IMPACT REPORT: Jay White teams with Chris Bey, Kazarian and Francine appear

Originally published at IMPACT REPORT: Kazarian appears, Jay White teams with Chris Bey

IMPACT! Wrestling

July 29th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before the IMPACT! – Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin ends in a double count-out at 7:05

Keeping Doors Closed

The show starts with Gia Miller outside Scott D’Amore’s office and mentions a rumor of D’Amore having something big planned for tonight. D’Amore comes out and says there are always big things in the works. Miller mentions him being behind closed doors all day and D’Amore says ‘if you have a door, the best way to use it is to keep it closed’ because he is always getting interrupted and on cue Tommy Dreamer interrupts him saying we need #1 contenders to Kenny Omega. D’Amore says he’s busy and leaves Dreamer in charge to take care of that problem.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. Chris Bey & Jay White

White and Anderson start the match as the crowd is firmly behind White. White keeps Anderson in the corner with loud chops that get a big pop from the crowd here in the IMPACT Zone. Bey tags in but Anderson immediately fights him back until Bey leapfrogs him and lands a dropkick for a 2 count. Gallows tags in and keeps Bey in the corner with strikes followed by a stalled suplex that the crowd counts to 16 for but only gets a two. Anderson comes in and attempts three back-to-back pin attempts, and as Bey tries to tag White in, Anderson holds Bey down with a chin lock and a back elbow. Gallows comes in and keeps Bey out with a sidewalk slam followed by a lariat for a two count. Bey fights back and hits a crossbody, crawls over, and tags in Jay White. White and Anderson go at it, with White hitting back-to-back DDTs to both Good Brothers, keeping Anderson with a Dragonscrew before tagging Bey in. Gallows and White fight on the floor as Bey runs into a short kick by Anderson. Gallows comes in and they try the Magic Killer on Bey before White breaks it up. Bey runs in Gallows who hits a chokeslam, tags in Anderson as they finally hit the Magic Killer, and Anderson gets the pin on Bey.

Winners: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) by pinfall at 8:54

Will You Go to Homecoming with Me?

We go the Fire ‘N Flava where Kiera Hogan even they have been losing this is still their division and they will get their titles back and says everything is going to be before Fallah Bahh finishes it and says ‘Gucci?’, Fallah Bahh asks if she will go to Homecoming with him, Kiera thinks it’s her, but instead it’s Tasha Steelz. Tasha said, of course, she would ask her, as she’s the one that didn’t lose the match and she accepts as Kiera looks on a bit upset. Tasha says this isn’t a dance, this is a tournament and Fallah says ‘Duh’. Tasha looks disappointed in the ‘fake ass flowers.’

Kaleb with a K (w/ Tenille Dashwood) vs. Taylor Wilde

The show starts quickly with Wilde in control until Kaleb takes her down with a clothesline for a two count. Kaleb holds Wilde down a sleeper hold as the crowd cheers her on. As Kaleb distracts the referee, Tenille talks trash to Taylor’s face. Kaleb runs the ropes as Wilde moves out of the way. Wilde takes Kaleb down with head scissors and a clothesline in the corner, but Kaleb pushes her off. Wilde fights off but runs into a superkick for a two-count. Kaleb reaches into his bag and pulls out a camera lens as the referee tries to take it away, he uses the bag itself. They end up on the outside where Taylor hits a kick-up DDT off the apron to the floor. Tenille gets in Taylor’s face before telling Kaleb to do something. Taylor hits a poison rana followed by a German suplex for the pin

Winner: Taylor Wilde by pinfall at 4:11

Not in the Club

Chris Bey and Jay White are backstage where Bey is upset for taking the loss and that’s not how he expected his first match as a Bullet Club to go. White stops him and says it’s not that easy, and he isn’t in the Bullet Club just yet. They have standards and after what he just saw, no disrespect, Bey doesn’t meet that standard. White says he’s going to give a chance to redeem himself, as he has an idea, and they walk away.

No Time Off for Alexander

We go to Josh Alexander where he says he needs matches and contenders to become the face of IMPACT Wrestling. Scott D’Amore walks in and apologizes for not getting there sooner but he hears him and says he deserved a couple of weeks off, but Alexander says that’s not him, he’s different. D’Amore says at Homecoming, he can defend the X-Division Championship against Black Taurus.

Knockout + Atomweight

Gia Miller is with Deonna Purrazzo where she asks if she’s doing too much with her Triplemania XXIX match against Faby Apache and her upcoming match at the NWA EmPowerrr. Deonna wonders if they would ask Kenny Omega the same question, and she wants to be the best and that’s why she’s been training with Invicta FC Atomweight Champion Alesha Zappitella and needs to prove that she’s the best and Alesha will help her out. Alesha chimes in and says Deonna will be a force to be reckoned with and anybody who steps in the ring with her should be scared. Deonna says she is entering the Homecoming tag team tournament, but everybody will have to wait to see who her partner is.

No Way, Fallah Bahh & FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju & Shera

Bahh and Fulton start the match as the crowd is fully behind Bahh and his ‘no’s’ before FinJuice quickly trades in tags and moves followed by No Way with a Splash to Fulton in the corner before tagging back in Bahh as the babyfaces take out all the heels and then assist Bahh in a giant splash in the corner to Fulton. Raju tags in and takes advantage of Bahh before tagging in Shera. Austin comes in and works on Bahh, but the crowd is fully behind and cheers on for Bahh. Austin tries to sunset flip Bahh, but Bahh falls right on him. Finlay and Raju tag in, but Shera runs in and takes out all the babyfaces on the apron before attempting a suplex on Finlay that Juice runs in and assists out of as they take him out with a double dropkick and Juice dives onto. Back inside, Raju attacks Finlay before No Way hits a pop-up uppercut but gets taken out by Fulton. Bahh comes in but gets taken out by Austin with a kick. Fulton and Austin double team Bahh, but Bahh catches Fulton with a Samoan Drop but gets kicked out of the ring by Austin who Fosbury Flops onto everybody on the outside. Back inside Raju and Finlay go back and forth ending with Finlay hitting the Trash Panda for the pin.

Winners: No Way, Fallah Bahh & FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) by pinfall at 6:43

Omega’s Next Challenger at Emergence

Gia Miller stands outside the locker room of Kenny Omega, but Don Callis opens the door who says this can’t continue and he might change dressing rooms soon. Callis says he’s in a good mood and introduces Kenny Omega who comes out and treats her like a fan and asks what she wants to be signed and then gets surprised that she works here. Callis is in a good mood because they are all champions, and the Good Brothers got a win, and nothing can go wrong at this point. Tommy Dreamer walks in as Omega says he did the same hairstyle as Dreamer a couple of weeks ago. Dreamer says in two weeks they are having #1 contenders battle royal and the winner will face Omega at Emergence on August 21st. Callis says Dreamer will put this place out of business just like he did at ECW. Callis and Omega said they are now pissed and will go to the ring and give a piece of their mind.

Comedy, Tragedy & Ambush

We go to another vignette for the Drama King where he is destroying comedy/tragedy theater masks and paints over Long Live the Drama King again.

FinJuice is backstage where Juice Robinson says they want the tag titles before getting attacked right away by Chris Bey and Jay White. Bey throws Robinson through a door while White throws Finlay against some equipment. White takes a chest and smashes Finlay with it and tells him he can’t hide from him here or anywhere and he will never again beat him. White tells Bey he likes that as they walk away.

The Elite Hunter Returns to Make an IMPACT

Kenny Omega comes to the ring with Don Callis and the Good Brothers. The crowd chants ‘you’ve got fired’, as Callis says real men don’t quit they get fired and tells everyone to buy the shirts before Omega says it’s 2021 and real men AND real women don’t quit. Callis says everything is going great since at Slammiversary they left Sami Callihan in a pool of his own blood and then the Good Brothers beat Jay White and Chris Bey. After all that, you think they would be treated with respect, but instead, Tommy Dreamer has concocted this battle royal to name Omega’s next opponent. Callis starts naming all types of cities and countries and says IMPACT is trying to overwork Omega until Sami Callihan makes his way to the ring. Callis tells Callihan to go back to Ohio, but Callihan calls them all a bunch of bitches and says he isn’t done with them yet and in two weeks he’s going to win that battle royal, and Omega is going to have another date with the Death Machine. Callihan says two weeks is way too long too and he talked to Scott D’Amore that approved for next week it will be him and two partners vs. the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega. Callihan tells them they better watch their backs as he can attack them anytime and can even jump the guard rail. As Callis questions that, Frankie Kazarian runs in and chases them out before being joined in the ring by Callihan.

Kazarian and Callihan head backstage and are welcomed by Tommy Dreamer who is happy Kazarian is back, and he will get them a partner for next week, but Kazarian says he wants Dreamer as his partner. Dreamer says he will find someone better and whispers it in Kazarian’s ear who says that works, Dreamer whispers in Callihan’s ear who says, ‘that’s never going to work’.

Kimber Yung

We see Su Yung backstage with Kimber Lee who has a similar look as Su Yung, including the makeup and says her time has come.

Hardcore Hotline Bling

Brian Myers is backstage with Sam Beale who says people have been saying it’s so difficult to find a partner to go against Tommy Dreamer and Rachel Ellering at Homecoming and says he has the perfect partner that Raven recommended and it’s Beulah McGillicutty. Beale reads off the number and it’s 1-900-436-4 ECW, that Myers remembers and says he used to call that number all the time and it’s disconnected now. Myers gets on FaceTime with Francine who first thanks Myers for all the support he’s had for her podcast, her Twitch, her Cameos, etc., but she then says how she’s upset that she’s his second choice and is mad he asked Tenille, and Beulah and he should have come to her first. Francine continues to be upset and asks how he even got her number before hanging up.

Deaner & Rhino (w/ Eric Young & Joe Doering) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Deaner and Rhino attack before the bell as the action starts off fast and wild with Swann hitting a dive onto the outside to go to commercial.

When we come back, Mack has Deaner in the corner before tagging in Swann as they hit a double-team cutter for a two-count. Deaner fights back and hits a dropkick in the corner to Swann as Eric Young marches around the ring with his VBD flag. Rhino comes in and attacks Swann as Young says, ‘you brought this on yourself’. Rhino continues to attack Swann in the corner as the referee tells him to back off before being yelled at by Rhino. Deaner says he wants some, so Rhino tags him in where he hits a power slam on Swann for a two count. Swann makes the hot tag to Mack who hits a scoop slam followed by a rolling knee to Deaner. Mack hits the standing moonsault for a two-count. Mack goes to run the ropes but gets tripped up by Young as Deaner hits a neckbreaker for a two before tagging Rhino back in. With Rhino distracted, Swann tags in and hits a handspring cutter on Rhino for a two before getting mini gored in the corner by Rhino. They go to ropes before Mack hits Rhino with a stunner followed by the 450 Splash by Swann for the pin.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack by pinfall at 10:38

No Shirt, No Service

We go to Swinger’s Palace where Johnny Swinger asks John E. Bravo who is the odds-on favorite between Moose and Sabin, and Bravo says, Sabin. Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona walk in asking who the favorite is to win the Homecoming Tournament, but Bravo doesn’t know yet as all the competitors haven’t been announced yet, so Alisha Edwards suggests to Swinger they should join in. Petey Williams and Jordynne Grace walk in both doing Steiner math dressed up in their best Big Poppa Pump gear hyping up their team for Homecoming. W. Morrissey walks in as the music cuts out and asks what this place even is. He tells Alisha, he has a message for her husband. After their hardcore match at Homecoming, he won’t ever come home safe and sound again. Chelsea tells Cardona that next time she gets to choose where they go.

Eddie is the Third Man

Gia Miller is backstage with Eddie Edwards who says he gets it, he has someone he loves while Morrissey has nobody who cares for him. That’s why Morrissey came to IMPACT, to rethink his career. At Slammiversary, he had him beat, but he’s had worse and in the parking lot he had him beat before Morrissey ran away. And at Homecoming, whatever Morrissey has, he will take it in the Hardcore Match as IMPACT Wrestling is Eddie Edwards. Tommy Dreamer walks in and says he needs a big favor and needs Edwards to team up with Sami Callihan and Frankie Kazarian next week. Dreamer says a long time ago he didn’t want to do something but was told you have to wrestle your best friend to get the title back home and it was the greater good for the company so he is making an oath to Edwards if Callihan does anything to him he will the first to jump on Callihan. The fans and the company need Edwards to do this, Edwards says he doesn’t trust Callihan, but he trusts Dreamer and he’ll be there.

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

The match starts quickly with Sabin rolling up Moose for a 2 count before taking him down with a Dragonscrew. As he tries to put on a leg lock on Moose, Moose fights him but gets sunset flipped for a two. Moose tries a chokeslam, but Sabin rolls out once again and puts on a figure four that Moose grabs the rope and escapes to the outside. Sabin jumps off the apron but gets caught by Moose and swung onto the steel steps. The crowd gives ‘Let’s go’ duel chants as Moose stops Sabin’s momentum with a dropkick in the middle of the ring. Moose digs his knee into Sabin’s face as the crowd now chants ‘Hail Sabin’. Moose tosses Sabin all the way to the outside of the ring and meets him on the outside where grabs a water bottle to splash Sabin with. Moose places Sabin on the apron and chops him after asking how to tell him how this tastes. The crowd chants for one more time, but Moose doesn’t do it after teasing it. Moose tells Sabin his match at Slammiversary was a fluke and ‘screw you’, but Sabin bits Moose’s finger and goes to attack him. Moose reverses but Sabin dodges as Moose chops the ring post and receives a crossbody from Sabin from inside the ring to the outside. Back inside, Moose kicks out at one after a dropkick as Sabin looks flustered. Sabin comes back with kicks after Moose questions if that’s all he has, goes to the top rope, but Moose meets him up there. Sabin bites him off and hits a jumping DDT off the top rope for a 2 count. Moose tosses Sabin to the corner and hits the Lights Out spear for the pin.

Winner: Moose by pinfall at 8:24

After the match, Moose tries to toss Sabin out of the ring but Sabin hangs on and hits a cross body off the top and takes Moose out of the ring, but Sabin dives onto him but security comes out and breaks them up as the crowd chants ‘let them fight’.

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