IMPACT REPORT: Old School Rules, FinJuice arrives, The Godfather

Originally published at IMPACT REPORT: Old School Rules, FinJuice arrives, The Godfather

IMPACT! Wrestling

February 16th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT!

Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) w/ Rosemary def. XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero) in the first-ever BTI pre-show hosted by Jon Burton, Josh Mathews & Gia Miller.

IMPACT! X-Division Championship: TJP (c) vs. Josh Alexander

Alexander is getting his title shot right away from his win this past Saturday at No Surrender. They start on the mat right away, with Alexander prompting it with a single leg takedown. Alexander tries to lock in an ankle lock that TJP is able to sneak out of. They quickly exchange fast offense, that Alexander rolls out of a head scissors into another ankle lock attempt. Alexander stops a springboarding TJP right into a backbreaker, going right back into working on the ankle. They fight back into the mat, battling submissions with Alexander applying a surfboard on TJP, who is showing a little blood from his mouth. Alexander goes from another ankle lock into a powerbomb/backbreaker combo but before Alexander can get the pin, TJP applies a triangle hold that Alexander breaks up by smashing TJP right into the turnbuckle. Alexander begins to apply pressure to TJP by pushing with his foot while stretching his arms out, but TJP quickly switches it into an octopus stretch. Alexander reverses into an ankle lock, but TJP rolls out, knocking Alexander to the outside where he is welcomed by a dropkick by TJP. They go fight back inside, TJP hitting a tornado step-up DDT for a 2 count. Alexander is able to knock TJP back to the outside, hitting a crossbody while TJP is sitting on the apron. Alexander jumps from the top and is hit with a dropkick by TJP to stop him in his tracks. Alexander tries the ankle lock, once more but TJP gets out, they reverse offense until TJP tries to go for the Mamba Splash but is stopped by Alexander. Alexander attempts a Divine Intervention from the top rope, but TJP is able to knock him down, attempting another Mamba Splash landing right into the knees of Alexander and into another ankle lock. TJP fights it off, Alexander tries a Divine Intervention, but TJP reverses into an Octopus Hold. They struggle a bit until TJP hits Alexander with the Detonation Kick followed by the Mamba Splash for the pin.

Winner: TJP by pinfall at 11:20, to retain.

Old School Dreamer

Gia Miller is able to catch Tommy Dreamer coming out of IMPACT! Management. Dreamer talks about Moose asking for a match with Rich Swann, but Swann isn’t there. Since Dreamer is, he will fight him in an Old School Rules match which they make official for tonight’s main event.

Turning $10 Into $20

We come back from a commercial where Brian Myers is confronted by Hernandez asking for the other half of the money since they won their match at No Surrender. Myers says it’s the same deal tonight, half upfront, and the other half once he beats Matt Cardona tonight. Fallah Bahh confronts Hernandez saying he isn’t there searching for his wad of money. Hernandez says he knows he has a gambling problem, so he won’t help him. Bahh says he’s an investor, and if you give him $20 and he’ll turn it to $40. Hernandez says instead he’ll give him $10 and turn that $20, and then they can talk. Bahh takes the money and laughs as he walks away.

4-Way Scramble Match: Willie Mack vs. Daivari vs. Suicide vs. Trey Miguel

Daivari starts the action right away going after Mack, until Miguel and Suicide stop and double team him. Miguel and Suicide start going at it until they start double-teaming Mack. Mack takes them both out with a double shoulder block. All 3 of them keep going at it, while Daivari is resting on the outside until Mack and Miguel both get tossed out by Suicide to join them. Suicide tries to dive on them, but Daivari knocks him off the top rope back into the ring. Daivari hits a couple of vicious Irish whip to the turnbuckle, making Suicide bounce off for a 2 count. Daivari and Suicide battle on the top rope until Mack comes in sit out power bombing Daivari and catching a flying Suicide hitting a Samoan drop, followed by one to Miguel and hits both of them for a double Midnight Thud moonsault for a two count. Daivari is able to take Miguel back outside and hits a missile dropkick onto Mack. Miguel comes in hitting a Meteora on Suicide for the pin.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 4:50

Sami Saying

We see Trey Miguel heading backstage where he is congratulated by Sami Callihan. Callihan says when things are great Miguel smiles, but when he loses, he tucks his tail and walks away. Callihan said he failed at No Surrender because he lacks passion. Miguel seems frustrated but just exhales and walks away.

That Cup Ain’t Enough

Scott D’Amore is backstage congratulating TJP for his win until Ace Austin and his tiny trophy come in saying this is some sort of conspiracy. Austin says how he won the Super X Cup back at Genesis and has yet to get his title shot. D’Amore says a lot of people deserve the opportunity, but so does Austin, he makes a six-man tag match for next week, and then the winners of that will face off in a triple threat the following week and the winner of that will get a title shot. Austin agrees that he will jump through the hoops, but the outcome will still have him win.

Hernandez (w/ Brian Myers) vs. Matt Cardona

Hernandez easily manhandles Cardona around, until Cardona dropkicks Hernandez up and out of the ring where Hernandez goes to console himself with Myers. Cardona is able to flip onto him and go face to face with Myers. As they go back inside, Myers is able to distract the referee. Hernandez is able to escape out of the Radio Silence with a low blow knocking Cardona out of the ring and right into a commercial.

When we come back, Hernandez has Cardona trapped in a bear hug. After a bit of back-and-forth offense, Ryder is able to escape out of the Border Toss and is able to hit his Radio Silence for the pin.

Winner: Matt Cardona by pinfall at 7:47

Gia Miller joins Cardona in the ring and says that since he joined IMPACT! He’s had a lot of issues with Myers. Cardona says he’s not here for Myers, Myers goes back in and says he’s lying. Myers said he was here first and Cardona is just here to copy him. Cardona tells him to stop being Bad Mood Brian and says this is an act, everybody knows they are friends, but when the cameras are on Myers wants to act differently. Hernandez comes from behind to attack Cardona, as they double-team them, Eddie Edwards runs in for the save. Cardona hits Myers in his already injured eye to knock him out and stand tall.

The Tony’s Love The Godfather

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan are here with another paid ad both wearing heart glasses and heart balloons. Khan says he gives and gives but he got nothing for Valentine’s Day. Khan says his gift for IMPACT! Was this paid ad, and he loves doing this because it’s a tax write-off. They then go over Dynamite’s card for Wednesday. Khan says the Good Brothers have made poor decisions like costing the Young Bucks the battle royal as well as coming to AEW. Khan says the Forbidden Door is wide open and anybody can show up now. Khan asks Schiavone what his favorite movie is and his favorite character, Schiavone says it’s The Godfather and Michael Corleone. Khan says it’s the same for him and compares Eddie Kingston to Michael Corleone. Khan then warns Omega and says he has a special belated Valentine’s Day gift for him on Wednesday.

Trust The Timing Of Your Life

We see Havok backstage finding Nevaeh saying she’s been looking for her this whole time and asks her what’s going on. Nevaeh says they lost again and questions if they should even be a team, before Havok answers they get interrupted by Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K. Tenille tells them a motto ‘trust the timing of your life’ and offers Havok to be her tag partner. Nevaeh takes offense to that and says she wasn’t invited to this. Kaleb with a K shows her Instagram and says Tenille is invited everywhere. Nevaeh invites her to the ring right now, Tenille agrees and says this way she’ll prove how she’ll be a better partner to Havok. Havok says how she will have her back; Nevaeh says she has to do this on her own as she walks away.

Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) vs. FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

FinJuice is announced as representing NJPW. Finlay and Luster start the match, but Finlay and Juice quickly tag each other in and out of the ring, hitting double team moves on Luster as Juice gets a 1 count. Finlay comes in but runs into a spinebuster from Luster as he tags Thornstowe in. Thornstowe hits a dropkick and knocks Juice off the apron. Luster comes back in and hammers Finlay in the corner before tagging Thornstowe back in. They double team Finlay, before the hot tags Juice in who takes out both of Reno Scum. Juice hits Luster with a bunch of right jabs followed by a left hand. Juice clotheslines Thornstowe in the corner and hits him with a cannonball for a 2 count. Reno Scum double team Juice until Finlay comes in for the save as they knock Luster outside. Finlay hits a Superplex on Thornstowe followed by a frog splash by Juice for the pin.

Winners: FinJuice by pinfall at 4:10

Right away, the Good Brothers come out to interrupt FinJuice. Good Brothers calls FinJuice ‘the boys’ and says ‘the boys’ are here, in a real derogatory manner. Gallows says he loves when the good young boys pop the territory. Anderson says FinJuice is probably reminiscing when they used to carry the Good Brothers bags into the bus and when the Good Brothers won titles in NJPW. Anderson says “Boys, we are here to welcome you”, and after work, they should all go out for beers and it’s on the Good Brothers since they make more money than FinJuice. Gallows says instead of beers, FinJuice should go on their website and buy the Good Brothers’ only liquor. Juice says this is fine, but this isn’t 2015 anymore and they aren’t young boys anymore, Finlay says they’ll buy the first round as long as the Good Brothers don’t pass out before midnight and fall asleep in their own piss.

From the Bar to Swinger’s Palace

We see Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera at a bar waiting for their drinks, Raju says there is no reason why he shouldn’t be a two-time X-Division champion. Raju says Shera is a powerhouse and he cost him the match and it’s his fault. As Shera is walking away, Raju’s arm swings back and causes James Storm’s beer to spill. Storm says it’s ok as long as Raju apologizes, Raju disagrees so Storm smashes a beer bottle on his head. Shera tries to get in James Storm’s face, but Chris Sabin stops them. The bartender tells them to cut it out. Johnny Swinger walks in and tells Beer Guns to forget about this place and to come to his Swinger’s Palace where the drinks are cheaper, and they have girls. Beer Guns agree to the invitation and Swinger swoops in and takes the tip that Storm had left the bartender.

When we come back from the commercial, we see Swinger and Beer Guns where they seem to love the place, and Sabin even compares it to WrestleMania IX. Storm & Sabin sit at the poker table and ask if Alisha was the ‘rapper Beyonce’, as they start beatboxing and rapping. Swinger seems to love the line about ‘driz-own’. Fallah Bahh comes in and loses a bet with his last ten dollars that he got earlier from Hernandez. Swinger says, ‘Sorry about your damn luck’ and has the Swingerellas kick him out. Alisha tells Swinger to have a heart as Bahh is hurting, Swinger says they haven’t seen hurting until they’ve caught crabs from Bob Seger’s ex-girlfriend.

Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. Nevaeh

Nevaeh all out on her own with a point to prove. Nevaeh with most of the offensive in the get-go and knocks Tenille hard against the ring post to knock her outside as we go to the commercial.

When we come back Tenille is on some vicious offense hitting Nevaeh with a suplex for a 2 count. Nevaeh comes back with a sliding clothesline for a 2 count of her own. They are fighting on the apron as Kaleb with a K is recording and asks for a high five from Tenille. Back on the inside, Tenille gets a two count and rains down with elbows and strikes followed by kicks in the corner. Nevaeh dodges a kick and hits a sidewalk slam as they both are laid out in the middle of the ring. Nevaeh comes back with a knee strike and an STO followed by a bulldog for a two count. Nevaeh is able to hit a face plant for a couple of two counts. Tenille hits a back elbow and hits the Taste of Tenille in the corner followed by a swift boot to the head for the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood by pinfall at 9:08

Tables for Family

We see a promo from Violent by Design talking about how Jake Something was offered to sit at their table, but he declined. Jake chose to be ‘something’ else and because of that, he needs to suffer. Deaner says even though he got pinned, Jake didn’t win, and he had to suffer at their hands, but now Deaner has to fix this since it’s his family business and he needs to make this right and next week will make Jake suffer in a Tables match. Deaner says he will do it alone and if he doesn’t win, he will suffer the consequences of his failure and nothing is more important than family.

Two Matches Are Better Than One

We see Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee trying to stop Susan from trying to confront Jazz for pinning her at No Surrender. Deonna says this is not what matters and this is not how they handle business, Deonna then sees Scott D’Amore and has a proposal for him. Deonna lists her accomplishments and says she thinks it’s time for Kimber Lee & Susan to get a tag team title shot. D’Amore says that sounds like a great match, but what’s better than one match? Two matches, and since she saw Jazz pin Susan, next week it will be Kimber Lee and Susan vs. Jazz & Jordynne Grace and the winner of that will get a Knockouts Tag Team title shot. Deonna says they will make this work before an excited Susan walks away.

Next Week

Tables Match: Deaner vs. Jake Something

Willie Mack, Trey Miguel & Josh Alexander vs. Chris Bey, Ace Austin & Black Taurus, with the winning team face off the following week for a triple threat #1 X-Division Championship contender’s match

Old School Rules Match: Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer

Moose encourages Dreamer to battle, they go at it before Dreamer is able to knock Moose to the outside and hits him with a baseball slide. They start brawling outside, knocking each other’s heads against the barricade and ring post. Moose calls for the camera to come closer as he rakes the eyes of Dreamer. Dreamer is able to reverse Moose and whips him against the ring steps. Dreamer takes off his yellow bandana choking out Moose while biting his head and shortly follows with a baking sheet to the head with a maniacal smile grabbing a chair as we go to the commercial.

When we come back, Dreamer somehow ends up with his neck in between the chair as Moose slams him against the ring post. Moose then grabs the chair and pushes it down the neck of Dreamer. Moose smacks Dreamer over the head with a baking sheet before dropping Dreamer on the barricade followed by a trash can lid to the back a couple of times. Commentary mentions they are waiting to hear a medical update from Rich Swann who missed tonight’s show due to Moose’s attack at the end of No Surrender. They end up back in the ring where Moose puts a trash can against the corner, Irish whipping Dreamer into it and then barely getting a one-count. Dreamer tries some offense but quickly gets stopped by a dropkick from Moose. Moose screams that this isn’t personal but business as he continues his brutal offense, then screams Dreamer is ‘past his prime and just a fat piece of garbage’, but Dreamer low blows him, knocks Moose into the trash can, and hits a cutter for a one-count. Dreamer hits Moose with a trash can lid and heads outside to throw a chair, kendo stick, and baking sheet into the ring. Dreamer starts taking turns with all the weapons on Moose, talking a bit of trash talk himself. Moose reverses Dreamer’s DDT attempt and hits an STO onto the chair. Moose goes and grabs a table from underneath the ring, setting up into the corner but quickly gets hit by a spear from Dreamer that goes through the table. Dreamer starts hitting Moose with the kendo stick, but Moose says, ‘is that all you got’, hitting Dreamer with a uranage. Moose hits a spear of his own for the pin

Winner: Moose by pinfall at 12:58

Siino Vision: Pretty entertaining show, the opener X-Division Championship match with Josh Alexander and TJP was extremely good and really makes me wish Alexander will get another shot at the title, and with next week’s six-man match that could be where they go. TJP for a guy that I constantly see on three shows a week (MLW, NJPW Strong, IMPACT!) continues to stay consistent and fluid on a regular basis. Although I’ll admit, it is a little unfair for Ace Austin to win that Super X Cup tournament just to be told that’s not enough for a title shot. The Swinger’s Palace segment is highly entertaining and Johnny Swinger continues to be the shining star while everybody else is just trying to keep up.

The main event was what you would expect, but it just makes me believe as Andrew Thompson would say on ‘Deep Impact’, just another case of ‘Dreamer with the pen’. Seeing NJPW talent with FinJuice on this card is another cool case of the ‘forbidden door’ being opened and a feud with Good Brothers only feels natural. Makes me think if they’ll be any more cross-promotion with either Jon Moxley or KENTA and the IWGP United States Championship somehow ending up on IMPACT! As well with either Juice or Finlay. All the other matches were sort of just there, but I have to admit each had a reason and were able to move forward a storyline and nothing seemed meaningless.

7 of Bob Seger’s ex-girlfriends out of 10