IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: #1 Contenders Battle Royal, Kiera Hogan's farewell

Originally published at IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: #1 Contenders Battle Royal

IMPACT! Wrestling

August 12th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before the IMPACT! – Sam Adonis def. Joeasa by pinfall at 8:51

Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. Taylor Wilde

This stems from the fact ‘Kevin with a K’ called Border Patrol on Taylor Wilde stopping her from coming to the U.S. Wilde takes control working on the left arm of Tenille ending with an arm drag that throws Tenille to the corner. Tenille goes back to work on Wilde including a couple of headlocks. They end up trading offense back and forth ending with Taylor hitting a head scissors sending Tenille to the outside where she regroups with Kaleb. Tenille takes her time and tries to come in using Kaleb’s camera bag, but the referee takes it away, as Kaleb tries to trip Taylor by the ropes. Taylor goes outside to chase him, but he complains he has a neck brace on. Tenille goes out to attack Taylor, as they go back inside, Kaleb holds Taylor’s leg again, but she kicks him off, but distracted, gets hit with a neckbreaker on the ropes that Tenille gets a two count from. Kaleb continues to taunt and distract Taylor, as the crowd chants ‘Let’s get Wilde!’. Taylor fights Tenille off but gets hit with a hard clothesline and a suplex that both get two counts. Tenille hits a suplex to Taylor onto the corner followed by her low crossbody for another two. Wilde comes back with clotheslines and dropkicks, ending with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Wilde tries to go for the cover, but Kaleb pulls Tenille off. Taylor grabs Kaleb by the hair, but he goes to spray hairspray onto her but sprays the referee instead. As Wilde goes to attack Kaleb by the neck, Madison Rayne returns, attacking Wilde, causing Tenille to hit the Spotlight kick for the pin.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood by pinfall at 9:53

After the match, Madison and Tenille stare at each other down before eventually laughing and hugging as Kaleb takes a picture of them.

Battle Royal Hype

We see a promo for tonight’s 20-man battle royal with all the participants speaking. Sami Callihan doesn’t care if there are 15,000 people in it and Johnny Swinger is going to eliminate ham & eggers the same way he eliminated Andre the Giant at the Garden. Petey Williams says we’ll see 19 Canadian Destroyers and Ace Austin is going to become the youngest world champion in IMPACT history. Brian Myers tells Sam Beale to take notes and Rich Swann is going to burst that bubble and party all night long. Willie Mack apologies to his friend Swann, as it’s his turn now.

Daivari vs. Josh Alexander

Non-title match here with the stipulation being if Daivari gets the win, he’ll earn an X-Division Title shot. They start the match working on each other’s arms, but Daivari starts smacking Alexander’s head, as that gets him upset putting Daivari in the ankle lock, but Daivari escapes reaching the ropes as the fans chant ‘Walking Weapon’. Daivari comes back chopping Alexander in the corner but runs into an elbow and a big boot from Alexander. Jake Something comes out and stares down Alexander as we go to a commercial.

When we come back, Alexander hits a backbreaker on Daivari for a two count. Alexander hits a cross body on the apron sending them both to the outside as Something is still watching from the stage distracting Alexander who gets hit with a sliding dropkick. Daivari starts fighting Alexander on the outside, tossing him against the table and barricade. Back inside, Daivari starts working on the back and neck of Alexander. They trade a bit more offense before Alexander hits a big splash and an exploding suplex. Daivari tries to put a waist lock on Alexander, but he switches it into the ankle lock. Daivari tries a schoolboy with his legs on the rope and then a DDT for a two. Alexander hits three German suplexes followed by the C4 spike piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Josh Alexander by pinfall at 6:26 (plus commercials)

Jake Something runs into the ring and takes the X-Division title from the referee and stares down Alexander before pushing the title onto him and staring him down.

Rampage Main Event

We get a hype video for tomorrow’s IMPACT World Title match on Rampage between Kenny Omega and Christian Cage including Tony Schiavone who says Cage is undefeated and red hot, but he doesn’t see anybody defeating Omega especially with The Elite. Sami Callihan chimes in and say he thinks Christian will win and he should thank him because he softened Omega up. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton say it doesn’t matter who wins because whoever does, comes back with a target on their back. Deonna Purrazzo says until Tony Khan gives her a call to defend her Knockouts Title on AEW television, she doesn’t really care about anything that AEW is doing. Matt Cardona says it doesn’t matter to him who wins, because he’s here in IMPACT for the IMPACT World Championship. Jim Ross says no matter what happens, the IMPACT World Title will come back in some form or fashion to AEW. Brian Myers says whoever wins this match will become a loser to him because he will win the battle royal.

Who’s the Hoss?

The Good Brothers backstage and Doc Gallows say that IMPACT has belonged to them since Slammiversary as they won the IMPACT Tag Team titles, they are running amuck, and that momentum isn’t changing anytime soon so they can now talk Emergence. Karl Anderson says they are putting their titles on the line against Willie Mack & Rich Swann and Violent by Design, and if it wasn’t for VBD this match wouldn’t have been a triple threat, as they lost to Swann and Mack. Violent by Design walks in and Eric Young says they will take back what belongs to them, the power and control of IMPACT Wrestling, this place doesn’t belong to the Good Brothers, it belongs to VBD. Gallows asks which duo they are getting, Rhino who they beat, Deaner with his stupid mohawk or the 6’7 hoss Joe Doering as Gallows and Doering get into each other’s faces. Gallows says if Doering wants to see who the real big hoss of IMPACT is they can fight next week and Young agrees on Doering’s behalf.

Extinguishing the Fire

Kiera Hogan came to the ring to address what happened to her last week as the fans clapped for her. She starts by saying Fire ‘N Flava was supposed to be better than that and goes to address the ‘salty flavor’ in her mouth that is Tasha Steelz. Kiera thought she was a real one and that she understood her more than anyone, but instead, she got her ‘big goofy ass friend’ to do her dirty work for her. Kiera says, ‘if you want it, you can get it tho’, quoting the theme song and tells Tasha and her goofy ass friend to come out so she can send them packing. Instead, Su Yung’s music comes out as she comes out with Kimber Lee and her new ‘undead’ look. Lee gets into the ring, screams, and starts attacking Hogan. Hogan comes back with a superkick, but Su Yung pulls out her raggedy glove, as she’s doing this, Kimber Lee mimics her and puts the mandible claw on Hogan. Yung instructs Kimber to drag Hogan by the hair all the way back, possibly us seeing the last of Kiera Hogan.

Sabotage, Subterfuge, Skullduggery, and Machiavelli’s Machinations

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are backstage and aren’t happy with what’s going on lately. Callis says they are manipulating IMPACT and put their title on Kenny, and everybody is jealous but now IMPACT is trying to screw them with this battle royal and following them to AEW and making him fight Christian Cage for the IMPACT title. Callis calls this a joke, sabotage, and subterfuge on a colossal level. Omega says it’s skullduggery as well. Callis says Tony Khan and Scott D’Amore are in cahoots for having their egos bruised and they are trying to do their backstage machinations. Callis says he wrote the book, and to not talk to him about Vince McMahon, Bill Watts, Eddie Graham, Paul Heyman, Verne Gagne as he wrote the book of Machiavelli and machinations. They are bringing a knife to a gunfight, and they will see what the God of Pro Wrestling and Don Callis have in store for them, as they will have the IMPACT World Title for the rest of their lives and ride it around their wheelchairs and buggies at 80 years old. Omega chimes in and says Khan and D’Amore can put together their daddy’s allowance and try to buy as many high-profile names as they can muster to take what’s rightfully his, but the thing is, Omega is made of different stuff. No matter who was a star, where, and when, they are nothing compared to him right here and now. If Cage is the best they got, that’s fine, he’ll show up tomorrow and defend their belt, but he doesn’t want to hear a peep from any fan that they are upset that he’s still carrying their legacy, as there is no one better from anywhere on the planet, so he best hopes he defends the belt. He ends it by saying he’s made of different stuff.

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Jay White) vs. FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

Jay White and David Finlay start the match as White screams out that Finlay will never beat him again. They trade off headlocks and dropdowns until Finlay hits a dropkick for a 2 count before they end up fighting on the outside. White keeps Finlay in their corner with stomps before tagging in Bey. Finlay takes down Bey with a chop before tagging in Juice who hits a senton before pulling on the hair of Bey. Juice tries a vertical suplex, but Bey escapes. White trips up Juice who quickly goes after White that causes Bey to take advantage and hit an elbow off the second rope for a two-count before tagging in White. Juice ends up on the outside where White rams him repeatedly into the apron. Bey and White keep Juice in their corner, including White ramming Juice and whipping him hard into the other turnbuckle. Bey comes in and puts on an abdominal stretch on Juice in the middle of the ring, but he’s able to escape with a hip toss, tries to go for another senton but Bey puts his knees up. Juice is able to reverse a suplex and hit a vertical of his own. Finlay tags in and hits a jumping European uppercut on White, but White escapes and tags in Bey. Juice comes in as FinJuice double teams on Bey for a near fall before Juice starts to hit his punches until White comes in to stop him, but Finlay ends up clotheslining White to the outside. Back inside, Bey tries for the Art of Finesse, but Juice catches him and FinJuice hits the Doomsday Device. As Juice goes for the cover, Jay White comes in with a chair and breaks up the pinfall to cause the disqualification.

Winners: FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) by disqualification at 8:40

After the match, Finlay and White went at it until White threw the chair into the face of Finlay and hit the Switchblade to Finlay on top of the chair as he yelled to get his belt.

No More Heatwave

Gia Miller was backstage with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans and asked Tasha why she did what she did to Kiera Hogan. Steelz said Hogan was the one who found her and wanted her to ‘ride her heatwave’ to the top, but a year later the Heatwave winded down and it got too hot, so somebody had to go, and it wasn’t going to be her. Tasha had to make some changes which included bringing in Savannah Evans, and when you step to her, you’ll never get to Tasha. And earlier tonight, Kiera wanted to have a chat but looks like she won’t be having that problem anymore. Fallah Bahh comes in and asks if he and Tasha are ‘Gucci’ and says that last week she was having a problem with Rosemary and Havok, and he kind of needs Tasha help for backup. Tasha said she has a problem with them also, as they are holding her titles.

Invicta + Knockout

Back from the commercial, Gia Miller is backstage with Melina and asks her how it feels to be part of NWA EmPowerrr and she says she never imagined to be part of something so great and how grateful she is, Deonna Purrazzo comes in and says it’s pathetic what Melina is saying and to prepare for EmPowerrr she’s been training with Invicta FC Atomweight World Champion Alesha Zappitella and rolls to footage of them training. Purrazzo says she’s been training because she wants to mix it up, diversify herself and add new techniques to her arsenal. Zappitella talks about fighting in MMA, professionally for 6 years and being in martial arts for over 20 years and this being her life. Zappitella says Deonna has been fairing very well, hanging on to all the jujitsu that she was teaching her and she’s a natural athlete as they show them in the ring training. We cut back to Gia Miller, Deonna, and Melina and Melina tells Deonna she’s impressed by that and now she’s going to show hers and next week she will have a match and Deonna can see what she’s in store for at EmPowerrr.

Cage Making An Impact

Alex Marvez is with Christian Cage and brings up the fact Christian will be the first AEW wrestler to challenge Kenny Omega for the IMPACT World Championship. Christian says Kenny calls himself the belt collector, but he made the decision to beat him for all those titles, starting tomorrow night on Rampage. Next week, he will be back in the IMPACT Zone, and he owes it to IMPACT as his history runs deep and IMPACT saw something in him, he stepped up and became a better wrestler for it. So, it’s his duty to take the title off his hands and come back to the IMPACT Zone as the IMPACT World Champion. For all the wrestlers in the battle royal, good luck, just know the winner will be staring down the barrel of the new IMPACT World Champion, Christian Cage. If you don’t know, now you know.

Matt Cardona vs. John Skyler

Skyler is making his IMPACT debut, spending the better half of last year wrestling on AEW Dark. Cardona hits a dropkick at the bell for a quick 2 count, followed by a big shoulder tackle and clothesline. Cardona starts tossing Skyler against the turnbuckles and stomps him in the corner followed by a big clothesline sending Skyler to the outside where dodges a basement dropkick from Cardona only to meet a big boot from Cardona on the outside. Skyler eventually ends up back on the outside where he does finally get hit by Cardona’s basement dropkick. They get back inside, just for Skyler to go to the outside and trip Cardona off the apron. Skyler hits a slingshot shoulder block for a two count as he shouts, ‘who’s always ready’, teasing the crowd. Cardona hits a dropkick off the second rope and as he goes for the ReBoot in the corner, Rohit Raju and Shera make their way ringside. Cardona tries to fight off Raju, but Skyler takes advantage, hitting a jumping knee and rolls up with a schoolboy for the surprising pin.

Winner: John Skyler by pinfall at 4:05

Next Week on IMPACT

  • Melina makes her IMPACT debut
  • Doc Gallows vs. Joe Doering
  • Winner of tomorrow’s Rampage and World Champion will be in the IMPACT Zone

#1 Contenders 20 Man Battle Royal

The twenty men in this battle royal are Sami Callihan, Sam Beale, Moose, Suicide, Eddie Edwards, No Way, Trey Miguel, Brian Myers, Fallah Bahh, Rhino, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Johnny Swinger, W. Morrissey, Madman Fulton, Hernandez, Ace Austin, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, and Deaner. The first elimination is Suicide by Morrissey, followed by Morrissey sending out Swinger as he goes face to face with Hernandez. This causes Morrissey to eliminate Hernandez with a back body drop for his third elimination. At this point, everybody starts attacking Morrissey and eliminates him as they go to the final commercial.

When we come back, we see Petey and Beale fight on the apron as Steve Maclin runs out and causes Petey to get eliminated. Swann and Deaner fight on the apron with Swann kicking Deaner off eliminating him. Deaner holds Swann’s leg as Rhino spears Swann out of the match, but Rhino himself gets eliminated by Willie Mack. Fulton and Mack fight but Austin eliminates Mack. As No Way is attacking Austin, Fulton eliminates No Way. Fallah Bahh hits a running clothesline, knocking out Fulton, but Moose eliminates Bahh. Myers tosses Beale into Miguel on the apron, eliminating Miguel. Edwards hits a backpack piledriver on Myers and tries to eliminate him, but Beale stops him. Edwards sits on the turnbuckle, but Moose pushes him, eliminating Edwards. Moose and Sabin go under the bottom rope and start fighting on the outside. Myers takes advantage of Beale and eliminates his own protégé. Callihan hits a spike piledriver on Myers, gets attacked by Austin as they both fight on the apron. Fulton comes back and catches Austin on his shoulder to save him only for Callihan to hit a clothesline, eliminating Austin, but as Callihan is on the apron, Moose knocks him off and eliminates him. We are down to the last three men, as Sabin and Moose start fighting and Myers is laid out. As Moose is trying to eliminate Sabin, Sabin escapes putting on a sleeper on Moose. Moose tries to fight him off as he reaches the ropes, just for Myers to get up and eliminate both Moose and Sabin and win the match.

Winner: Brian Myers at 13:36 (plus commercials), to become the #1 Contender for the IMPACT World Championship