IMPACT Genesis Report: Moose quits, Ace Austin wins Super X Cup

Originally published at IMPACT Genesis Report: Moose quits, Ace Austin wins Super X Cup

Impact Wrestling Genesis 2021

By: John Siino

Exclusively on Impact+

January 9th, 2021

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne

Super X Cup Tournament – First Round Match: Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Suicide

We had brief videos from Ace Austin, Scott D’Amore, and The Motor City Machine Guns hyping up this match with Chris Sabin saying he’s still convinced it’s Christopher Daniels as Suicide. The match starts up a bit slow with each trying to take the other down with Austin coming up strong by pulling out his card and trying to apply a papercut to Suicide, but his suit is able to prevent that. Austin tries to reach out to Fulton as Suicide applies a Surfboard on him and pulls down on Ace’s neck before throwing him down. Suicide continues to dominate by hitting him with chops, posing for a Tranquillo, and attempting a Suicide dive, but Fulton gets in the way. As Austin tries to sneak back in, he gets hit with a superkick and a cannonball to the outside by Suicide. As the referee is counting them out, Austin is able to trip Suicide who falls face-first into the ring steps. Austin is able to gain the upper hand before Suicide begins to make a comeback ending with swift palms to Austin’s midsection. Suicide is able to hit a shotgun dropkick for a two count. Austin is able to hit a roundhouse kick finally after he failed earlier but only gets a two. He begins to mount Suicide with punches showing frustration and struggles to try and get Suicide into a suplex position. Suicide ends up dropping Austin off his shoulders, hits a double stomp, and gets a two-count shouting out his own frustration. Fulton tries to shout advice to Austin as he battles Suicide on the apron, Suicide seems to be distracted by Fulton who stares him down, so Austin capitalizes and is able to knock Suicide down off the top rope, but Suicide comes back with a cross body, that Austin reverses for a two count. They juggle around a little bit until Suicide hits a modified short brainbuster for a two-count and then begins to chop Austin down and finish him, but Fulton comes on the apron and stops Suicide. Austin is able to capitalize and surprise Suicide with The Fold for the three-count.

Winner: Ace Austin by pinfall at 10:05, to advance

Siino Vision: That was fine, not sure who was playing Suicide, but he seems a bit slower and to the ground than past Suicides. Last I heard it was Caleb Konley (Kaleb with a K), so that would make sense. I think it would be hilarious if it was either of the Motor City Machine Guns after the video package. Austin continues to show why he will be a big star if he sticks around Impact, as he continues to be solid

Super X Cup Tournament – First Round Match: Blake Christian vs. KC Navarro

Video package again from both of them, with Christian being humble and Navarro being the total opposite, more of a ‘pretty boy’ showing his abs and bragging to be from Miami. Both men appeared on the most recent Impact show, and if you have watched any independent show in 2020, you were bound to have seen Christian as he along with Alex Zayne were probably the most notable names last year, with Navarro showing up on AEW Dark and elsewhere. The young and fast talent starts in the middle of the ring with Navarro stopping the speed with a headlock as he poses into the camera. Christian eventually gets out, but Navarro teases him Christian’s ‘All Heart’ gimmick. Christian is able to apply a side headlock of his own that quickly gets reversed as they start showing up their skills to the point where Navarro attempts a false handshake that Christian doesn’t fall for. Navarro is able to roll to the outside, and as Christian teases a dive, Navarro trips him and pulls him out, and hits a suicide dive of his own. Navarro holds Christian down with his boot as he yells out his trash-talking claiming “He’s a star”. Navarro hits a barrage of strikes and ends with a double stomp for a two count. Navarro continues to hold Christian down with even more trash talk, but Christian reverses with a donkey kick and step-up kick and dropkicks Navarro to the apron before Christian hits a mini 619 and dives to Navarro off the top rope on the floor. Navarro is able to start a comeback and hits a spinning neck breaker for a two count. Christian comes back with a death valley driver, a kick to the face, and a standing shooting star press for a close two count. They end up on the top rope that ends with Christian hitting a rolling powerbomb, but instead of covering him, he jumps off the rope with a twisting dive for the win.

Winner: Blake Christian by pinfall at 9:03, to advance.

Siino Vision: Christian continues an amazing last couple of months after coming off of GCW, NJPW Strong, and the Super J-Cup with the great showing he had there. He is someone who a year from now, will be one of the most talked-about talents out there, that is a guarantee. Navarro was a good first opponent for him, as he was able to counter his speed and go against his All-Heart persona.

Super X Cup Tournament – First Round Match: Daivari vs. Cousin Jake

Videos again with Shawn Daivari having a point to prove now that’s back with Impact and Jake trying to find himself after being betrayed by his cousin Cody Deaner. Hard and nasty start at the beginning with each trying to out-power each other. They fight and strike on the ropes until Daivari ends up on the outside and quickly runs out the way of a potential diving Jake. Jake quickly runs after Daivari as they brawl on the outside. Jake is able to place Daivari on the apron like a little child and run towards him but hits a crossbody on the ropes as Daivari got out of the way. Jake clutches and grabs at his throat and Daivari quickly takes advantage with strikes to the throat as the referee does his 5 count warnings. Daivari continues his cheating ways by keeping Jake down by his hair. Daivari is able to throw Jake to the outside before throwing him face-first to the steel steps a couple of times. As Daivari applies a sleeper hold on Jake, you can see a bit of color on Jake’s forehead. Daivari continues to chop Jake against the corner and ropes, but Jake is able to slow the flow with a brutal clothesline. They slowly get back up, but Jake hits a bunch of clotheslines as he fires up, ending with a running spear to the corner and a scoop slam for a two count. As Jake looks to end this, Daivari differs with a back elbow and an ax handle attempt that gets blocked. They go back and forth with a powerbomb attempt that Jake eventually hits, sitting out, for a surprising two count. Jake attempts a side slam, but Daivari comes back with a DDT for another close win. Daivari applies a figure four right in the middle of the ring, as Jake struggles to figure out how to get out, ending by using his height and reaching for the ropes. Jake is able to kick Daivari out towards the referee but struggles as he shows his legs are a bit weak, Daivari tries to take advantage but runs right into a sidewalk slam as Jake gets the pin

Winner: Cousin Jake by pinfall at 10:37, to advance

Siino Vision: I had an inkling Shawn Daivari would lose as he recently showed up on MLW as the newest member of CONTRA Unit, and Jake is obviously trying to find Something and reinvent himself, and no better way than to try and win this. Nice showing from both, but I thought this match went a little bit too long considering them being more hard-hitting and slow-paced, and I would have preferred the earlier fast-paced stars to get that time. Hopefully, we will get that later on in the tournament.

Super X Cup Tournament – First Round Match: Tre Lamar vs. Crazzy Steve

Lamar is a well-known 23-year-old Indy star being trained by Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae, who has excelled lately in GCW and has a soft-spoken but cocky opening video and Steve being, well, crazy. Lamar seems to be taken aback by Steve’s antics to start the match, eventually telling him to stop. Steve just says he wants a hug and gets personal with him, but Lamar wants nothing from it and tells him to take off the face paint and act normal. Steve continues to frighten Lamar until he escapes to the outside but bumps into Steve’s monkey in the corner and jumps in fear. After two minutes of this, they finally get in the ring and start the action with Lamar seeming to snap out of it. As they end up on the outside, Lamar is able to get the upper hand before throwing Steve back inside. As Lamar starts to hold Steve, he shows off more of his cocky persona and acts braggadocious in the middle of the ring as he holds Steve down with a headlock saying, ‘This tournament is mine!’ They both roll out, but Steve gets hit by a dropkick by Lamar who does a very lackadaisical cover for a 2 count. As Steve goes on the top rope, Lamar joins him but Steve hits him with elbows followed by a side leg sweep off the second rope. They slowly hit chops back and forth showing fatigue, but Steve is able to hold Lamar down with a side headlock. Lamar hits a jawbreaker to get out and holds on to the ropes to block a sunset flip from Steve. Lamar with a comeback but misses a cross body off the top rope as Steve hits a jumping DDT off the top rope for the pin.

Winner: Crazzy Steve by pinfall at 9:17, to advance

Siino Vision: A bit of a silly start with Lamar showing fear against Steve, but it is good for an Indy star who might only be known for his ring skills to show a bit of versatility of his persona which is something a company like Impact being on TV would look for. The match was fine, I was hoping Lamar would get the surprise win, but it’s understandable why they would want their own talent in Steve to advance here.

The Angry Moose

Gia Miller is backstage with Moose to get his thoughts on tonight’s I Quit Match, but Moose stands there still for a minute before he learned a lesson a long time ago, that people tend to make stupid decisions when they are angry. And that’s exactly what Willie Mack did when he requested this, I Quit Match. Moose says he hasn’t been angry, but Mack’s stupidity has made him angry. He will use this match to send a message to Rich Swann and the world tuning into Genesis, as to what happens when you step into the ring with an angry Moose. Moose says he’s looking beyond Mack quitting, he wants to hurt him and send him to the hospital. He says after tonight he wants Mack to relay this message to Swann; ‘Message from the real, World Champion, Moose”

Super X Cup Tournament – Semi-Final Match: Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Cousin Jake

A bit surprised we are jumping right into the Semi-Finals without a non-tournament buffer match in between, but here we are with the fresher Austin bouncing around the ring as Jake is showing his forehead gash from the first match. Austin quickly escapes the ring to discuss strategy with Fulton. Austin tries to use his speed but quickly gets taken down by Cousin Jake’s power by tossing Austin to the corner. Austin targets the earlier weakened legs of Jake by some leg kicks and a takedown but as he fails, he escapes to Fulton outside, once again. He stands behind Fulton to prevent a dive from Jake before heading back inside to a hard takedown chop by Jake. Austin gets a bit of offense in but runs right into a hip toss to the outside as Fulton catches him, Jake dives onto both, but Fulton stays up. Fulton and Jake stare each other down as Austin escapes out of the action. Jake starts chasing Austin around, but Jake again goes face to face against Fulton. Fulton invites Jake to hit him with his arms behind his back and Jake wants nothing of it anymore and strikes Fulton, Austin takes advantage and flips to Jake on the outside. Austin hits a dropkick in the corner to Fulton but a pin attempt, ducks a couple of times but Jake falls right on top of Austin to take him down. Austin comes back with a spinning kick, a running boot, and a 2 count. The battle back and forth before Jake throws Austin face down to the mat, he attempts a powerbomb, but Austin reverses into a crucifix that Jake picks up and drops Austin down for a 2 count. After a bit of a war, Austin stops Jake in his tracks with a spinning kick, attempts another one but ends up getting buckle bombed and Jake spears Austin right in the corner and hits the sidewalk slam he used earlier to win, this time coming up short. They both struggle to get to the top rope, as Jake tries to gut wrench Austin, he kicks him in the head and hits The Fold out of nowhere for the pin.

Winner: Ace Austin by pinfall at 10:34, to advance

Siino Vision: I felt like the tournament could have used a break in between with the Women’s match, as this seemed to be too similar to their earlier matches in the evening. That being said, a nice story being told for Jake and his redemption to the point where you really thought this was his cup, but Austin continues his dominance lately in Impact by getting the win here hitting that beautiful Fold.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack Backstage

Willie looks concerned backstage, but Rich Swann says to not worry as he has his back and Mack has the heart, the fight and he won’t quit and knows he got this. Mack agrees, he just says he’s trying to get in the zone, he’s not nobody’s steppingstone. And tonight, what goes around comes around. Swann says he will be watching, and he has his back tonight.

Super X Cup Tournament – Semi-Final Match: Blake Christian vs. Crazzy Steve

Christian seems a little intrigued by Steve and his monkey, but not to the level that Tre Lamar was frightened. As Christian tries to start the match, Steve keeps stopping to talk to his monkey. Christian is a bit reluctant for Steve’s handshake but obliges as Steve pulls him in for a hug. The monkey is impressed, as Steve keeps stopping in between exchanges to get his feedback. Steve seems a bit taken aback by Christian’s flips but totally gets outraged when Christian bumps into the monkey knocking him out of the ring. Steve starts an insane array of strikes on Christian and rakes his back before hitting a snap suplex. Steve hits a double under hook suplex but only gets a two count. Steve finally goes on the outside to check on his monkey and picks him up to place back into his corner. Christian uses this distraction by taking Steve down in the corner and hitting a running dropkick followed by a split-legged moonsault for a two. Christian continues to hold Steve down, with kicks and uppercuts to the back and chest. Christian attempts another split-legged moonsault, but Steve puts his knees up and capitalizes ending with a senton for a two. Steve stretches Christian as he claws his right hand down into the stomach of Christian. Steve hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors as they both end to the outside, hitting a double clothesline to knock each other down. Both of them slither back into the ring and start a race of strikes to each other ending with Steve hitting clotheslines into the corner ending with a running senton but only gets a two count. A fast-paced sequence that ends with a mini standing Frog Splash by Christian for a two count, Steve quickly comes back with a short-arm clothesline for a two of his own. They end up in the corner with Steve applying the Upside Down, but he runs into a knee trying to get back in. With Steve on the ropes, Christian hits a 450 splash onto his back to get the win.

Winner: Blake Christian by pinfall at 12:13, to advance

Siino Vision: Nice to see Steve flip the switch, regardless of taking a fake monkey to be knocked down to do so. Amazing showing from Christian, as he continues to shine throughout tournaments recently. The finish with the splash onto Steve was beautiful and we should get a hell of a main event for the Cup tonight.

The Bitch Is Back

Gia Miller backstage again this time with Jazz. Jazz says she was about to retire but she couldn’t turn down the request from Jordynne Grace for tonight’s match and let it be known that the bitch is back.

Jazz vs. Jordynne Grace

This match is the result of Jazz and Grace’s loss after their team-up in the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament, and Grace requesting this match up before Jazz leaves for her retirement. They show sportsmanship to start as they tie up in the corner. Jazz attempts to whip Grace out of the corner, but Grace uses her power to refuse as they both standstill in the middle testing each other out. Grace challenges Jazz to knock her down, before returning the favor with Grace knocking Jazz down. They battle on the apron before Jazz is able to knock Grace down. Jazz sits on Grace’s shoulders and gets dropped on the apron. Jazz gets thrown right into the barrier, before getting tossed back in by Grace. Grace is able to hit two suplexes and ends with a third, being a Fisherman’s. She keeps hitting clotheslines until Jazz stops her and drops her face-first against the top rope. Jazz hits a leg drop for only a two. Jazz is able to tie Grace under the bottom rope and hits a slingshot as Grace goes throat first. Jazz quickly mounts Grace hitting cross faces for a two count. They tussle in the ring with Grace rolling up a two count, Jazz comes back, with a back kick for a two of her own. Jazz slows down the action with a sleeper hold, but Grace is able to escape before getting headbutted to the spine. They trade forearms before Jazz gets Grace into the corner hitting kicks, strikes, and chops. Jazz hits a double-armed suplex but only gets a two. Grace comes back, after a tussle and hits a backdrop as they both are laid out in the middle of the ring as about 8 minutes have passed in the match. As they struggle to get up, they do and trade forearms before Grace finishes with a spinebuster into a pair of pin attempts. Grace smacks Jazz, testing her to get back up, and hits a running knee and forearm in the corner followed by a Vader Bomb for a close two. Jazz gets the upper hand and puts on an STF, but Grace grabs the rope to escape. Jazz hits a slingshot to the corner and jabs, but Grace reverses into a schoolboy and a right hook, both getting two counts. They fight on the corner ending with Jazz hitting a tornado DDT but Grace kicks out right before the three. They trade close roll-ups at the end with Grace squeaking through at the end to get a three.

Winner: Jordynne Grace by pinfall at 12:07

Siino Vision: This match was great and refreshing to see tonight. Jazz continues to show she can still go and I’m glad she got to show off more of what she’s capable of still doing, opposed to the tag team matches she was in. A bit of a sloppy end that looked like Jazz actually got the pin first with the referee just stopping the three-count, regardless, I think it made sense for Grace to get this big win against a veteran, and I’m sure she feels honored.

Super X Cup Tournament – Final Match: Blake Christian vs. Ace Austin

Christian had a quick interview backstage with Gia Miller but quickly ended it saying he has a tournament to go out and win, before heading out to the ring showing a lot of wear and tear from tonight. The much fresher Austin comes out and tells Madman Fulton to stay in the back for this one. Fast-paced match to start, ending with Austin showing frustration being knocked to the outside by a dropkick. Christian misses a moonsault to the outside and slips out and vocally gets called out by Austin for it who then throws Christian to the barricades. They continue to fight on the outside and Blake somersaults off of the steel steps onto Austin. Austin comes back at him on the apron and Blake outside trade-off, ending with a kick by Austin tossing Christian back in. As they battle in the ring, Christian starts showing a bit of injury to his ribs. Christian attempts a springboard frog splash, but Austin gets his knees up, throws Christian to the outside, and dives onto him as he’s been doing all night long in these matches. Austin continues to try and wear down Christian in the middle of the ring before throwing him into the corner and dropping down kicks to the injured ribs. The match speeds up very quickly with Christian in an overdrive hitting an array of moves but only getting the two. Austin quickly comes back and whips Christian to the bottom rope, only getting a two. They start to duck and dodge each other before Christian comes up winning this exchange, and hits a DDT onto the top rope, very innovative, before a sunset flip pin attempt for a 2. As Christian slowly heads to the top rope, Austin escapes to the outside but Christian runs after him hitting a moonsault to the outside. Christian then connects a springboard 450 to Austin for another two-count as Austin starts screaming in agony and pain. Again, Christian slowly climbs the top rope, as he gets up there sitting taking his time, Austin is able to knock him down. Austin joins him on the top, smiles right into the jib cam, attempts a suplex, but Christian escapes hitting a double stomp to Austin on the ropes, he pulls him for the cover, but the slow pacing doesn’t get the win. Christian drapes Austin onto the ropes but this time misses the 450 splash. Austin hits the Fold but only gets a two! Austin hits a spinning DDT and a splash but only gets a two. Austin then goes for the submission but applying a leg lock in the middle of the ring but Christian scratches and claws to get his hand on the rope to escape. They trade-off in the middle ending with a double spinning back heel kick, mirroring each other before Christian springboards right into a kick by Austin, before hitting a beauty of a standing Spanish Fly. After another beautiful sequence, Christian is able to fly out to Austin but holding onto him hitting the Eye of the Hurricane on the outside. Christian slowly tries to hit his flying twisting splash, but misses it, dodges the Fold as they trade off multiple near falls back and forth before partaking in a forearm exchange. Austin tries to do the papercut with his card, but Christian takes it away and tosses it away. They battle it out before Austin hits the Fold out of nowhere in the middle of the ring for the win.

Winner: Ace Austin by pinfall at 19:52 to win the 2021 Super X Cup

After the match Madman Fulton comes out to congratulate him, followed by Scott D’Amore who hands him the Cup.

Siino Vision: This was amazing, and nothing on this show will even come close to touching this match. In 2021, you would think you’ve seen everything until guys like Austin and Christian come and continue to amaze. Between this and his showing in the NJPW Super J-Cup, I can’t see Christian staying unsigned to a major company for long, but this was Ace Austin’s night, all the different ways he is able to hit the Fold out of nowhere makes it one of the most intriguing moves.

I Quit Match: Moose vs. Willie Mack

They stare each other down before quickly going to work on each other, with Moose hitting a boot before Mack takes him down and Moose escapes to the outside. Mack quickly hits a running boot and Mack already starts asking the ref to ask him to quit. Moose says no a couple times. Moose comes back with a boot of his own before running into a body slam right onto the ramp by Mack. After a couple of times of being asked, Moose says ‘screw him’ on the microphone. They slowly strike each other down for a couple more minutes that keep getting interrupted by the referee asking them if they quit, unnecessarily. Eventually, Moose tells the referee to stop asking him (thankfully), because he wants to hurt him much more, before whipping Mack on the outside over the barricade into the concrete floor as Mack eerily screams in pain in this echoing empty arena. Moose traps Mack’s head under the barricades and starts stomping it. Moose then pulls out a couple of chairs and a table under the ring. Moose attempts to powerbomb Mack into the table, but Mack reverses out and starts pounding down on Moose, picks up the chair hitting Moose in the stomach, and then the back. He hits a couple more chair shots, with Moose telling the ref to get the mic out of his face. He then tells Mack to back off before throwing up the middle fingers, with Mack hitting another chair shot to the face, with Moose saying no he doesn’t quit after some hesitation. After a couple more unnecessary I Quit asks, Willie Mack hits a couple 6 Star Splashes onto Moose. When the referee asks if Moose quits, he just says nothing. Mack attempts another 6 Star Splash, but Moose quickly jumps up and knocks Mack down. After raking Mack’s eyes, Moose hits a vicious Go to Hell Powerbomb throwing Mack off the top rope into the table on the outside. Brutal. The referee puts his gloves on as we see blood coming out of Mack’s elbow. They slowly battle in the middle of the ring before Mack hits a stunner that doesn’t phase Moose, as he hits a headbutt but runs into a clothesline by Mack. Moose stops Mack in his tracks with a Rock Bottom. Moose hits a couple more, but Mack squeaks out a ‘No’. Moose throws a half dozen or so chairs in the ring and before he does anything, he asks the referee to ask Mack who tells him to ‘get the hell out of his face’. Mack quickly gets up and throws a chair to Moose’s face before making a pile with the chairs. Mack gets on the top rope and hits a Superplex onto Moose onto the pile of chairs. They end up on the outside where Mack continues to hit Moose with chair shots, telling Mack he would have to kill him before he quits. Moose then out of nowhere hits Mack in the face with the TNA World Championship. Moose throws Mack back in and lands strikes on Mack who seems unconscious. Moose places Mack’s neck in between a chair before sitting down on another chair. Moose tells the referee he’s knocked out and can’t even quit, but it’s too late for that as he’s going to end his career. Before he goes to strike Mack down with a chair, Rich Swann runs out and stops Moose asking him what he wants. Swann asks him to stop, and he’ll give him an Impact World Championship shot. Moose says, “Thank you, I quit”, to end the match

Winner: Willie Mack at 26:35, with Moose saying “I Quit”

Siino Vision: This was a bit too long. I understand the match is an I Quit Match, but you didn’t have to have the referee stop the match after almost every blow or strike asking if they quit. Any fan of wrestling will know the match would never end that way. That alone made me not enjoy this match much in the beginning, as it led to a couple of rolling-my-eyes moments. Although, I admitted my jaw dropped after the Go To Hell on the table. That being said, I enjoyed the ending very much! Didn’t expect that, and you rarely see endings like that, and it made the match worth it for me.

Overall, this show is nine matches deep still felt rather quick. Impact is a lot more enjoyable without any silly filler or murder attempt investigations in between. When it’s just straight action, and you bring in such talent as Blake Christian into the mix it makes the roster really stand out. Blake Christian and Ace Austin’s match can easily be included in the top 10 matches of this hectic month alone, but sadly I don’t think many will get to know that. Impact would be smart to throw a match like this on YouTube or even an episode of Impact on TV. Impact is easily overshadowed by their women’s division frequently, and Jazz and Grace did their thing, but today was all about the X Division and the different talent they have there. The main event started a bit redundant with the referee asking if they quit every 2 minutes, but the ending was original and makes me really hope we get some sort of Unification match for the TNA and Impact World Titles. Impact Plus continues to make it worth it, and I am looking forward to 11 more of these specials this year.

7 referees asking ‘I Quit’ out of 10

Really enjoyed this show. Most people’s criticism of Impact seems to center around their silly backstage segments and the ring quality being pretty middle of the road, but I though this was a pure wrestling show with no comedy. The X Division matches were all very good and I enjoyed Jazz and Jordynne way more than I thought I would. I thought getting to her Willie and Moose speak on mic added to the drama of the match, but yeah, I didn’t need to to hear the ref’s voice every five minutes. I agree that Impact Plus has proven a wroth while subscription.