Ilja Dragunov would like to be on WWE SmackDown if he is called up to main roster

Originally published at Ilja Dragunov would like to be on WWE SmackDown if he is called up to main roster

Dragunov explains why he’d like to land on SmackDown if he were to be called up. 

On numerous occasions, Ilja Dragunov has been asked about the possibility of making the move to WWE’s main roster and he’s stated that he’s focused on the present. He echoed those same sentiments while guest appearing on The A Show on RNC RADIO

Dragunov said he is in no rush to get called up but if were to get the call, his preference would be SmackDown. He added that the first WWE match he ever saw was a bout on SmackDown between Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle. 

I’m not in a rush (to get called up to WWE’s main roster), if I’m gonna be completely honest, like why should I? The things that need to happen will happen someday eventually but, I’m so fulfilled to be completely surrounded by my work, day in and day out, having all those great challenges and possibilities to prove myself like I did already since I came back to NXT. I have all the opportunities and I think I use them all entirely in the way I would use them and just right now, to be in my head, stuck with, okay, I wanna get called up, it would take away so much from the fun and the passion and the inspiration I get at the moment. It’s just not worth it. I just like to live in the moment and brand-wise, if it happens, my preference would be SmackDown just because it has been the first show I ever — first match I ever seen in my life from WWE was SmackDown. 

The first match I ever saw and I hope everything is correct in the sense that I don’t get anything twisted. It was Kurt Angle versus Rey Mysterio. 

On September 30th at NXT’s No Mercy Premium Live Event, Dragunov is going to be challenging Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship

The 9/26 edition of NXT on USA Network will be reviewed here on POST Wrestling by the Poisonrana Podcast.

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