Impact AEW Experiment Should End

I know, it’s ridiculous right.

Almost 4 months ago fans went nuts when Omega took the AEW title and debuted it on Impact. Doors were opening and potential crossover dream matchups were everywhere. Callihan vs Mox? Bucks vs MCMG?

Instead we get the Good Brothers week after goddam week. Nothing else. Trying to cash in on a vague Bullet Club bond that died 3 years ago, and now is coming across in a sad NWO kind of way. The Good Brothers in AEW comes off too much like buddies helping buddies irl. Their ‘amazing personalities’ aren’t coming through on Dynamite or BTE. They are just 2 more guys. 2 guys without AEW contracts (last I heard) getting AEW main event exposure.

The worst part of this is that it has somehow turned the Bucks heel. Why? Forget the contradictory story telling. Forget their style probably doesn’t fit heels. Forget that they are the most over tag faces on the roster. The truth is they likely can’t be effective heels. People don’t want to boo them. They are the Road Warriors of this era. The Road Warriors couldn’t get booed after putting a spike into Dusty’s eye. Who cares about them superkicking Mox? The Young Bucks as effective heels died after Mount Rushmore crumbled in PWG.

On the other hand, what should be a historic match in Omega vs Swann is not getting promoted on AEW at all. There is no sign of anyone else crossing over and it is a huge opportunity lost. Stu Grayson, Eddie Edwards, Sonny Kiss, take your pick. Any would do great crossing over even just as a 1 time deal.

Instead this Impact AEW thing just feels like frat house buddies running around unchecked. And maybe that’s the story they’re trying to tell, but it’s not an interesting one. Like, at all.

The AEW Impact arrangement is not progressing anything on either brand. In fact it appears to be hurting both with Omega about to take a title from a promotion and bring it to one who apparently couldn’t care less.

It could have been, it should have been, so much more. But it’s not and it should end.

And that is a shame.

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Understatement of the millennium.


Insofar as the reluctance of fans to boo them. Constructive criticism through out of context cut and paste though. Thanks.

The good brothers are rubbish. Always have been, always will be. Nobody cares

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Just a bit of fun. Lighten up. You don’t want to turn into Rated R.

Just a bit of fun, like booker of the year Tony Khans great shows.

Don’t forget to find your way to the AEW houseshow thread when it’s posted. I know how much you love all the AEW posts on here.


If they were to simply let the Bucks and Kenny engage in good matches while giving them no storyline and no promos/speaking segments whatsoever, I would be fine with that.

Watching those three in the ring is always pretty breathtaking, but I swear every time they talk or try to come up with another “swerve” in their little Bullet Club melodrama, it ruins the whole show for me. The Mox betrayal was awful, and the Bucks/Kenny just aren’t good enough actors to pull this stuff off.

Would be nice if there was a Vince McMahon type of guy to recognize how obviously useless these guys are on the mic and give them the Ricochet treatment, but I don’t think that’s happening.

We really don’t spend enough time hoping for wrestlers to go to where they would have less creative freedom.

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The whole thing was pointless. It was never going to bring any new fans in or even be interesting enough to keep current viewers entertained. They took Impact’s biggest male wrestler, Brian Cage, and have made him look like nothing. What could they have actually done with what was left over at Impact? Haven’t booked anyone that’s joined AEW after its launch well at all, no chance they were going to do something good with wrestlers at a different promotion.