Impact Wrestling on Twitch

Check out what they’ve got lined up for Monday nights…

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I was dreading the day to see when Anthem brought back The LAW and who would replace the guys who got replaced, but I think JB could do a really good job of it. I’m sure it won’t be the same at all, Not quite sure why they kept the same name but I hope JB continues the great work LAW did before.

As someone who doesn’t use twitch but is aware it is an app I have a question. Is this a free streaming channel or subscription channel. I take some unbridge with them branding the Borash show the LAW. No reason to do that. It clearly isn’t the LAW. I know anthem controls the rights but it’s a slap in the face to long time listeners as this is a different medium (streaming video vs audio) and assumably a Impact focused show as opposed to a wrestling/MMA show.

Afaik every Twitch channel is for free, but they channel can be supported by subscriptions (as a Amazon prime customer you get one free subscription) and donations. As a sub you get special icons and such but not special content. It’s mainly a platform for gamers, but HoH and AAA used Twitch for some events.

Until they’re paying ME to watch Impact, hard hard pass.

Been quite enjoying it so far, the mix of the older PPV shows and newer content is exactly what I would prefer from the WWE Network 24/7 stream, rather than countless repeats throughout the week. 2004-2006 TNA really was a great product.

Watching it now and really enjoying it. I never saw these pay per views first run. While you see signs of terrible booking (anything with jarrett) a lot of the matches underneath are terrific with future stars.

Will The LAW be the same? No, but JB has always been the most respectable part of Impact. The OG LAW crew could have been used in different ways by Anthem, but as John said, he really wanted something of his own. Much deserved opportunity.

Jericho saved Impact for me. Callis & D’Amore are the right guys to lead the company, when the whole industry is shifting in 2018.

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