I'm seriously losing interest in WWE

How are people who voluntarily watch “victims”?

That kind of hyperbole doesn’t work.


Yeah pretend it’s a high concept joke…still doesn’t work.

Your premise was people watching being a victim…which doesn’t work because you choose to watch. Victims don’t choose their fate.

Your joke bombed.

My goodness

Could someone in your family send me a private message and explain what goes on in your head. I’ve come to the conclusion you can’t help it but I don’t know what to do with you.

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That’s a good point. Cena, Reigns and certain eras for Hogan (1992-95 or so) are the only times I can think of where a guy got consistently jeered by crowds but still sold the most merch, and they’ve pretty much stayed the course for as long as possible in all three cases.

To me, this goes back to the “I don’t have to care about their finances” part of being a fan. WWE will choose to alienate a section of their fanbase (even a vocal one) to keep that merch money rolling in, because they know that section is very unlikely to stop watching. It’s a calculated risk that has proven to be worth taking from a financial standpoint.

I have known a lot of women who make bad choices in the men they date and even had one tell me “He only does it cause he loves me” when talking about him hitting her. So I guess none of them are “VICTIMS” cause they voluntarily got into these relationships.

Your logic is not valid

I think the logic that’s not valid is comparing watching WWE programming to domestic abuse! That’s a huge jump. While I disagree Psykohurricane’s initial position that the fans are to blame for WWE’s programming, there’s a way to discuss it without blowing his and your arguments completely out of proportion.

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I have given up on Raw, I just listen to Rewind-a-Raw each week to keep up each week. Smackdown I will watch the first 30 minutes each week to see what is slated for the night and make a decision at the time. NXT I tend to let them collect and watch 2-3 episodes at a time, and I fast-forward through some of the less-exciting matches.

I was very much into Wrestling when I decided to give it another shot, in October 2017. I watched all backlog PPV’s from earlier in 2017, but the honeymoon phase ended and I don’t enjoy WWE’s product as much. I will continue to watch PPV’s and follow feuds of my favourite superstars (i.e., AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura)

I think the Women’s division minus a few standouts are boring, the feuds are filler and for some reason female superstars that felt awesome when I started watching again in October seem lost in the fray. Asuka, Becky, Naomi, they were all solid stars and now feel deflated.

But I dedicate most of my attention now to NJPW, the format is more my style.

Doesn’t save the guys “joke” regardless.

You aren’t the only one. I still plan to “watch” it (as in have it on the TV, while I play games on my phone).


Calm down. You don’t get jokes. It’s cool, but that’s your own fucking issue. Leave me out of it.

Considering the fact that I and nobody else quoted you on your lame joke for how many posts was leaving you out of it.

Let it go pal, you’re going to break your phone.

Doesn’t seem like it.

Is there a new patreon level I can pay for to have this troglodyte stop obsessing over me?

Constantly quotes me…and I’m the obsessed one.

Here comes the report button…again.

Never reported you. Must be one of your other fans here.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t care enough about you to find the report button.

I love that this thread is about “seriously losing interest” in something.

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I try to tune in every week at the beginning at least. It was really hard seeing those geeks standing on a ladder last night. I’m glad I stuck around because I thought the womens match, Jinder segment, and Elias/Rollins segments were all really good.

I have noticed I usually turn off the show regardless of what time it is when the Riot Squad comes on. That cookie cutter 12 year old punk theme music is literally turn the channel heat.

I did not watch either show this week and do not miss them. I got Lucha Underground starting back tonight and MLW on Fridays, and ROH on what ever random day I can find it. Do not know why it is so hit and miss in Dallas. That or my DVR doesnt like it. come to think of it I have the same issue with MLW. Set both to record all shows at anytime any channel and it never does, I have to manually set it for MLW each week.

How does this feel now four years later?


Feels to me like the hardcores have moved on from WWE. Even on this board there is so little discussion about WWE compared to the past.

AEW is maintaining and growing, whereas WWE fans are slowly disappearing. Attendance, tv numbers and every other metric (other than TV revenue) makes that clear.

The other thing obvious to me after this week is that AEW is no longer the plucky underdog. They are serious and legit competition. The numbers in Vegas and LA are more proof of that.