Impact officials have meeting at WWE HQ

Impact Wrestling officials Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore met with several high ranking WWE executives last week at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, has confirmed with several WWE sources. Vince McMahon was not involved in the meeting we are told, but members of Triple H’s team were.

The meeting took place in the middle of last week, after the Impact officials’ returned from Manchester, Great Britain and right before they headed to Mexico City for a pair of Impact Wrestling tapings last week.

One WWE source described the meeting as a general discussion about the two companies and as a chance to get everyone in the same room as opposed to a a specific negotiation. Since Impact was purchased by Anthem Media, WWE has worked with the company on several occasions, paying to license material from the TNA/Impact Wrestling video library for usage on the WWE Network, most notably the Hardy Boyz “Broken Universe” material and AJ Styles-related content.

When contacted today by, Impact officials declined to comment on the nature of the meetings but one Impact source specifically stressed that the meetings were not regarding the sale of either the company or the video library

interesting…I doubt it has something to with a working agreement. Probably video rights and perhaps lending AJ Styles to accept a TNA HOF award.

Are they still doing their pathetic HOF thing? It was always just embarrassing looking and no one looked like they wanted to really be there. I doubt AJ wants anything to do with whats left of a completely dead brand that resembles nothing what he used to work for. The company is AWA 1990 at this point. Just put a bullet it in it already.

I really hope they finally sell the tape library to WWE already. Everybody wants this and they will probably make way more money from this than doing their own streaming channel at this point.

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Maybe Impact officials are looking to become one more of the proposed indies that could air their PPVs on the network?

A deal to use TNA footage seems likely to me. I imagine WWE would like to do a doc on guys like AJ & Joe some time and the footage would add to that, plus it would be hard to tell their stories without it.

I don’t think WWE would air Impact PPVs if Impact paid them. It would seriously water down their brand to do that.

They offered AJ their HOF to him years ago and he turned it down. Would anybody want someone to do their HOF knowing they don’t want any part of it? I’m positive the visit isn’t about AJ in their HOF but lets examine this.

What would it take in exchange to get AJ Styles to do their embarrassing HOF that no one wants to go to or exist? I don’t think they could realistically offer anything monetarily to get him to do it. It would have to be like blackmail or something. They would have to have a tape of him saying the n word or something like that to get him to do it. Do they get any kind of rub with him doing their crappy HOF either? The whole thing would just look desperate and petty.

I will take it a step further and say “does anybody on Earth want to go into the TNA/Impact HOF”?

Airing other people’s PPVs wouldn’t dilute their product, if anything it gives them cheap content that would make them a quick buck. And the production team takes a day off