IMPACT REPORT: New IMPACT Tag Team Champions, Kojima is coming

Originally published at IMPACT REPORT: New IMPACT Tag Team Champions, Kojima is coming

IMPACT! Wrestling

May 20th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT! – XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) def. Hernandez & Johnny Swinger (w/ Swingerellas) by pinfall at 5:39

The main show opened with a graphic for Jerome Young a/k/a New Jack (1963-2021)

Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) vs. Jake Something

Raju starts the match by running into the fist of Something and heading to the outside where Shera gets in the face of Something until Raju sneaks in with a sliding dropkick to the outside. Back inside, Raju runs into a shoulder block as Something stops a dodging Raju with a chest bump. As the referee is checking on Raju inside, Shera attacks Something on the outside. Inside, Raju hits a spinning kick for a two-count. Something runs to the corner, but Raju moves out of the way and hits a Divorce Court, followed by a buzzsaw kick for another two-count, showing frustration after. Something knocks Raju down with some double axes, followed by a right hook but misses the splash into the corner, quickly followed by a running shoulder block in another corner for a two count, and a big clothesline for another two. After a couple of reversals, Raju applies a crossface, but Something powers right out, puts Raju up for a vertical suplex, but Shera trips up Something and holds Something’s foot down as Raju gets the pin.

Winner: Rohit Raju by pinfall at 7:15

After the match, as Raju leaves, Jake Something attacks Shera by throwing him against the barricades. Something then hits Shera with a chair shot as Raju watches on at the entranceway yelling ‘Coward!’ Inside the ring, Something sets up a table in the corner and spears Shera through it.

Kaleb Without a Neck Brace

Gia Miller backstage with Taylor Wilde congratulating her on her win at Under Sacrifice. Wilde says that’s not why she is here, she is here for the Knockouts Title and going after Deonna Purrazzo. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K interrupt and say they are excited because Kaleb’s neck is better as he takes off his neck brace and about Tenille’s match with Kiera Hogan. Tenille says if she beats Kiera, that puts them in line for the Tag Team titles. Taylor again says that’s not what she’s here for, doesn’t like Tenille’s cheating tactics and tells Kaleb to stop FaceTiming her.

Get Back Out There…

Back from the commercial, Gia Miller with Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering and asks how they are doing after losing the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Ellering says it’s disappointing, but they have to dust themselves and get back out there. Grace agrees and says she will talk to Scott D’Amore about “getting back out there” and walks away, as Ellering nods in approval.

Kiera Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) vs. Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K)

Kiera starts by clotheslining Tenille in the corner as Kaleb right away tries to trip her up, Tenille gets the first cover after a butterfly suplex. Kiera misses Tenille in the corner, as Tenille traps Kiera on the ropes. Tasha gets on the apron to distract Tenille, but Tenille dodges and hits a neckbreaker on the rope to Kiera for the two-count. Tenille poses for photos from Kaleb as she chokes out Kiera on the ropes. Kiera gets the upper hand with a swift kick as we go to the commercial.

Back from the commercial, and Kiera still in command as she chokes Tenille on the ropes. Matt Striker on commentary says there will be some new names and faces coming soon, as Tenille gets a 2 count with a small package. Tenille misses the spotlight kick but is able to roll up Kiera for the pin.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood by pinfall at 9:54

After the match, Tasha Steelz runs in as Fire ‘n Flava starts attacking Tenille. Kaleb tries to get involved, but Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan run in to join the 5 on 1 beatdown on Tenille. Taylor Wilde runs in and starts attacking Deonna. The heels still have the numbers advantage, until Havok runs out to clean house and help Taylor and Tenille up. As the heels are starting to leave, Decay comes through the entranceway, causing Deonna, Kimber, Susan & Fire ‘n Flava to run away through the crowd area.

…And Face Each Other

Jordynne Grace walks back in and tells Rachael Ellering that they have a match tonight. Ellering is excited to hear who it’s against until Grace says ‘each other’.

Kojima Debuts Next Week

We see a video with highlights from Satoshi Kojima of NJPW, who is debuting next week on IMPACT.

Defending in Japan

FinJuice backstage with Gia Miller, where David Finlay says just like they promised in their other matches, they will beat Ace Austin and Madman Fulton tonight. Juice Robinson says they aren’t looking past them tonight, but tomorrow they are going back to Japan where there are teams lining up for a shot at the IMPACT Tag Team Titles. They are the best, and that journey starts tonight by putting Austin & Fulton to bed and putting out a challenge to Yoshi-Hashi & Hirooki Goto, Dangerous Tekkers, and Guerrillas of Destiny in NJPW.

V.S.K. vs. Petey Williams

Williams starts the match quickly with a tilt-a-whirl and a monkey flip attempt but ends up hitting a hurricanrana, drop toe hold, and a dropkick to the back of V.S.K.’s head. Petey throws V.S.K. to the outside and hits a hurricanrana from the inside springboarding on the outside. V.S.K. tries to fight back, by hitting a jumping DDT but fails to go for the pin, resorting to hitting dropping elbows and knees, for a 2 count. V.S.K. hits a body slam by a jumping splash for a 1 count, as he keeps failing to hook the leg. Petey hits a snap German Suplex, a running knee, and calls for the Canadian Destroyer, but it gets reversed. Petey hits a side Russian Leg Sweep into a pin attempt but only gets a two. V.S.K. blocks another Canadian Destroyer, into a backbreaker for a 2 count. Petey hits a powerbomb, followed by the Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

Winner: Petey Williams by pinfall at 5:12

Not the Gatekeeper

Gia Miller backstage with Rich Swann asking what prompted him to make his return at Under Siege. Swann says even though he lost his title at Rebellion, and felt the pain physically and mentally, at the end of the day when he was sitting at home recovering, he saw one man who came in and did the same thing Kenny Omega did when he came in, and that man is W. Morrissey. Swann doesn’t claim to be a gatekeeper of IMPACT but says instead of coming in here and trying to help IMPACT, Morrissey is trying to destroy it. He continues to talk about what happened to Willie Mack at Under Siege, until W. Morrissey attacks him from the back, rips off Swann’s jacket, and throws him against the exit doors, looking on with anger.

The Bahhlarella

We go to Swinger’s Palace where Swinger is yelling at John E. Bravo for TJP winning so much and asks when the wheel will land on the Coal Miner’s Glove Match. TJP spots Fallah Bahh who is hiding in the back dressed as one of the Swingerellas and says he’s working to pay off his debt. TJP gets all the Swingerellas to blow his dice as he wins the roulette game and frees Bahh of his work obligations, and TJP says he got his tag team partner back. Petey Williams says he doesn’t care, as Josh Alexander makes a better partner for him anyway and will talk to his former manager, Scott D’Amore to set up a tag team match between them. Decay magically appears as Crazzy Steve says this is the creepiest place he’s ever been in. Johnny Swinger mistakes them for the Dungeon of Doom and asks Hernandez to escort them off. Rosemary says they haven’t heard the last of them, as they magically disappear.

Moose Addresses Becoming #1 Contender

Moose starts by saying just that easily he has become the #1 contender. And understands Kenny Omega has beaten guys like Kazuchika Okada, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley, but he is a different breed, a 5-star athlete, and a walking legend. And none of those guys he has beaten before can even lace his boots, and nobody dominated the NFL for 7 years as he has. Moose respects the fact that Omega calls himself the God of professional wrestling, but he is the undisputed Wrestling God, and history is full of clashes of titans. He names Poseidon (God of Sea), Hades (God of Underworld), Ares (God of War), but none of those gods can ever knock Zeus off Mount Olympus. And at Against All Odds, this is his Mount Olympus as Kenny Omega’s music interrupts him.

Omega comes out with Don Callis. Callis says he heard what Moose had to say about Omega, and says Moose was being a little underwhelming about his own accolades. Callis says Moose might be the most physically talented person in professional wrestling, Omega says ‘even over me?’, as Callis says ‘well, he is bigger’. Callis says with all that talent, you think you can come in and beat Omega, nothing sadder in this world than wasted talent. Moose’s problem is he has all the talent and none of the results, and he couldn’t even win a title in Ring of Honor. He asked him how many titles he has won, as Omega won three in a week. Callis quotes NFL defensive end, J.J. Watt, by saying “Success isn’t owned. It’s leased, and rent is due every day.” He then asks how many Super Bowls he won and asks if Moose is even putting in the work or just coasting the talent, and he will do just what he did in football and come up short. Moose cuts him off and reminds him that he isn’t Rich Swann, and if one more word comes out of his mouth, he’ll rip off his head and stick it up Omega’s ass. Omega says Callis might have quoted J.J. Watt, but he’ll quote J. Jonah Jameson and say, “You’re a menace!” and all it will take is one One-Winged Angel and it’s a wrap. Moose challenges him to even try, Omega teases taking off his shirt and trying, but Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson come out and start surrounding Moose in the ring. The lights flicker and Sami Callihan is in there with a bat as Omega, Callis and the Good Brothers run to the back.

We got a commercial for Talk’n Shop Live on Sunday, June 13th in Baltimore, Maryland.

Don’t Need Your Help

Sami Callihan is walking backstage but Moose stops him and says he hopes he doesn’t expect him to say thank you and doesn’t need his help. Callihan knows that he came out because he’s getting sick of Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers running roughshod in his company. He doesn’t care who wins at Against All Odds, he is coming back for what’s rightfully his.

Rachael Ellering vs. Jordynne Grace

Commentary reasons that Grace might have asked for this match to test herself as Ellering and Grace start with a handshake. Grace hits a takeover into the first pin attempt, for a one, until Ellering turns it into a head scissors. They keep showing mutual respect with each other’s reversals, as they trade off wrist locks until Ellering finally knocks Grace into the corner. Grace’s face changes into anger, as Ellering catches her leg on the ropes and slowly puts it down, but Grace steps off the apron and trips up Ellering as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Grace has taken control and whips Ellering hard into the corner and gets a two count. Grace hits a jumping clothesline for a two count, followed by elbow drops to the back of Ellering. Grace puts Ellering in a full nelson, but Ellering fights and breaks it up by repeatedly backing Grace into the corner. Grace knocks Ellering down with double knees, misses a couple of clotheslines, as Ellering comes back with a Senton for a 2 count. Grace hits double knees in the corner, followed by the dropping elbow, but misses the Vader Bomb as Ellering gets a roll up for a 2 count. Grace hits a cradle of her own, they reverse pin attempts over and over until Ellering finally gets the pin.

Winner: Rachael Ellering by pinfall at 12:11

After the match, Jordynne Grace begrudgingly gives a handshake and a hug, and walks away from Ellering.

Major Problems Continue

Brian Myers backstage talks about all the injustice that’s been done to him until he catches Matt Cardona walking in the hall, attacks him, rips a chain off him that says that means nothing as we see a little bit of blood coming from Cardona.

They announce Petey Williams & Josh Alexander vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh for next week

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: FinJuice (c) (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

David Finlay and Ace Austin start the match until Austin quickly tags out to Madman Fulton. Fulton easily throws Finlay into his corner, as he tags in Juice Robinson. Juice tries to knock down Fulton, but Fulton ultimately knocks down Juice with a hard shoulder block. Juice tags in Finlay, as they hit a double bulldog with Finlay getting a two count. Fulton whips Finlay into their corner and tags in Austin. FinJuice hit a double elbow, followed by a senton from Juice on Austin, and hit a double dropkick and double flapjack on Fulton, before clotheslining him to the outside as we go to commercial.

We come back and Austin gives Juice a paper cut with his card. Juice comes back and takes out Fulton and Austin as Finlay gets the hot tag. Finlay takes out Fulton on the outside with a dive and hits Austin with a backbreaker for a two-count. FinJuice hits a Russian Leg Sweep/pump kick combo, but Fulton breaks up the two count. Fulton takes out Juice, but Austin only gets the two as there is some miscommunication on who’s the legal man. Fulton and Austin hit a chokeslam/Fold combo, but Finlay breaks it up at the last second. Finlay hits a stunner on Fulton followed by a superplex on Austin, as he whips Juice into Fulton with a cannonball. FinJuice hits a backbreaker/elbow drop on Austin and attempts the Doomsday Device on Fulton, but Fulton grabs Finlay until Juice saves him, and they hit a stunner into the Pulp Friction by Juice for the pin.

Winners: FinJuice by pinfall at 16:05, to retain

Violent by Design’s music plays as Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner & Rhino head to the ring and surround FinJuice. Eric Young cashes in Rhino’s ‘Call Your Shot’ Trophy as FinJuice is confused as Rhino and Joe Doering are the two men in this match.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: FinJuice (c) (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) vs. Violent by Design (Joe Doering & Rhino)

Doering hits a double crossbody taking out both of FinJuice, as Rhino hits a gore on Finlay. Doering hits Death Valley Driver into a Lariat on Juice for the pin.

Winners: Violent by Design (Joe Doering & Rhino) by pinfall at 49 seconds, to become NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions.