IMPACT Wrestling: Qualifying matches for 'Under Siege', ELP coming

Originally published at IMPACT WRESTLING: Qualifying matches for 'Under Siege', ELP coming

IMPACT! Wrestling

April 29th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT! – James Storm (w/ Chris Sabin) def. Deaner (w/ Eric Young, Joe Doering & Rhino) by pinfall at 10:19

Pull Some Strings

We start the show with the entire IMPACT roster outside of Scott D’Amore’s office. D’Amore comes out and understands that everybody wants a title shot against Kenny Omega, and tells everyone to head to the ring as he’s about to address it. As the roster leaves, Don Callis exits from D’Amore’s office and tells D’Amore ‘good job addressing the wolves at the door’, D’Amore tells Callis to get Kenny Omega ready for the in-ring celebration, Callis said he is through Zoom, D’Amore says that won’t cut it, and the contract was clear. Kenny Omega has to be here in person, if not, and D’Amore and Tony Khan both agreed that not only would Omega be stripped of the IMPACT World Title but suspended from both companies. Callis says how he is supposed to make Omega get there physically on such short notice, D’Amore tells Callis he’s the Invisible Hand so pull some strings and make it happen.

Six-Way Setup

After the intro, we see Scott D’Amore in the ring while the IMPACT roster is surrounding outside. D’Amore says this past Sunday was historic for the entire wrestling industry, and as everyone is aware we have a new world champion in Kenny Omega, and congratulations, and he also tips his hat to Rich Swann and his performance. Traditionally, when someone loses their title they get an automatic rematch, but since this was a unique one-night winner-take-all situation, there was no rematch clause. So now we have to figure out a number one contender, so on May 15th at Under Siege, there will be a six-way match to determine the number one contender for Kenny Omega. Now if Omega doesn’t make it tonight before the show ends, that six-way becomes a match to crown the IMPACT World Champion. Callis is working at getting Omega there tonight, but either way, the stakes at Under Siege could not be bigger. D’Amore appreciates all the people here trying to bring the IMPACT World Title home, so that’s why within the next two weeks they will be doing six qualifying matches to determine who’s in the six-way at Under Siege. They often say there’s no time like the present so he calls in Jake Something and tells him Jake has always had the raw ability and the passion, but this last little while he has been showing that to the entire world. He knows Jake is ready, so we are going to kick off the show with Jake Something vs. this guy, and we hear the music of a returning Chris Bey as he heads to the ring.

Under Siege Qualifying Match: Jake Something vs. Chris Bey

The roster sticks around outside the ring as these two men lock up. Bey starts jumping and dodging Something before Something finally grabs and tosses Bey around. Bey says he is faster and can outsmart Jake but runs right into Jake. They take it to the apron, but Bey escapes from a suplex and hits a flying elbow with Jake on the ropes for a two-count. Bey starts landing elbows, but Jake fights back. Bey hits another elbow and kick, and a flying forearm for a two count. Bey tries to springboard but gets taken down twice by Jake and Jake continues with strikes and punches followed by a powerbomb attempt, but Bey escapes until Jake finally lands a sit-out powerbomb for a two. Bey escapes again and hits a sunset flip for a two-count. Bey goes to springboard again, gets caught, they trade escapes until Jake hits a rolling clothesline followed by another attempt. Bey holds on to the ropes and escapes to the apron. Jake goes to grab him and tosses him across to the other side of the ring. Rohit Raju goes and grabs Jake’s leg, as Bey runs into him with a flying dropkick, rolls him up, and pins with his legs on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Chris Bey by pinfall at 6:03, to advance

Acting Like a Jackyl

All throughout that match, Striker & D’Lo check their phone for an update on Omega’s location as we go to the back where we see Don Callis on his phone with Omega. He tells him he has to get here as it’s in the contract and take the jet as he’ll be here in half an hour or less with it. Sami Callihan walks in and calls Callis by his old name, the Jackyl as that’s what he is. Everything Callis and Omega have been planning might go up in smoke. Callis asked what’s even wrong with Sami and this is none of his business. Sami threatens Omega and says you don’t know when or where, but he’s coming for what’s his.

IMPACT Palooza

Gia Miller goes and talks to Taylor Wilde who’s getting ready for her first match on IMPACT in 10 years and asks her how she’s feeling. Wilde says like the last 10 years of being retired feels like it never happened, and she’s back main staging here home at IMPACT Palooza. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K walk in and Tenille says she’s still looking for a tag partner and didn’t expect Wilde to have this massive return just to be her partner and they call it fate. Wilde says that’s not why she’s here, she’s gunning for Deonna Purrazzo and the Knockouts Title. Tenille misinterprets that as them going for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Wilde says no, and walks away.

Next Week’s Under Siege Qualifying Matches

  • Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju (w/ Shera)
  • Moose vs. James Storm
  • Rhino vs. Chris Sabin

Sam Beale vs. W. Morrissey

They mention that Beale wasn’t booked for Rebellion, but still came to look and learn. Morrissey gets on the mic and says that people may recognize his face but people don’t know who he is or anybody in the back. They don’t love or care about the fans and they are very bad people. The entire industry is filled with bad people. The only difference between them and him is he’s not afraid to admit it as he goes and splashes Beale in the corner. Morrissey hits a couple of punches as Beale tries to fight back and gets knocked down. Morrissey puts Beale in the corner just to kick him in the stomach. Morrissey hits a short-arm clothesline followed by a powerbomb for the pin.

Winner: W. Morrissey by pinfall at 1:35

Backstage Interviews

Gia Miller is in the back with Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan and asks about the return of Taylor Wilde. Lee mentions the keyword in Wilde’s description is ‘former champion’. Wilde had the audacity to attack all three of them, so tonight Lee will not only beat Wilde but she’ll do it with two of her best friends by her side. Deonna said tonight is the perfect opportunity for just Lee and Susan to go out there as Deonna will stay back here and watch. Gia asks Deonna if there’s a reason for that, and that sets off Deonna about Gia accusing her of not wanting to face Wilde and she’s defeated everyone on that roster. As she goes to walk away, Havok blocks her and stares her down as Deonna looks worried.

Back from the commercial, Gia Miller is with Willie Mack and asks about W. Morrissey having animosity towards Mack. Mack says he doesn’t understand Morrissey’s action and doesn’t understand everybody coming in and taking it out on him. Mack challenges W. Morrissey to a match at Under Siege and says they will handle things like men and put in that work.

Kimber Lee (w/ Susan) vs. Taylor Wilde

The match starts quickly with Lee hitting a dropkick and starts chopping Wilde in the corner. Wilde comes back with a pair of arm drags hits a dropkick for a two-count. Wilde attempts a sharpshooter, but Lee escapes as we go to the commercial.

When we come back Lee is stomping Wilde in the corner before applying a submission that Wilde tries to reverse for a pin attempt. Lee keeps at it by stomping Wilde and applying a modified Cobra Clutch. Lee tries a suplex, but Wilde escapes and tries to apply another submission, but Lee grabs the ropes and knocks Wilde down as Susan takes off her shoe and digs it into the face of Wilde. Wilde fights back as they trade strikes, with Wilde knocking Lee down with a pair of clotheslines and tries a Mouse Trap for a two. Lee lands kicks for a two-count of her own. Lee jumps off the top rope but misses a Senton, as Wilde applies a modified Indian Death Lock for the submission win.

Winner: Taylor Wilde by submission at 6:11 (plus commercials)

Susan attacks Wilde right after, but Tenille Dashwood runs out to help Wilde who doesn’t seem to accept the help from Tenille.

Sacked Lunch

Back from the commercial, Gia Miller stops Scott D’Amore asking for an update about Kenny Omega. D’Amore says this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve dealt with a difficult world champion, so regardless there will still be this six-way at Under Siege. Moose interrupts and asks why he has to go through all these hoops to get the World Title, and says no one else on this roster is a 5-star athlete. D’Amore says since he is, it should be a warmup to get through this qualifying match and Moose should be thanking him. Moose grabs D’Amore and says just because of their relationship, doesn’t mean he won’t hurt him or anybody else to get what’s rightfully his. James Storm walks in and asks if he’s interrupting here, Storm himself wanting to pop D’Amore’s head off when he was in Team Canada feuding with America’s Most Wanted, but now he’s the EVP and you can’t do that anymore. So next week, they will dance and hands Moose a sacked lunch as that’s what Storm’s grandfather told him to do once upon a time, and since Moose is big he gives him two. Moose gives them to D’Amore and says this is his fault.

IMPACT X Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton)

They lock up to start the match as Striker & D’Lo continue to say there’s no update on Omega. They trade off waist locks until Alexander hits a Northern Lights Bridge for a two count. Alexander hits a backbreaker for 1 count before landing some knees and chops in the corner. Austin comes back with kicks and pin attempts before he starts stomping and stepping on Alexander in the corner. Austin reverses for a jackknife pin attempt followed by elbows being rained down on the ribs of Alexander. Austin takes out his card and gives Alexander a paper cut between his fingers. Austin tries to springboard off the apron, but Alexander stops him as they fight on the top rope where Austin hits a hurricanrana but misses a kick and runs into the Chaos Theory suplex by Alexander. They trade kicks until Alexander hits a form of an airplane spin into a powerbomb for a pin attempt. Alexander tries to lift Austin who hits a jumping knee strike followed by a kick in the corner, but Alexander stops him and puts him into a knee lock. They counter a bit until Austin hits a big kick to the side of the head for a 2 count. Austin starts stomping Alexander in the corner, but Alexander holds on to the ropes to block Austin from whipping him. Alexander hits a big punch to knock Austin out and tries a move on the apron that Austin blocks. They fight on the apron a bit more until Alexander hits a Timber Slam right on the apron. Fulton tries to fight Alexander, but Alexander throws Fulton right to the steps to take him out. Back inside, Austin sets up Alexander for the fold but ends up hitting a splash off the top for a 2 count. Austin goes for Divine Intervention of his own but Alexander catches a diving Austin into a powerbomb onto his knee right into an ankle lock that Austin taps out immediately on.

Winner: Josh Alexander by submission at 11:15, to retain

Dino Loves Driving

We go back to Don Callis who’s still on the phone with Kenny and asks him what the ‘wheels down’ time is for the plane. Johnny Swinger and Hernandez interrupt him and Swinger says he’s a bit short on the $20,000 that he owes Callis for the match. Swinger says things are tough as Hernandez needs his muscle shakes. Callis says he doesn’t care and shoos them away before calling them back and asking if they have a car as he needs a favor. And if they can do this for him they will be squared up for the money Swinger owes them. Callis asks Swinger if he has a stooge to pick up Kenny Omega at a private airfield. Swinger says ‘Dino loves driving’ and to page him the address, as Callis is confused about the paging. Callis tells Kenny that someone is coming, although they will be an idiot and a moron.

You’ve Got a Match with Me

Gia Miller is backstage with the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Grace says that Ellering was the missing piece she needed to win the titles. Ellering says Jazz helped find the perfect fit as Fire ‘n Flava interrupt. They mention beating Grace too many times before and Ellering is the true star and could have done this without Grace. Tasha calls Grace a ‘big ass Buzz Lightyear who found her Woody’, Ellering asks ‘Cardi B’ and ‘Cardi C’ what they are going to do. Tasha says at Under Siege they get a rematch and will take their titles back.

Under Siege Qualifying Match: Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

Myers runs out and attacks Cardona before the bell even rings and they fight on the barricade, including a Russian Leg Sweep from Cardona before throwing Myers inside the ring as the match starts. Myers stops Cardona and goes right after the injured knee as Striker and D’Lo keep talking about Omega’s status as Striker keeps getting upset they can’t focus on the match although he keeps bringing up Omega. Myers lands on the outside, as Cardona hits a basement dropkick, but his injured knee stops him in his tracks. Myers uses the steel steps to further damage Cardona’s knee as they go to commercial.

Back and in the ring, Myers hits a back body drop for a two count. Myers uses the apron now to further attack Cardona’s knee as Brandon Tolle asks Cardona if he wants to continue. Myers wraps Cardona’s knee around the steel post and smacks it against the post. Cardona pulls Myers into the post, and back inside hits a dropkick to Myers off the middle rope. Myers hits a jumping DDT for a two count as Myers asks if this is what Cardona wants. Cardona comes back with a Sky High for a two count. Myers tries to come back but runs into the Radio Silence as Cardona gets the pin.

Winner: Matt Cardona by pinfall at 6:49 (plus commercials), to advance

Eliciting Rage & Violence

Violence by Design with a video where Eric Young says disappointment can deceive you, make you think things, do things and choose the wrong path, but they aren’t going to do that. There’s no shame in losing to James Storm, and this war they are fighting for is a long way from being over. When the stakes are highest, that’s when the sickness is at its strongest. Disappointment can elicit rage and violence, and next week Rhino can write his wrong and advance to the six-way at Under Siege. What you see here is 100% belief and if you don’t believe in that, you’re dead to them and to yourself.

The Head Banga

We see a quick video promoting El Phantasmo coming to IMPACT Wrestling next week, representing New Japan Pro Wrestling and Bullet Club.

Under Siege Qualifying Match: Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

D’Lo and Striker keep looking at their watches counting down the minutes that Omega has to show up. They start the match by trying to take each other down with Callihan hitting a suplex knocking Edwards to the outside, but they switch off until Edwards hits a suicide dive to go to the commercial.

Back in the ring, Edwards starts punching Callihan in the corner, but Callihan escapes and digs in the face of Edwards in the corner. They start smacking each other until Callihan applies a chokehold. Callihan goes for a standing crossface like submission, but Edwards punches his way out and hits a stunner, kicks Callihan in the top rope, and hits a hurricanrana. They trade off chops until Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two-count. Edwards runs to Callihan, who hits a powerbomb. As Callihan sets Edwards up, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson & Kenny Omega come out and start attacking both men with Don Callis by their side to end the match.

Winner: Match ends in a no contest at 6:02

The Good Brothers hit Magic Killers on both Edwards and Callihan and held up Callihan for Omega, but they were stopped by David Finlay and Juice Robinson. Omega and the Good Brothers take out FinJuice before Don Callis gets in the ring with a microphone. Callis says this company and the fans at home wanted a celebration. You wanted the greatest wrestler of the last 20,000 years here in the building. You got it tonight, and what a great way to celebrate by beating these punks and to enjoy your IMPACT World Champion. Funny moment to end the show, as Karl Anderson exits to the back prematurely and Gallows, Callis and Omega stand by the entrance to pose with Omega mouthing ‘Where’s Karl at?’