Impact Wrestling Notes from Saturday's Taping

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Impact Wrestling held their fourth night of tapings on Saturday at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

These episodes will not be airing for a long time with this week’s set of tapings airing throughout the next three months.

Saturday’s tapings featured the announcement that the promotion will be holding an event called “Impact Redemption” on Sunday, April 22nd and is expected to air on pay-per-view. The main event of that show will feature Austin Aries defending the Impact Wrestling title against Alberto Del Rio.

Saturday’s taping also featured the return of the “Feast or Fired Match” with the following briefcases handed out:
-Moose: Impact title shot
-Petey Williams: X division title shot
-Eli Drake: Impact tag title shot
-Ethan Carter III: Fired

EC 3 was expected to be finishing up with the promotion at this week’s tapings, although based on the television schedule his “firing” won’t air on Impact for quite a while.

Matt Sydal is the Grand champion but is turning heel with Josh Mathews being paired with Sydal as his “spiritual advisor”. They appear to be retiring the Grand championship as it was presented by Sydal to Mathews as a gift.

Impact continues their schedule with tapings on Sunday and Monday at Universal Studios.

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So many tapings… but it didn’t really sink in till John said it won’t air for a long time.


Impact Redemption is an okay name for a PPV and Aries and Del Rio is a fresh match up. Say what you will about Alberto but dude goes hard in the ring.

There had to be a better way to cash out the Grand Title.

Couldn’t do Aries and the champion… title vs title have Aries win then vacate it. Then you either retire it or retool it.

Do you really need Josh as a heel again? Unless the plan is to get him out of commentary… Then who do you replace him with? Rich from NOW?

And who is Josh spiritually advising? Unless it’s advice on how to get tale WAY out of your league… I just don’t get it.

This move is very, very suspect Scott and Don.

I know this is a marathon and not a sprint, but damn if this doesn’t look like the new administration just exchanged shoes with the previous ones.

A heel Matt Sydal is an odd choice given his exciting, high-flying style. Reminds me of when they made A.J. Styles a heel in the early days even though everyone really wanted to cheer for him. But I don’t know if Sydal is over like that these days, I guess, because I haven’t seen him in a while.

Sydal is a bit of a dick IRL, so he’s probably just playing up that side of his personality.

Sydal has been a heel in ROH but it wasn’t for long and Larry Sweeney carried the bulk of the heat.

Literally heard that from absolutely no one else ever and never got that impression from him in interviews. Seems like a proper chill dude.

It’s weird. He’s done some really cool stuff like pay his own to a UK show when his flight got messed up but he’s also done stuff like accuse ACH of being unoriginal, making Rob Naylor feel uncomfortable in that infamous HighSpots interview and no-showing bookings whilst expecting to keep his fee.

Also, we all know Pollock just LOVES to interview him…