IMPACT Turning Point: Jonah debuts, Moose retains in Full Metal Mayhem

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IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point 2021

November 20th, 2021

By: John Siino

Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) def. Raj Singh & Rohit Raju by pinfall at 8:19 (FinJuice was supposed to face Decay’s Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve, but Matt Striker said they were ‘sent away to Wrestle House’)

IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) (w/ Rachael Ellering) def. Chelsea Green by pinfall at 8:14, to retain

Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Chris Sabin

Austin came out still wearing the ‘I Beat Chris Sabin’ shirt, and Sabin doesn’t like that. Austin teases Sabin to start the match, but Sabin comes back with a hammerlock that they trade-off. Sabin comes back with a couple of body slams and clotheslines Austin to the outside. Sabin goes to dive onto him, but Madman Fulton pushes him out the way, Austin still receives a punt kick from the apron by Sabin as they then transition to fighting on the outside. Back inside, Sabin hits a crossbody for a two-count before putting on a rear chin lock. Austin comes back with a suplex, and a leg drop for a two count. Austin continues to control Sabin, holding him in the corner with chops and a clothesline, before putting him on the top rope to kick him. Austin tries to do a hurricanrana, but Sabin stops him and hits a DDT himself followed by a missile dropkick to the back of Austin. They start trading kicks, with the last one knocking each other down. They fight in the corner, with Austin going for the pin and getting frustrated at the two, as he sets up for the Fold. Instead, Austin catches and drops Sabin and hits a helicopter leg drop from the top rope for another two. Sabin stops Austin on the top rope and hits a superplex for a two-count. Sabin goes on the top rope Fulton distracts the referee as Austin drops Sabin and tries a superplex of his own. Sabin breaks out of it and hits a hesitation dropkick while Austin is in a tree of woe, before diving out and taking out Fulton on the outside. Fulton throws a t-shirt in the ring, before snapping Sabin’s arm on the rope. Austin puts on the ‘I Beat Chris Sabin’ shirt, but Sabin catches him and hits the Cradle Shock before pinning him for the win and ripping the shirt off of Sabin on his way out.

Winner: Chris Sabin by pinfall at 12:59

Violent by Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) (w/ Deaner) vs. Rhino & Heath

Rhino and Young start the match, but Young immediately tags out to Doering. Rhino takes control then tags Heath who hits a forearm off the top rope. Young now tags in, as he and Heath trade arm drags. Heath goes to tag Rhino in, but Young again runs and tags out to Doering. Heath keeps Doering in the corner with a flurry of forearms until Deaner trips him up in the other corner. The referee ejects Deaner to the back, but Doering takes down Heath with a big clothesline as he is distracted. VBD keeps Heath in their corner tagging each other in and out as Rhino tries to get the crowd behind Heath. Young hits a top rope elbow drop for a two count. Heath tries to crawl over for the hot tag a couple of times, but Young keeps pulling him away. Eventually, Heath pushes off Young and makes the tag as Rhino and Young stare each other down. Rhino hesitates for a little before finally going on the attack, throwing Young into the corner, and hitting a shoulder block and a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count that Doering breaks up. Rhino goes for a piledriver on Doering, but Young hits Rhino with his mask and gets the pin.

Winners: Violent by Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) by pinfall at 7:45

Paying for Those Sins

Gia Miller was backstage with Eddie Edwards and asked about his long history with Moose. Edwards said it’s not the first or last time they do battle, but it’s Moose’s first World Title defense. Edwards has been in those shoes and doing anything you can to retain, and he’s also walked in as a challenger. Usually, challengers have the disadvantage, but in Full Metal Mayhem it’s different as anything goes. Edwards says Moose has done terrible things to get that title but tonight is the ‘turning point’ and Moose will pay for those sins at the hands of the new IMPACT World Champion.

VSK (w/ Zicky Dice) vs. Rich Swann (w/ Willie Mack)

VSK is replacing Brian Myers who isn’t medically cleared, but Matt Striker points out that VSK said it was a knee injury, Myers said it was elevated enzymes and Dice said something completely different. Swann right away takes VSK to the outside where he hits a superkick off the apron but misses the senton and hits the floor. VSK rams Swann against the apron and the steel steps before throwing him back inside where he gets a two count. Swann comes back with chops and punches, but VSK stops him with an uppercut and Irish whip into the corner. VSK hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Swann comes back with a neckbreaker and a step-over kick before hitting a rolling thunder splash for a two. Dice grabs Swann off the apron but gets knocked out by Mack. VSK hits a modified X-Factor off the ropes for a two-count, but Swann comes back with a high kick. VSK comes back with a lung blower but only gets two. Swann hits his springboard cutter and a frog splash for a two, quickly followed by another kick and the Phoenix Splash for the three count.

Winner: Rich Swann by pinfall at 6:11

Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey

Morrissey right away powers Cardona into the corner a couple times, but Cardona comes back with a dropkick, knocks Morrissey to the outside, and hits a neckbreaker on the floor. Morrissey grabs Cardona by the legs and swings him into the steel steps. Inside, Morrissey traps Cardona in the ropes and knocks him back out with a big boot. Cardona comes back right before the ten-count, but Morrissey jumps on him with punches before wrenching Cardona’s neck. Cardona goes to the top turnbuckle and hits his missile dropkick. They start trading strikes but Morrissey wins that battle and stands on Cardona’s neck. They go back and forth, with Cardona dodging Morrissey’s splash in the corner and hitting him with the Reboot followed by another boot knocking Morrissey to the outside. They fight on the outside, where Morrissey rams Cardona into the apron and the ring post before choke slamming Cardona on the edge of the apron and getting a two count. Morrissey goes for the powerbomb, but Cardona gets out goes for the Radio Silence, but Morrissey pushes him into the referee. Cardona does hit the Radio Silence, but the referee is still down and out. Cardona goes to help the referee up, but Moose runs in and hits the Lights Out spear on Cardona. Morrissey crawls over and drapes his arm on Cardona for the pin.

Winner: W. Morrissey by pinfall at 8:55

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship: The IInspiration (c) (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) vs. Decay (Rosemary & Havok)

The IInspiration came out with Harlem Heat-inspired gear. As soon as the bell rings Rosemary goes on the attack on Cassie Lee, as Havok attacks McKay on the outside. All four women continue fighting on the outside, with Decay having the upper hand. Rosemary and Lee the legal women go back inside, with Rosemary mounting Lee with punches before tagging Havok in. As the referee is distracted, McKay runs in and attacks Havok causing Lee to go for a couple of pin attempts before tagging in McKay. McKay keeps working on the arm of Havok that they have been targeting, before tagging in Lee who hits a double stomp onto it. Havok tries to fight off Lee and McKay, and when she finally does tag Rosemary in, the referee doesn’t see it and kicks Rosemary out. Havok splashes McKay and finally, tags in Rosemary who hits a sling blade on Lee followed by an exploder suplex. Rosemary puts on a submission on McKay, but she escapes by pulling on the hair and tagging in Lee. Lee tries to kick Rosemary but gets hit with a release German suplex. Havok comes in to go for the pin, but Lee grabs the rope. Lee and McKay double team on Rosemary including a boot/powerbomb combo to put Rosemary onto the floor. Havok tries to take them out, including a Samoan Drop on McKay for a two count. The IInspiration were able to outsmart Havok with McKay tossing her into the corner, where Lee hits her with a kick, and McKay pins Havok with her feet on the ropes, held by Lee for the pin.

Winners: The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) by pinfall at 10:20, to retain

I Beat Ace Austin

Gia Miller is backstage with Chris Sabin who has the ‘I Beat Chris Sabin’ shirt and he screams out ‘I Beat Ace Austin!’ really loud. He actually likes the shirt just not what it said and puts it on, and it says ‘I Am Chris Sabin’ with tape covering the ‘beat’ part.

IMPACT X Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid

Maclin goes to attack Miguel right away but gets double-teamed. Maclin hangs in there and is able to knock Miguel and Laredo to the outside, where they start brawling until Maclin takes out Miguel with a scud missile. Laredo followed with a 450 Splash off the apron to Maclin. Maclin grabs Laredo for an Electric Chair in which Miguel hits a hurricanrana to him. Maclin takes down Miguel followed by an elbow off the apron. Maclin and Laredo start brawling by the barricade, but Miguel flips onto Maclin. Back inside, Maclin stops Miguel in the corner followed by a powerbomb into a backbreaker for a two count. Laredo runs in, kicks Maclin followed by a dropkick. Laredo hits Maclin with a neckbreaker, knocking him to the outside where Laredo tries a hurricanrana, gets caught and hit with a powerbomb onto the apron by Maclin. Miguel hits Maclin with a flurry of kicks and a stunner on the ropes, as he tries to go for a split-legged moonsault but gets kicked and put into a tree of woe. Maclin grabs Laredo and uses him to hit the Crosshairs onto Miguel. Maclin knocks Laredo to the outside and goes for Mayhem For All on Miguel. Miguel escapes and he and Laredo start double-teaming Maclin, as Miguel gets a two count on Maclin. Miguel and Laredo start shoving each other before trading forearms. They start running back and forth between corners before Laredo goes for the Laredo Fly for the two-count, not before taking out Maclin with a Poison Rana. Laredo and Maclin go at it, with Laredo going to the top for the 450 Splash, but Maclin puts his knees up, hits the Mayhem for All but that gets broken up by a Meteora by Miguel. Miguel goes to pin both Laredo and Maclin, Maclin kicks out, but Laredo doesn’t, so Miguel gets the win. Miguel seems a bit upset though because he wanted to pin Maclin.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 8:52, to retain

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez

They start by locking up a couple times, until Mickie starts working on the wrist of Martinez who quickly takes Mickie down and into an ankle lock. They trade off submission attempts with Mickie standing up first. They trade off waist locks and hammerlocks before Mickie throws Mercedes down. They keep working on each other’s wrists until Mercedes knocks Mickie down with one hard forearm. Mickie comes back with a kick for a two count before chopping Mercedes in the corner before Mercedes hits a buckle bomb for a two count. Mercedes hits a Fisherman’s Buster, but this pin gets broken up by Mickie grabbing the bottle rope. Mercedes keeps attacking Mickie while yelling her name, but Mickie turns it quickly into an arm breaker attempt, followed by a couple of kicks and a dropkick knocking Mercedes into the corner. Mickie calls for the DDT, but Mercedes reverses it into an Air Raid for a two-count. Mercedes tries to go for a Razor’s Edge, but Mickie escapes out but still gets hit with a Half & Half Suplex for a two count. They go to the top rope where Mercedes hits a Spider German Suplex for a two count. Mercedes puts on the surfboard into a Dragon Sleeper attempt, but Mickie fights out hitting a short-armed DDT. Mickie goes for her DDT, and after a couple attempts finally hits it for the pin.

Winner: Mickie James by pinfall at 9:28, to retain

As soon as the bell rings, Deonna Purrazzo runs out and attacks Mickie James, putting on the Venus de Milo and hitting a piledriver. Deonna gets on the mic and says she wants a rematch and she’ll get back her Knockouts Championship at Hard to Kill.

Knockouts Ultimate X

Gia Miller is backstage with Scott D’Amore and asks him if the match at Hard to Kill is official, and D’Amore says the Knockouts Championship match is official and there will be someone waiting for them. D’Amore says they have done a lot of firsts and there will be another one at Hard to Kill to crown the #1 Contenders for the Knockouts Championship they will have a Knockouts Ultimate X match.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo)

Karl Anderson and Chris Bey start this match with them training leapfrogs and roll throughs ending with Bey stepping on Anderson’s hands, hitting him with a dropkick, and tagging in Hikuleo. Bey comes back right back in as Anderson tags out to Gallows. Bey out speeds Gallows, hitting him with a dropkick and tagging in Hikuleo as it’s now big lads wrestling. Bey comes in and easily gets taken to the outside where Anderson starts attacking him before Gallows pulls Bey back in by his hair. Good Brothers double team Bey and keep him in their corner, while this Las Vegas crowd is firmly behind Bey. Hikuleo starts attacking Anderson on the outside, including ramming him back first into the ring post. Bey joins in and starts choking out Anderson with his boot before they head back inside where Bey gets a two. Hikuleo tags in and splashes Anderson in the corner followed by a power slam for a two. Bey comes in but gets hit with a big spinebuster by Anderson. Gallows and Hikuleo both tag in and try to knock each other down with shoulder blocks and boots, Hikuleo starts screaming that ‘they are the real Bullet Club’, until Gallows hits a sidekick as they both fall down. Bey and Anderson tag back in and Bey hits a dropkick off the top rope followed by kicks and a bulldog as Gallows and Hikuleo are going at it outside. Bey goes for the Art of Finesse but gets knocked down by Gallows. Anderson sneaks in and rolls up Bey for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) by pinfall at 7:43, to retain

Throwback Throwdown II

They announced on December 18th, it’ll be Throwback Throwdown II live from Louisville, Kentucky, and presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Jonah Rocks Josh

Josh Alexander’s music hits as commentary mentions how this is unscheduled. Alexander heads into the ring, grabs a microphone as the crowd starts chanting ‘rematch’ and ‘get the belt back’. Alexander mentions how two days ago he beat the Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki, he should be happy but he’s not because, since Bound for Glory, Scott D’Amore has been telling him he has to get his emotions under control. Alexander admits he’s angry for what Moose did to his family at Bound for Glory, that he’s wearing street clothes right now and not facing Moose in the main event tonight. Even though he’s angry he’s focused on Moose and he’s going to pull up a seat for the main event and win, lose or draw he’s going to get his hands on Moose, and one way or another he’ll have that IMPACT World Championship again. The lights start to flicker a bit as Jonah’s music and name flashes on the screen, not before Jonah attacks Alexander from behind followed by sentons and a big splash off the top rope. Security comes out to try and stop Jonah, but he takes them all out. Jonah stands over Alexander as he’s bleeding from the mouth. Jonah starts leaving then runs back in and hits another splash on Alexander as the referees get out of the way at the last second. Jonah takes Alexander’s blood and marks it over his t-shirt that says, ‘top dog’.

IMPACT World Championship Full Metal Mayhem Match: Moose (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Tables, ladders, chairs, and more weapons surround this ring as the crowd seems torn. They go right at each other trading flurries of forearms with Edwards getting the final one. They transition into chops now then back to forearms as this back and forth goes on for the first three minutes before Edwards hits a Snap German followed by a back body drop over the top rope with Moose landing through a table, breaking it. Edwards grabs a trash can and slams it onto the back of Moose. Edwards goes for a dive, but Moose stops him with a baking sheet, Edwards tries it again this time connecting the dive. Edwards stacks up a bunch of the baking sheets and cracks them over the head of Moose, followed by another one. Moose is able to catch Edwards and powerbombs him onto the ramp. Moose grabs a chair and starts choking Edwards with it before throwing him back inside. Moose tries to powerbomb Edwards off the apron onto a table, but Edwards fights out of it. They end up fighting it out on the apron until Edwards hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Edwards grabs a drink from a fan, chugs it down, and throws a chair onto Moose. Edwards tosses a ladder onto Moose before tossing it inside the ring. Moose comes back by power bombing Edwards on the apron, followed by a second one this one on top of tables. Moose tosses another ladder into the ring and sets them up with one standing up and the other wedged between the standing ladder and the corner. Moose goes back up and wedges Edwards neck in a chair and throws him into the ring post. They go back inside where Moose misses a chair shot with Edwards following back with a couple trash can lid shots to the head of Moose. Edwards places Moose on the trapped ladder, climbs the other ladder, but Moose quickly joins him at the top and teases a superplex. Edwards fights back though by smashing Moose’s face on the top of the ladder and hits a sunset flip powerbomb to Moose on top of the ladder, but both men seem to have gotten hurt by that. Edwards goes for the pin, but Moose kicks out at two. Edwards gets up with a limp as his leg got trapped during that sunset flip powerbomb. Edwards sets up a ladder against the corner and grabs a steel chain from under the ring that has a roll of tape at the end of it. Edwards starts wrapping the chain around his knee with the tape, goes for the Boston Knee Party but Moose catches him and hits the uranage. Edwards slowly gets up and blocks Moose’s Lights Out attempt and hits him with knee strikes and a Tiger Driver. Edwards sets up for another Knee Party, but Moose catches him again, powerbombs him against the ladder, but Edwards bounces back, hits a partial Boston Knee Party and only gets a two count. Moose goes under the ring and finds a Kendo stick as Edwards takes the chain off his knee and grabs a Kendo stick of his own. They go inside and start trading shots from the sticks ending with headshots knocking each other down. W. Morrissey makes his way down to the ring and hits Edwards with a boot. Morrissey picks up Edwards and holds him up as Moose hits the Lights Out Spear. As the referee goes for the pin, Matt Cardona runs out and pulls him away. Cardona and Morrissey go out at it and start brawling on the outside all the way to the back. Inside, Edwards hits a Kendo stick shot and a Kobashi DDT for a two count. Edwards grabs a pair of scissors from under the ring and starts cutting the bungee cords off the canvas of the ring. Edwards starts exposing the wood from under the mat and goes for the Tiger Driver onto the wood, but Moose escapes, hits a low blow and a uranage on top of the wood. Edwards slowly gets up and Moose hits him with the Lights Out Spear for the pin.

Winner: Moose by pinfall at 31:34, to retain

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