IMPACT REPORT: Omega and Swann's press conference, Jazz retires

Originally published at IMPACT REPORT: Omega and Swann's press conference, Jazz retires

IMPACT! Wrestling

April 15th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT! – Havok def. Nevaeh by pinfall in 10:47

TJP vs. Josh Alexander

Alexander starts the match trying to corner TJP, but TJP tries to come back with headbutts as they try to take each other down and go for pin attempts. Alexander knocks TJP with a shoulder tackle, but TJP arm drags him down as Alexander puts on a head scissors. TJP does his headstand escape, into a submission attempt. They trade pin attempts until Alexander locks on a couple of chokehold attempts and a German suplex. Alexander tries a suplex from the apron, but TJP escapes and puts on an abdominal stretch until Alexander hits the Electric Chair into an ankle lock that TJP grabs the rope to get out of it. Alexander starts stomping TJP in the corner, but TJP gets up and they exchange slaps. Alexander catches TJP on the corner and puts on a Gory Special, but TJP gets out and tries a springboard into a dropkick, but Alexander catches and puts on an ankle lock that must be broken up as it’s on the apron. Alexander lets go, dives into TJP who catches him, and applies an upside-down back triangle on the outside that Alexander gets out of by power bombing TJP onto the apron. Back inside, Alexander climbs the top rope with TJP on him, but TJP gets down and hits a Superplex. They counter a bit with Alexander still trying to apply the ankle lock. TJP hits a big kick to Alexander and boot washes him in the corner. TJP tries the Detonation Kick, but they reverse each other until Alexander puts on the ankle lock, as TJP keeps trying to put on an armbar. They go back to the ankle lock and into TJP trying a kneebar until Alexander grabs the rope. After a back body drop, TJP tries the Mamba Splash, but Alexander dodges it and attempts the ankle lock a couple times, TJP escapes until Alexander hits Divine Intervention for the pin.

Winner: Josh Alexander by pinfall at 11:51

Almost Wilde

We get another vignette for Taylor Wilde, we finally see Taylor and she says; ‘Let’s get Wilde!’ as the graphic now says; ‘Returning Soon, Impact Zone, April 2021’.

Crazzy Steve (w/ Rosemary & Black Taurus) vs. Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows)

Anderson starts attacking Steve right away at the bell, but Steve tries a backslide to get the pin, but Anderson escapes and goes outside as we go to commercial.

During the break, Steve tried to go up and over in the corner, but Anderson caught him and threw him into the turnbuckle. Anderson starts hitting uppercuts in the corner and wears Steve down with a couple of chin locks as Rosemary is trying to get into Anderson’s head. Steve breaks out, hits a snap mare, and rolls over Anderson for a pin attempt for a 2 and into a crossface. Gallows tries to get involved, but Rosemary and Taurus stop him. Steve hits his own upside down, but Gallows gets involved again. The distracted Steve walks back into the ring and into a spine buster by Anderson for the pin.

Winner: Karl Anderson by pinfall at 4:15 (plus commercials)

Maple Leaf Math

We go into Swinger’s Palace where Alisha Edwards is doing terrible at roulette. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walk in and say this is where the betting goes down and asks John E. Bravo what are the odds that Ace Austin walks out of Rebellion still the X Division Champion. Bravo says not very good, and Johnny Swinger says Austin 3:16 – no smoking, big daddy. Alisha says to Austin ‘Aww, does baby not like his odds?’ and Austin says he’d like to try his luck with her. TJP walks in and says since he beat Austin three times what his odds were, and Bravo says TJP is the odds-on favorite. Josh Alexander walks in and asks if these kids are still playing games, and he doesn’t have to worry about the odds. TJP says even though Alexander has the one win on him, he still has 3 wins on him. Alexander says he doesn’t have to worry about the odds, because his friend already told him the odds. Petey Williams comes in as the ‘Maple Leaf Muscle’ and starts doing a parody of the famous Scott Steiner Math promo; ‘You see normally when you go one on one in a wrestling match you have a 50/50 chance of winning. But Josh Alexander, he’s the Walking Weapon, so you have a 25% chance at best. And then you add TJP to the mix and your chances drastically go down. So, then you take his 33 and a 3rd percent chance minus your 25% chance you got an eighth and 2/3rd percent chance of winning. So, the way I see it if you take his 75% chance add 66 and 2/3rd percent and he’s got 141 and 2/3rd percent chance of winning at Rebellion. So, you see, the numbers, they don’t lie.” Alexander says he likes his odds and walks away. TJP and Austin are confused, and Swinger says he’ll be known as the Million Dollar Swing Man and everybody has a price!

Who Attacked Dreamer?

We go back to the ring, where Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack are. Edwards says he and Mack have been boys for a long time and in the wrestling business for a long time, and as much as they hate to admit it, they can’t win every match. And at Hardcore Justice, they lost their 8-man war against Violent by Design, but that’s not why they are out there now. They are out there because Eric Young and VBD think it’s a good move to attack Tommy Dreamer and leave him laid out before the match. Edwards & Mack are there to make this right, and Rich Swann would be there if it wasn’t for his press conference. And if you mess with Tommy Dreamer, you mess with Edwards, Mack, and their family. They aren’t out there asking for a rematch; they are out there looking for a fight and asking VBD to come out and take ass whippings like men. Violent by Design comes out and Eric Young says they are right, and Dreamer laid out backstage was beautiful and violent, and they enjoyed seeing it. The truth is, Young approved of everything that happened that night but he’s not a liar. He’s always told Edwards the truth, about hurting him, taking his World Title and what he’s saying right now is as much as he enjoyed laying out Dreamer, he and his boys had nothing to do with it. Edwards says they aren’t there to debate, they are out there to fight. VBD starts surrounding Mack and Edwards until James Storm and Chris Sabin run in and all eight men start brawling until the babyfaces are left in the ring. Storm says VBD is like a pack of wolves, they are all about it when the numbers are in their favor, but now that all their dance cards are freed up, how about they fight them at Rebellion in an 8-Man tag match.

Don’t Ruin the Moment

Deonna Purrazzo and Susan are walking backstage and Deonna asks Susan if she’s feeling like herself (Since she transformed into Su Yung for her match at Hardcore Justice), Susan says she’s good and who else would she be feeling like. Scott D’Amore bumps into them and says Deonna is walking with a purpose to the ring and says Jazz is making her retirement, and under no circumstances will she ruin this as Jazz deserves this moment. Deonna says she wasn’t planning on it, anyway.

All About Me

We go backstage to the very first episode of Tenille Dashwood’s new show ‘All About Me’. The show where her guests have the opportunity to ask Tenille questions, as she’s with Kaleb with a K and introduces her first ‘host’, Gia Miller. Miller notices that this is the same set as Madison Rayne’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ show, but Kaleb doesn’t know what that is. Miller says at Hardcore Justice, Tenille became the #1 contenders for the Knockouts Title, Kaleb and Tenille interrupt Gia and change the question into; ‘How are you so sure that you’re going to win the Championship’. Tenille says she’s good at everything; modeling, social media, and her traveling blogs, but her biggest accomplishments are here in wrestling. Tenille says she started the women’s revolution, it’s ironic the one thing she hasn’t done is become the champion. Tenille mentions she and Deonna have wrestled outside of IMPACT, but Deonna never beat her. Gia tries to ask a follow-up question, and Tenille says there is no follow-up question and they bicker about who’s show this really is.

Jazz’s Retirement

Jazz walks to the ring with Jordynne Grace. Jazz grabs the mic and says; ‘Coming to IMPACT hoping that I was going to have one more title run, but that didn’t happen at Hardcore Justice. Going into this match, I knew Deonna was going to give me a run for my money, but still, I felt I had one more run. I felt that fire that I had 15 years ago, but Deonna, being a true champion that you are, I now know that you are the present and the future of women’s wrestling. You know Jordynne, when you gave me that call and asked me to come in and tag with you, we knew we were going to come out victorious, which we did, we got a few wins. We actually had those Knockouts Tag Team Titles on our minds, and I just want to thank you for even considering me in tagging with you.’ She calls Grace the truth and says her future is bright, and thanks Jordynne and the family of IMPACT for welcoming her with open arms. She’s never had the opportunity to work with them in her 20 plus years, but these last few months surely made her go out with a bang. This brings her here to discuss tonight, as Fire ‘n Flava interrupts. Kiera & Tasha pretend to cry with tissues before saying it’s about time as Jazz couldn’t beat anybody. Tasha says there is nowhere for her to go, as she can’t beat anybody, and she has no choice to retire now. Grace says there’s a reason they weren’t invited here, as they talk too much, and this is Jazz’s moment and tells them to shut up for once in their lives. Grace challenges them, Tasha said they wouldn’t beat them but they don’t have time for that today and they start heading to the back, but a referee stops them and says per Scott D’Amore they have a match, as Fire ‘n Flava go to the ring unprepared.

Jazz & Jordynne Grace vs. Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)

They start brawling on the outside, but right away Grace hits clotheslines to Tasha in the corner, followed by double knees and a falling elbow. Grace hits a Vader bomb, goes for the pin but gets broken up by Kiera. Grace tags Jazz in, who starts hitting forearms to the back of Tasha. Tasha escapes from a body slam, tags Kiera in who runs into punches by Jazz. Jazz hits a slam on Kiera and gets the pin.

Winners: Jazz & Jordynne Grace by pinfall at 1:14

Jazz grabs the mic and says how disrespectful that was, but now, as she was saying what brings her here tonight is that its time that she fully says ‘This is it’ as she announces her retirement and she wants to thank all the fans over the years for their love and their continuous support, because without them there would be no Female Fighting Phenom and there would be no The Baddest Bitch, and she just wants to thank them, as the entire IMPACT Wrestling roster and staff come out and clap for her, including Gail Kim who Jazz singles out saying ‘I love you’.

Back from the commercial, Scott D’Amore is yelling at Fire ‘n Flava for what they just did to Jazz. D’Amore says even though they are disrespectful he has a great opportunity for them. Even though they are the champs, they still just lost, so at Rebellion they will defend their titles against Jordynne Grace & Jazz. Tasha says it’s no problem, as they beat them and will beat them again. Jazz & Grace say they heard that, but Jazz says she’s a woman of her word and will honor the stipulation and since she’s done, she’s done, but that doesn’t mean Grace can’t be in that match and they have just the right person to team with her. D’Amore thanks her for her time in this business and it’s been an honor and whatever they have in mind for Grace’s partner, he’s fine with it.

Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

This is the first part of Brian Myers & Matt Cardona in the ‘Pick Your Poison’ situations where they pick each other’s opponents. Cardona comes out and says he picked ‘Not just anybody, somebody who has beaten him before, but not just somebody, but Something!’ Something starts to outpour Myers right away with a press slam and a pin attempt, but Myers kicks out at 2. Something whips Myers against the corners, hits forearms, and a running shoulder in the corner. Myers escapes to the outside a couple of times which confuses Something a bit until he walks into the Roster Cut as Myers gets the pin.

Winner: Brian Myers by pinfall at 2:22

Matt Cardona vs. Sami Callihan

Myers says it’s hard to see with this eye patch on, but it’s harder to see in the dark as Sami Callihan comes out to be Cardona’s opponent. Back from the commercial, Cardona hits the Radio Silence right away but only gets a 2 count. Cardona tries to get Callihan up, and they fight in the corner, but Callihan dodges out of the ring from the boot. They fight on the outside, where Cardona hits a neck breaker and heads back inside to break the count. He goes back outside, and they fight against the barricade and steps. Back inside, Cardona goes for the crossbody, but Callihan ducks, and Cardona go right back outside. Callihan sets up a chair and tries to suplex Cardona onto it, but Cardona reverses it until Callihan bites his hand. They keep fighting on the outside until Callihan hits a suplex as they go to the commercial.

Once back, Cardona gets out of a sleeper hold, but Callihan comes back with a clothesline. Cardona hits a missile dropkick and the big boot in the corner for a two-count. Cardona hits another one on the ropes for another pin attempt. Cardona sets up for Radio Silence, but Callihan counters as they trade pin attempts. Cardona hits a Frankensteiner from the top rope, he goes for his finisher but Callihan puts the referee in the way, puts a thumb in the eye of Cardona, and hits a package piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Sami Callihan by pinfall at 9:15 (plus commercials)

Sami Did It

Callihan grabs the mic and says ‘woo, woo, woo, just took care of that piece of trash’ before calling out Trey Miguel. Miguel walks in, and Callihan goes on about how proud he was of Miguel and showed the definition of passion in the main event for Hardcore Justice. Miguel says that he doesn’t need Sami to validate his passion, but what he did at Hardcore Justice was the right thing. And last week, he stood side by side with Sami because he had a bone to pick with XXXL. Sami says duly noted, but didn’t it feel good to let in that range and seek revenge and a bad temper is true power and them working together, Sami will help him use that rage and get to the next level. He asks Miguel to shake his hand and they can take over everything. Miguel says absolutely not, but Callihan says he got the opportunity to be in the main event because of him and reveals he took out Tommy Dreamer for Trey and asks him to shake his hand again. Miguel starts brawling with him, but Sami quickly low blows Miguel. Sami starts to leave but attacks Trey once more. He goes to leave again, but hits Miguel with a chair, sets up a chair, and hits Miguel with a back suplex right onto the chair.

FinJuice in Japan

We go to a video from FinJuice in Japan and Juice Robinson they have found enjoyment watching the Good Brothers struggle and point out David Finlay coming one win away from going to the New Japan Cup finals. They know Good Brothers have won the World Tag League and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, but so have they, and they have been IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, but now they are. And at Rebellion, they will prove they are the number one tag team in the world.

Next Week

  • The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) vs. Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) (w/ Rosemary)
  • Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. Susan (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)
  • Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards

IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion

  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K)
  • Violent by Design (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner) vs. James Storm, Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack
  • Last Man Standing: Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel
  • IMPACT World Championship / AEW World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Kenny Omega (c)

Rebellion World Title Press Conference

We go to a press conference that Josh Mathews is hosting and the IMPACT Wrestling side with Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore, and representing AEW is Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn, but Kenny Omega isn’t there. Khan says this is very typical stuff, and Mathews says they are going to move on to questions from members of the press. The first question is from Andreas Hale (Sporting News) who asks Rich Swann; how he plans to overcome the adversity of Kenny Omega and what does it mean for his career to come out on top. Swann says he’s no stranger to adversity and Omega is everything people claim he is and he will have that opportunity to become the IMPACT Unified Champion and AEW Champion in the same night, it’s going to be history-making.

Next question from Mike Johnson (PWInsider), the legendary World Title unification match between Bruno Sammartino and Lou Thesz never got past the talking stage due to the grueling schedule the champion would have to endure. What strategies are in place to make sure IMPACT has access to the Unified Champion especially if Omega ends up as the champion given the issues between AEW and IMPACT, and what message do you have for those fans who believe this match will come and go without a definitive winner and unified champion? Khan says he believes Kenny will win the match, and whoever wins the match will accommodate the schedule for both AEW and IMPACT, and they already agreed that if Swann or Omega wins they both will make the commitments for each other’s shows. D’Amore says that Khan is about talent first and the arrangements have been made and whoever walks out as the champion will handle both schedules. And it’s a testament to both AEW and IMPACT, and everybody here will make sure that there is a winner. Khan says he’ll be there with an AEW referee and on no AEW show has there ever been a non-finish and a winner will be decided.

Mathews is going to the third question, but we hear Kenny’s music as he and Don Callis walk to the table fashionably late. Gareth A Davies (The Telegraph) with a question for Callis, at one point, will he stop playing both sides, and what he’s been doing for the last 5 months would make Don King blush. Callis asks where Don Rickles is, and if he’s being roasted before taking over the podium. Callis says he advocated for Swann for Bound for Glory where he won the World Title and called him every week when he was injured, but Omega is family and without further ado announces Kenny ‘By God’ Omega. Omega says this isn’t new to him, he’s done this so many times before, standing here and explaining how much better he is than his opponent. To him this is natural, but he’s professional and a legend and to look how he dressed for this event, he takes it seriously and means what he says. He says to Swann, that he understands why he might be nervous and scared and went to the bargain bin of Target and selected the outfit he’s wearing today. Kenny says he was put on this Earth to make a change and a difference, and Swann is here because he loves wrestling and will try his heart out, and Kenny respects that, but now that they are all here he can say Swann doesn’t belong in this stage and this ring, and doesn’t belong in this history-making event, and he’s just a means to an end. And when everyone looks back at the tapes and looks back at the match that was the match that opened the Forbidden Door that created the legacy of Kenny Omega, they won’t know, care or remember Rich Swann. He hopes Swann brings his A-game, because Swann is taking part in history and this is the last time Kenny will be cordial with Swann, next time they meet it will be war. To the victor go the spoils, he goes to shake Swann’s hand but instead smacks him and they start brawling as security breaks them apart.