin watching and knowledge.
If I could only watch 1 show a week it would be NJPW on AXS. That shizzle is fo real.

NXT as it is the only show I watch in its entirety right now.

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We still have to see how the shows actually shape up. SmackDown will be given a lot more focus, is that a good thing? In theory it should be but it also means Vince’s crazy crackpot ideas will take centre stage here. What will Raw end up like? NXT was off to a good start but will they keep that quality up or be like before where the had some good episodes and then a lot of meaningless ones? AEW hasn’t even started yet either.

After we have all of that information, we can then discuss which show is the best shizzle.

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I think if you are only going to follow one show WWE main roster is out. Even if they go hard brand split the pay per views would have talent from both.

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NXT all the way.

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I’d honestly saw Raw. It’s the main show. As bad as it can be I’ve watched since episode 1 so I can’t just break the habit lol.

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Even though it hasn’t aired yet, I have a strong feeling that if I had to only watch one, it’d be Dynamite. They have a bit of all styles well represented.

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My “Pre-Season” Top 5

  1. SmackDown on Fox
  2. AEW Dynamite
  3. NXT on USA
  4. IMPACT! on AXS
  5. Raw (Unless there’s a good game on MNF!)



With Raw being less focused on by Vince, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually became a better show than SmackDown (with Raw then being buried when it comes to “the brand war” because you’re not supposed to like the B show more). Similar to how it worked last year where Raw was boring from start to end whereas SmackDown was actually entertaining.

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Lol @ Vince McMahon being less focused on Raw.

He trusts Heyman more than Bischoff ATM…he’s been there longer and onows the insurance and outs… Bischoff himself says he’s still acclimating.

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MLW. It is the only thing I consistently watch.

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For the next two weeks:

  1. AEW Dynamite on October 2nd.
    Curiosity makes this my most anticipated show. How will it look different than WWE? Will the matches live up to the hype? How will they introduce all their new wrestlers to a prime-time cable audience? Even if it’s not the greatest show ever it will still be fascinating to watch.

  2. Smackdown debuts on Fox on October 11.
    This will be one of WWE’s biggest shows ever. Will it feel any different than a Raw Reunion special on USA with a bunch of legends making lame cameos? Or will it balance the legends and current talent to introduce them to potentially a new audience? I’m very excited to see what WWE does.

  3. NXT goes to 2 hours on October 2nd.
    What will NXT do to counter program against AEW? By then NXT will have had a couple of weeks of going live on Wednesdays and won’t have to deal with the technical issues of switching to the network.

  4. Raw on September 30th.
    Do Vince & Heyman do anything on Raw to put the spotlight on WWE & NXT the week of AEW’s debut? Maybe they put on the best Raw in years but the 3 hour format will always be working against them.


WCW Monday Nitro from May 27th 1996 to January 4th 1999.


If i could only watch one current wrestling show a week, boy that’s a tough question. Especially since the promotion I watch the most (NJPW) don’t offer weekly TV where I live.

Probably just a rotation of Aussie Indy shows, seeing how most still just offer one show a month.

If I can find AEW in the UK i’ll start watching that,
I know it’s on ITV but the ITV app is notoriously bad

I currently just watch YouTube clips - I feel bad for doing so but even watching them I think I watch about 90 mins of wrestling a week which is enough


@jamead looks like they will start showing it in the UK but on a delay. Not sure how they’re going to be able to air a PG-14 show at 8am on a Sunday morning mind you.

I’d like to see it remain on ITV4 and it to be broadcast live but I think I could see NXT sorting out their live feed for international viewers before that happens. Either that or Sky Sports will pick up AEW and show it live.

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On delay…oh well ill just continue with YouTube clips.
ITV are useless, they dont realise when they have something good,

I dont want to watch it Live on Wednesdays at 1am or whatever but maybe Thursday or even friday, By Sunday it’s old news…and who’s up at 8:20am sunday???

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It’s available internationally on the FITE app.

Also available on the website that shall not be named.

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The only thing I watch is the AAA Youtube show that comes out Sundays. Right now they’re showing Triplemania, good times.

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