IMPACT Sacrifice: Update on Mickie James, Slammiversary info, D'Amore & Steelz return

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IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice

March 24th, 2023

By: John Siino

St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Eddie Edwards vs. Bhupinder Gujjar (Countdown to Sacrifice)

Commentary mentions how Bhupinder Gujjar has made Windsor his hometown as the crowd is behind him as this is IMPACT’s first show back in Canada since October 2019. Eddie Edwards starts the match in command with wrist control until they start running the ropes with Gujjar getting the upper hand. Gujjar takes Edwards down with a dropkick but only gets a one count. They have a bit more of a back and forth but Edwards gets the upper hand and starts delivering chops to Gujjar in the corner, before he comes back with a clothesline and a ripcord knee for a two count. Gujjar heads to the top rope, but Edwards knocks him down and hits him with a superplex followed by the Tiger Driver for a two count. Gujjar dodges the Boston Knee Party, hits a sling blade and heads to the top rope. Edwards puts his knees up and hits the Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards by pinfall at 7:26

Mickie James & Josh Alexander Updates

Commentary goes over the recent news of Mickie James not being able to compete tonight due to injury as well as Josh Alexander having to relinquish the IMPACT World Championship but did say he had successful surgery this morning before going over the card changes for tonight as well as Rebellion.

We go to Gia Miller who’s backstage with Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian and asks where their heads are at with plans changing for tonight. Kazarian says he was in the same position as Alexander even with the same injury, hospital and doctor and they talked to Alexander after his surgery. Swann says they are going to due this match for Alexander tonight and they don’t know how to feel about teaming up with Steve Maclin tonight.

We see a video package going over the history of Josh Alexander & Steve Maclin story ending with Maclin giving a smirk into the camera and saying ‘mayhem for all’.

KiLynn King (w/ Taylor Wilde) vs. Rosemary (w/ Jessicka) (Countdown to Sacrifice)

After Taya Valkyrie got written off on yesterday’s IMPACT, commentary brings up the dark magic causing the disappearance of Taya as she was dragged into a coffin trying to help Jessicka from dealing with the magic. Right away Rosemary starts biting away at KiLynn King, before they go spilling to the outside. Taylor Wilde gets involved on the outside attacking Rosemary, as King gets a two count. King stays in control until Rosemary stops her in the corner and puts her in the Upside Down, but King powers out and slams Rosemary back inside for a two count. Bit of a back and forth until King hits a missile dropkick for a two count. They go into a forearm exchange before knocking each other down with pump kicks. King comes back with a rolling senton, but misses a top rope senton. Rosemary climbs the top rope and hits a crossbody, but King comes right back. Wilde gets on the apron to distract Rosemary, as King hits her with a kick. Rosemary & Wilde get into it on the outside which distracts King long enough for Rosemary to hit the spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary by pinfall at 9:06

Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

Commentary brings up Mike Bailey’s big WrestleMania Weekend schedule including his match with Hiroshi Tanahashi at Multiverse United joint show with NJPW. Right away they quickly start running the ropes hitting arm drags until having a stand still as the crowd is behind Bailey. They lock up and start rolling around the mat, until eventually rolling up to the outside without breaking it up. Gresham hits a cheap shot to Bailey, but right away apologizes and shakes his hand and says it was a mistake. Gresham starts working on Bailey’s left arm and backs him up into the corner before taking him to the mat and start stretching him out in a leg lock. Bailey has to get the referee involved to break it up and starts having a shoving match with Gresham thinking there was malice in the way he was handled by him. Bailey comes back with a flurry of kicks, before sending Gresham to the outside where he meets him with a moonsault. They had back inside, where Gresham takes advantage and repeatedly slams Bailey’s left knee into the mat before he starts to pulling back on Bailey’s toes & foot before eventually working on his entire leg. Bailey makes a come back and hits a missile dropkick from the second rope. Bailey continues with more kicks and a running shooting star press for a two count. They go back and forth with waist locks until Gresham hits a DDT then follows another attack with a kick to Bailey’s left leg to stop his offense. They start trading kicks and strikes until Gresham ties up Bailey in a Figure Four but is able to roll over into the apron to break it up where Bailey sweeps Gresham and hits him with a backflip, dropping his knees into Gresham’s head. Bailey heads to the top rope, but Gresham stops him and drops him down onto the apron by his knee. They fight on the outside for a bit and both get inside right before the ten count. They go back and forth with pin attempts until Bailey lands a bunch of kicks, but misses Ultima Weapon. Gresham goes right into a Figure Four, but Bailey turns it right around as Gresham immediately taps out.

Winner: Mike Bailey by submission at 19:30

Forbidden Moose

Gia Miller is backstage with Brian Myers who said he will beat Joe Hendry for the Digital Media Title. Moose walks in and said he helped Myers win last night and will do the same. Santino Marella walks in and says he heard that and has forbidden Moose from going to the ring for the match.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Brian Myers

Joe Hendry gets a mic before the match and talks about the British Government sending someone to Canada to speak and this year it was him and he will give them a proper education by slapping Brian Myers’ face and the professors name is Joe Hendry. We see Darren McCarty formerly of the Detroit Red Wings sitting in the crowd, as Myers and Hendry take it to the outside right away and start brawling near McCarty. They keep brawling around the ring, as Hendry body slams Myers on the outside. They head back inside where Myers hits a Flatliner, before they both block each other’s finisher with Myers hitting a chop block to stop the momentum. Myers stays in control, hitting a suplex for a two count as the crowd gets behind Hendry chanting ‘we believe’.  Hendry mounts a comeback and hits a fall away slam and a cutter for a two count. Myers comes back with an implant DDT, which Hendry kicks out at two. Hendry dodges a Roster Cut, but Myers hits a spear for another two. Hendry tries to stop Myers on the top rope, but gets pushed off. As Myers jumps off, Hendry catches him with a cutter followed by the Standing Ovation for the pin.

Winner: Joe Hendry by pinfall at 8:50, to retain

The State of the Knockouts World Championship

We go backstage where Gia Miller is sitting down with Santino Marella and Mickie James and asks James’ about her status. James says not good and disappointed and it turns out that it’s a broken rib. It won’t be a long time but long enough that she can’t defend the Knockouts World Championship tonight and was warned by Jordynne Grace to not fight before and is disappointed. James confirms she won’t be able to defend at Multiverse United but hopes she would be good in time for Rebellion. Santino says how Jordynne Grace will face the winner of the match at Multiverse United (which they later confirm to be a four-way with Masha Slamovich, Deonna Purrazzo, Gisele Shaw & Miyu Yamashita) at Rebellion for the Knockouts World Championship, but if James is cleared by then, it becomes a triple threat.

Gisele Shaw (w/ Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

They start the match fast by running the ropes and having a flurry of pin attempts. They trade arm bar attempts, until Gisele Shaw ends up on the outside where Deonna Purrazzo hits her with a dropkick. Savannah Evans tries to get involved, but Deonna fights her off. As the referee is checking on Shaw, Evans takes Deonna down with a clothesline. Shaw stays in control with multiple pin attempts, as Deonna shows fatigue before she is finally able to stop Shaw with a neck breaker. They go back and forth with kicks, but Deonna is able to catch Shaw and puts her into the Koji Clutch, but Shaw gets out. Deonna calls for the Queen’s Gambit, but Shaw gets out and puts on a full nelson. They start trading blows with wrist control as the crowd boos and cheers along until Shaw hits Shock & Awe (backbreaker/faceplant combo) for a two count. Deonna blocks The Denouement attempt and puts on an arm bar that quickly turns into the Venus De Milo as Shaw submits.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by submission at 9:41

Tasha Steelz Returns

Savannah Evans jumps in and attacks Deonna after the match but Tasha Steelz makes her return and joins the ring. Steelz teases joining up with Evans, but attacks her from behind. Jai Vidal tries to get involved but Tasha fights them both off taking Vidal out with a DDT and a cutter.

Kenny King (w/ Eddie Edwards) vs. PCO

Kenny King comes out wearing a ‘Honor No More’ t-shirt and attacks PCO from behind before the bell rings. As King heads to the outside to take a breather, Eddie Edwards distracts PCO just for King to attack him from behind again. PCO starts going after Edwards on the outside, but King takes out PCO with a dive. Back inside, they go back and forth until PCO sends King to the outside. PCO teases diving, but starts ‘short circuiting’ and instead dives to the other side where there is no one on the outside. PCO gets right back up and does indeed dive onto King next. Back inside, PCO hits a DDT, a clothesline and a lung blower to King in the corner. PCO follows with a draped leg drop before setting up King on the apron. Edwards tries to stop him, but gets kicked off into the camera man. King follows this by tossing PCO off the top rope, making him bounce off the apron. King tosses PCO into the steel steps and starts exposing the floor where he hits PCO with a suplex and a Blue Thunder Bomb. PCO barely beats the ten count, as King gets a two count, followed by a snap suplex for another two. King follows with a frog splash, but PCO powers out and kicks out again. Edwards tosses in a kendo stick, but as the referee is distract, King smacks PCO’s back with a chair. King goes to use it again on PCO, but he punches it, knocking out King for the pin and the win.

Winner: PCO by pinfall at 10:38

Jody Threat

We see a video that Jody Threat is coming soon to IMPACT Wrestling.

We head to the back where Steve Maclin, Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian are in the locker room and says he didn’t want this to happen to Josh Alexander and says he wants to keep his eyes on KUSHIDA and they will get the job done tonight.

IMPACT X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Lince Dorado

They mention how this is Lince Dorado’s first match in IMPACT since 2013 when he was part of X-Travaganza One Night Only event. They start the match extremely fast, back and forth until Dorado sends Trey Miguel to the outside with a dropkick. They fight on the apron, where Miguel sends Dorado flying with a hurricanrana takedown before tossing him right back inside. As Miguel is hitting offense he’s talking trash out loud to Dorado and the crowd. Miguel puts on a half Boston Crab before turning it into a two count. Dorado sends Miguel off the apron with a dropkick before flying off the top rope onto him with a twisting splash. Back inside, Dorado hits a crossbody for a two count, followed by a power slam for another two. Dorado follows with moonsaults, but misses the third one. They go back and forth until Miguel hits a flurry of a kicks for a two count. They head to the top rope, where Dorado hits a hurricanrana, heads right back up and hits a shooting star press that he calls Lucha Lit, but Miguel rolls right to the outside. They fight in the corner where Miguel hits a springboard sunset powerbomb for a two count. They run the ropes a bit until Miguel hits a hurricanrana into a pin for the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 11:49, to retain


Gia Miller is backstage with TMDK as Shane Haste says he brought Bad Dude Tito for back-up and asked him if he wanted to win gold, as Tito says he’s a leprechaun and asked if the BULLET CLUB was still around, and they called them the ‘micro mini’ BULLET CLUB and they will see them next week at Multiverse United as well.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: BULLET CLUB (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) (c) vs. TMDK (Shane Haste & Bad Dude Tito)

Chris Bey and Bad Dude Tito start the match as this is Tito’s IMPACT debut. They start running the ropes, but Tito uses his strength to press slam Bey all the way to his corner where he tags out to Ace Austin. Shane Haste tags in and keeps Austin in his corner, while playing up his new ‘Hysterical’ tag line. Bey gets tagged in as they take out Tito from the apron and start double teaming on Haste. Haste tries a come back, but Austin hits a back rake. Haste is able to tag out to Tito who comes in and hits a standing Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. They keep Austin in their corner, as Haste tags right back in. Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt go back and forth as Rehwoldt tries to make a case on how everybody that’s part of TMDK is Australian. Austin tries to fight off Haste, and eventually hits him with a knee before tagging in Bey. Bey takes out Tito off the apron followed by a hurricanrana on Haste before diving onto Tito on the outside. Bey follows with the Finesser (draped leg drop) for a two count. Haste comes back with a Saito Suplex to Bey before tagging out to Tito. Tito comes in and hits a Gut Wrench power bomb to Austin for a two count, picks him up, but Bey helps out Austin. Haste sends Bey to the outside where Tito launches onto him. TMDK double team on Austin as Tito hits a frog splash on Austin, that Bey breaks up the pin for. They start double teaming on Tito, as there’s a very close three count that the crowd isn’t happy the referee didn’t count. All four start brawling in and out of the ring until Bey & Austin hit a double kick to Tito. They follow with the Art of Finesse and The Fold as Austin pins Tito for the win.

Winners: BULLET CLUB (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) by pinfall at 12:25, to retain

Busted Open Match: Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

This match is basically a first blood match, as Bully Ray comes out and rips up fans signs ringside. As Tommy Dreamer makes his entrance and goes to greet Darren McCarty, Bully attacks Dreamer from behind, going right after a chair to hit Dreamer with. Dreamer takes control and sends Ray and chairs into the ring to start the match. Dreamer also brings in a replica ECW World Championship title he got from the crowd and puts it in his corner, as they now both have chairs and start swinging away at each other. They head outside, where Dreamer attacks Bully with the ECW title. They keep fighting in the corner, until Bully grabs a beer and spits it into McCarty’s face before pie facing him down. McCarty tries to go after Bully, but security holds him back. They head back inside, where Bully uses a step ladder to mock the Superfly Splash, but Dreamer gets out of the way. Dreamer grabs a bag of thumbtacks and spills them on the mat. Dreamer tries a piledriver, but Bully gets out of the way and goes to grab a cheese grater. They fight in the corner, where Dreamer takes out the referee with a splash by accident. Dreamer goes right after Bully with the cheese grater. We cut to the outside where Bully is busted open, but the referee isn’t there to see it. The Good Hands (Jason Hotch and John Skyler) come out to help Bully, handing him a towel to wipe off the blood. Bully follows this by throwing thumbtacks into the eyes of Dreamer before trying to drive Dreamer’s face into them. Dreamer gets the cheese grater and tries to dig it into Bully’s face, but he starts pleading for him to not do it as Dreamer’s daughters are watching, just to hit Dreamer with a low blow. Bully smashes Dreamer’s arm into the tacks and sends him into the post. The Good Hands get the referee’s attention as Bully Ray is hiding and he sees Dreamer is busted open and stops the match.

Winner: Bully Ray at 11:13

Scott D’Amore Returns

The Good Hands bring a table into the ring, but Yuya Uemura comes out to stop them before being taken out by Bully Ray. Darren McCarty tries to get into the ring again, and Bully tells security to let him in. Bully and McCarty start to brawl until The Good Hands stop him and help Bully Ray put McCarty through the table with a powerbomb. Scott D’Amore makes his return and sends out Heath, Joe Hendry, Jonathan Gresham, Rhino & Mike Bailey to chase off Bully & the Good Hands. Jason Hotch tries to attack D’Amore from behind, but D’Amore takes him out with a Canadian Destroyer.


They announce that they will return here in St. Clair College in Windsor for Slammiversary on July 15th.

Steve Maclin, Frankie Kazarian & Rich Swann vs. Time Machine (KUSHIDA, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

KUSHIDA and Steve Maclin get right into each other’s faces as they’ll be battling for the vacant IMPACT World Title at Rebellion, but Rich Swann and Alex Shelley start the match as Shelley tries to put on an STF right away, but Swann grabs the ropes. They show a bit of sportsmanship before tagging out to Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian. They go back and forth a bit before KUSHIDA and Maclin finally tag in and face off and take it to the mat. Shelley comes in and they double team Maclin a bit. Swann comes in and starts kicking away at Shelley, but Shelley catches him into a single leg Boston Crab before KUSHIDA and Sabin all get involved as well, which causes Maclin to come in and take them out. Kazarian tries to calm down Maclin and tells him to go back to his corner, before going at it with Shelley. Time Machine continue to triple team Kazarian in their corner before KUSHIDA tags in and goes face to face with Maclin again. Maclin tosses Swann to Time Machine who beat him down. Shelley starts bending Swann’s fingers back as he screams in pain, before turning it into a pin attempt as Swann kicks out at two. Swann is able to fight them off and tag out to Kazarian who takes out all of Time Machine including a backstabber to KUSHIDA in the corner and two back to back springboard leg drops to the Motor City Machine Guns, before hitting a third one to KUSHIDA. All six men get in the ring and start going at it until Sabin and Shelley hit a Flatliner/dropkick combo on Kazarian for a two. Swann tags in and goes after Sabin in the corner and hits a hurricanrana for a two count. Shelley and Maclin tag in as everybody goes at it again. KUSHIDA tags in and starts kicking away at Maclin before hitting the palm strike. Maclin stops KUSHIDA’s Hoverlock attempt and puts him in the corner for the Crosshairs before tagging out to Kazarian. Kazarian hits a cutter on KUSHIDA followed by a springboard cutter from Swann. Swann goes to the top and hits the 450 splash for a two count on KUSHIDA. All six men come in again as Time Machine puts on triple submissions before Maclin breaks it all up. Time Machine starts triple teaming Maclin and send him to the outside before going after Swann. Maclin breaks it up again and tags himself in where he joins KUSHIDA on the top rope. All six go at it again with crazy offense until KUSHIDA gets monkey flipped onto Maclin to put on the Hoverboard Lock as Maclin taps out right away.

Winners: Time Machine (KUSHIDA, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) by submission at 21:55

I will say, its so weird that Impact is doing PPV’s in the same gym that I used to play basketball in lol. Ill give them credit though, they make it look good considering what it could look like.


@kliq Yeah I had never been to a show there before so I was questioning how it would be, but I walked in and was pleasantly surprised! I had a phenomenal time

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My campus just finished building a new 3,500 seat arena. I was hoping for an AEW taping, but in the time it took to build the thing, I think they outgrew us. Guess I’ll have to hope for TNA instead… or wait for another “New Gen” style collapse and maybe I can get a WWE show!

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