I'm really tired of Dan Lambert. Is it just me?

Dan Lambert is a great promo, but at this point, the crabby old man complaining about today’s wrestling and not advancing forward in a storyline perspective is getting old fast and it’s not the proper heat it should be getting. I feel bad for Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page because the entire time they’re just standing beside him with no action to back the entire angle up. This needs to hurry up and move on fast.

I love him as a promo too but the fit with Page and Sky doesn’t work. I also don’t think Page and Sky work as a team period. Sky should not be a heel, he’s not a strong enough promo for that role.

Lambert was perfect in MLW with guys like King Mo and Tom Lawler. Putting him with wrestlers who aren’t that much different than the guys he says suck doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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I enjoy his act ripping off Jim Cornette and the Twitter wanks, but I think John and Wai hit the nail on the head that it’s a weird pairing with Scorpio and Ethan Page. Pair him with FTR or Nick Komoroto or even Brian Cage and his whole old-school motif would make a lot more sense.

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It also sucks because when the heels finally get their comeuppance it means Sky and Page lose…not sure that’s helping any wrestlers. If Masvidal isn’t in a ring for a match this entire thing is pointless and not getting anyone propper heat. A miss by AEW for me so far

I like the idea of pairing him with Cage. I think it would be great if Hook turned on his dad and went with Lambert and just started beating the shit out of people.

I think the problem is no one cares about Scoripo Sky or Page. The MMA guys be brings also no one cares about. He needs to represent different talent or call
Someone out or something

Masvidal is a big deal. Doing something with him in Miami would be very noteworthy in that market. He’s somewhat of a local god there. (Note: I’m providing some local knowledge of South Florida, the dude registers here and you hear stories of him running Miami hosting high power dinners and such)

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Imagine they paired Lambert up with Strowman


If he wasn’t already on the show I think Brian Cage would have been great. I think it is an issue when a new manager comes in with guys that are already established to an extent, especially with no story.

Yeah if you want a shooters stable make a shooters stable. Ogogo, Commoroto or Brian Cage (as someone who “looks” like a wrestler) would all be better choices than Sky and Page. Even someone like Miro could have been a good fit

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To me his act just screams bringing in the “next big thing” type character “AEW sucks and I will expose it with ______guy.” It works less well if he does that with guys that were already in AEW. With guys like the men of the year if he is going for a shoot style thing he needs to go with AEW passing over certain talent because “reasons”. (Connections with management, not being flashy enough whatever) you cannot really push the Cornette line of them being small guys with they guys he is working with.

Yeah I mean you want to run that angle with Brock Lesnar or Kurt Angle or Ken Shamrock that makes sense. Running it with Page and Sky who already look small is just not going to work as well

Yup, or Cage if he was a debut, or Archer, or Miro if you are going the big guy route. If you want to go legit martial artist route then you need a guy like Angle or Brock. Sky has been with the company since day one so how is he not AEW?


Nope not you at all hes terribly loud and is there for no reason