IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Austin vs. Edwards, Ex-WWE talent tease

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IMPACT Wrestling

June 16th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

The Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) are backstage awaiting their entrance for the Tag Team Championship match against The North when Trey scares them. He playfully gives them jabs and wishes them luck for their match. It appears that he is playing nice with his partners but still might not trust them following his attack a few weeks ago.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship

The Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) vs The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page)

The Rascalz start the match hot by double-teaming Alexander with Kicks and a Double Stomp to the back. Ethan Page breaks up an early pin attempt with a kick to the face and The North starts to gain the advantage. Wentz comes back after connecting with a Handspring Knee to the face of Alexander and makes the tag to Dez. As the referee is distracted, The North take advantage by double-teaming Dez. Page holds Dez up in a Delayed Vertical Suplex and passes to Josh Alexander to finish off the Suplex. As Dez is trying to make the tag to Wentz, Page hits him with a vicious DDT and drags him back to The North’s corner. Dez eventually slips out of a Powerbomb attempt and makes the tag to Wentz. Dez saves Wentz from being slammed by hitting a Moonsault off the top rope. The North picks up a two count after hitting a Pele Kick followed by a Canadian Destroyer. Page catches a Tope Suicida from Dez and throws him into the barricade. The North hit their finisher of the Torture Rack into the Powerslam to Wentz for the win.

The North defeat The Rascalz via Pinfall in 13 mins 17 secs (plus commercials)

After the match Page and Alexander are celebrating backstage but realize that no one is backstage watching the match. They get angry as they believe no one is going to be a real threat if they aren’t studying The North’s matches.

Wentz and Dez find Trey unconscious backstage after he had been mysteriously attacked again. They go after Reno Scum who they suspect is responsible.

Davie’s thoughts: As expected, these four had a really good match. The Rascalz are so likable as a babyface tag team and I really hope that they are not considering breaking them up following this angle with Trey. The North completely deserves to be the tag team champions. I feel they are one of the best tag teams in the world and it’s going to take a really great team to take the titles from them.

Ace Austin Interview

Jimmy Jacobs attempts to get an interview with Ace Austin following the attack of Trey. Austin denies knowing anything about the attack. Eddie Edwards tries to jump Austin because he believes that he attacked Trey but he is held back by security.

Kimber Lee vs Nevaeh w/ Havok

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan are ringside to watch the match. Kimber Lee targets the knee of Nevaeh as she is taunting Havok. Nevaeh hits a great looking German Suplex for a two count. Nevaeh catches Kimber Lee with a Reverse STO twisted into a DDT for the win.

Nevaeh defeats Kimber Lee via Pinfall in 4 mins 35 secs

After the match, Steelz and Hogan throw their popcorn at Nevaeh and Havok. Havok goes to attack them but Steelz and Hogan runoff.

Davie’s thoughts: For the time given both women looked good here. The focus of the match was more so on Steelz and Hogan who are currently feuding with Havoc and Steelz. Kimber Lee has been impressive since coming to IMPACT, however now her feud with Nevaeh and Havok seems to be over, I don’t know where she goes from here.

Ethan Page vs An iPad

Some talent is backstage watching a video on an iPad. The North approach and Ethan Page asks them if they’re watching their match from earlier. The talent says that they’re watching the Best of Ken Shamrock. Page takes the iPad and smashes it on the floor as he is angry that no one is watching them.


#CancelCulture presents a video calling Crazzy Steve a threat. Next week they plan on “Cancelling” Crazzy Steve for good.

Crazzy Steve Video

Crazzy Steve is talking to himself telling him to “not say that” “don’t do that”. He says that he is sick of being told “no”. Steve is sick of #CancelCulture telling him what to do and trying to put him in a box. Steve calls himself a “homicidal artist” and he is going to take different paints to create a “macabre masterpiece”. I assume suggesting that he is going to find some teammates to face #CancelCulture next week. The vignette ends with Crazzy Steve laughing maniacally.

Davie’s thoughts: I’m not usually a fan of these more “out there” characters but I think Steve plays the part well. He talks in riddles but they are riddles that are easy enough to decipher. Like The Deaners, Crazy Steve is a great foe for #CancelCulture as he is the complete opposite of what they stand for.

Rhino vs Rohit Raju

As Rhino is making his entrance, Rohit Raju attacks him from behind. Rohit rolls Rhino into the ring and tries to get the pin but the bell hasn’t rung yet. Rhino gets to his feet and the referee rings the bell. Rohit jumps Rhino immediately and is on top of him for the majority of the match. Rhino comes back with some Chops and attempts to throw Rohit into a barricade but gets pushed into the ring post. Rohit continues to dominate but gets hit with a Gore out of nowhere for the win.

Rhino defeats Rohit Raju via Pinfall in 4 mins 7secs

After the match, Rohit Rahu throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the ring.

Davie’s thoughts: I’m not really sure what the endgame is here for Rohit Raju. At this point in his career, I feel Rhino should be putting over the younger guys. They seem to keep building Rohit up to lose. This is not a story I’m particularly behind and I can see Rohit Raju fading into the background.

IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week

This week’s IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from July 1st, 2015, and shows EC3 rolling up Kurt Angle to end his 620 title reign to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael Elgin Phone Call

Michael Elgin is on the phone to the “mystery signing” when Jimmy Jacobs approaches him calling him a prime suspect for the Trey attack. Elgin says that he doesn’t attack people from behind, he does it in front of everyone. Elgin says that when he attacks people he sends them to the hospital and therefore he is not a suspect.

Susie and Kylie Rae

Susie tells Kylie that she likes being good but every time she tries to be good people step on her so maybe she should be bad. Kylie tries to convince her to be good when Taya interrupts. Taya mocks them for being good and says that only “losers talk like that”. Susie replies innocently by saying “losers don’t talk like that, you were talking like that last week”, which causes Kylie Rae to laugh. Taya says that they both need a makeover, calls them losers again, and storms off.

Davie’s thoughts: I actually thought Susie’s retort to Taya was actually pretty funny. I see Susie going back and forth between her persona and the Su Yung persona with Kylie trying to keep her good. This isn’t really the kind of storytelling that I’m a fan of but I thought all three women played their parts well.

“TNA World Heavyweight Championship”

Hernandez vs Moose

As Moose is getting the ring announcer to do the traditional Championship Match announcement, he interrupts and starts a “you deserve it” chant and acknowledges the crowd (that isn’t there) by thanking them.

Hernandez sends Moose to the outside with a huge Clothesline. As Hernandez is sat on the top rope, Moose hits an impressive Dropkick sending him to the outside. Moose continues to be on top and repeatedly hooks the nose of Hernandez. Moose slaps Hernandez in the face and talks trash but gets caught by a huge One-Handed Spinebuster. Hernandez follows up by whipping Moose with his t-shirt and hits a big back Senton. Hernandes hits a Backbreaker across his shoulder, which was impressive considering the size of Moose. Moose hits an undetected Low Blow and follows up with the No Jackhammer Needed Spear for the win.

Moose defeats Hernandez via Pinfall in 6 mins 7 secs

After the match, EC3’s music plays briefly and Moose looks confused.

Davie’s thoughts: Moose continues to impress me with his “deluded champion” character work. I thought the “you deserve it” chant before the match started was very funny. Hernandez’s strength was really impressive here with how he was able to pick up Moose. With EC3’s music playing, it looks like he will possibly be Moose’s opponent for the “TNA Championship”. Or this could be a gimmick where every week a former TNA Champions’ music hits after Moose’s match to build up the surprise of who will actually appear at Slammiversary. Either way, I continue to be entertained by Moose’s story each and every week.

Wentz and Dez Confront Reno Scum

Wentz and Dez are backstage confronting Luster The Legend and Alexander Thornstowe of Reno Scum about the attack on Trey. Luster says that they haven’t spoken to Austin for two months because he owes them money. They suggest they talk to TJP and Fallah Bahh as they seemed pretty upset after losing to The Rascalz in the Number One Contenders match the other week.

The Deaners and Willie Mack

The Deaners and Willie Mack are drinking beers in their trailer park. Cody and Jake tell each other how happy they are to be back together. Cousin Jake calls out Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger to a match. Mack starts making a load of jokes about Bey and Swinger’s appearance in a very deadpan way. He then does an impression of Stone Cold Steve Austin as he says how badly they are going to beat them.

Davie’s thoughts: Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake have really good chemistry and are genuinely fun to watch. I wasn’t sure if Mack was deliberately reciting his lines in a deadpan, monotone way for humor or not but some of his lines were pretty funny. I’m hoping that this pairing can draw some more charisma out of Mack as I still feel he is lacking in that department.

Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Alexander Thornstowe) vs XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Reno Scum is on top of Larry D during the beginning of the match. Thornstowe hits a Standing Moonsault for a two count. Thornstowe jumps off the second rope and gets caught in a Slam by Larry D who then makes the tag to Acey Romero. XXXL sandwich Thorbnstowe with a Double Splash. Reno Scum sends Romero out of the ring and hits an assisted Double Stomp to the back of Larry D’s head for the win.

Reno Scum defeat XXXL via Pinfall in 4mins22secs

Davie’s thoughts: This match didn’t really do anything for me. Reno Scum has been off tv for a few weeks now and I see this as a way to re-introduce them to the tag team division. It appears that they are going to possibly be breaking them away from Ace Austin, which I feel would be good for Austin but not necessarily these two. Out of the four men I find Acey Romero the most entertaining to watch and unfortunately he didn’t do much in this match.

Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger

Chris Bey tells Swinger that he isn’t interested in the challenge that The Deaners and Willie Mack made to them. All he cares about is the X Division Championship. Swinger is trying to find a partner for them to take on The Deaners and Mack. He makes a phone call to discover that the person he called is still on their 90-day non compete agreement. Swinger then says he knows exactly who to call and describes them as an “outlaw”.

Deonna Purrazzo Profile Piece

Deonna Purrazzo talks about how she got into wrestling. She describes her debut for TNA Wrestling when she was only nineteen years old. Purrazzo talks about how she kept coming short, so she decided to travel the world and picked up skills from Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Now she has come back better and has a point to prove. She considers herself the greatest technical women’s wrestler in the world. Purrazzo talks about how she wants to be a champion and that is why she attacked Jordynne Grace last week.

Davie’s thoughts: I really enjoyed this profile piece on Deonna Purrazzo. I felt we learned more of who Purrazzo is as a person but it also pushed forwards storyline wise with her wish to be Knockouts Champion. I think Deonna Purrazzo is such a bright talent and IMPACT has done very well in securing her.

Jordynne Grace Interview

Jordynne Grace is asked about how she feels about the attack from Deonna Purrazzo. Grace says that Purrazzo has come to the best place for competition but doesn’t understand why she had to attack her. All she had to do was ask. Purrazzo then jumps in out of nowhere and takes Grace down with the Fujiwara Armbar.

Next Week

Taya Valkyrie vs Susie

#Cancel Culture vs Crazzy Steve & Two Mystery Partners

The Deaners & Willie Mack vs Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger & Mystery Partner

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards (Street Fight)

As Ace Austin is making his entrance Eddie Edwards jumps him from behind to start the match. Edwards goes to the back and brings out a garbage can full of weapons. Edwards continues to hit Austin with the garbage can and places Austin on top of the barricade, hitting him with Chops. Austin comes back by grabbing a Stick and striking Edwards with it. After the commercial break, Austin has the advantage and is grinding down Edwards in the middle of the ring. Austin hits a Vertical Suplex on top of a Street Sign. Edwards attempts a Tope Suicida but gets met with a garbage can lid to the head. Austin attacks the previously injured eye of Edwards. Austin attempts to hit The Fold but gets reversed into a Belly To Belly Suplex onto the guard rail. Edwards strikes Austin in the head with a street sign and follows up with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Austin comes back with a kick to a steel chair to the face of Edwards. This takes down Edwards but also damages the leg of Austin. Edwards attempts to Back Suplex Austin off of the top rope through the table but Austin rakes the eyes of Edwards with a playing card. Austin follows up with a Crossbody, leaping over the table and hits a Spinning Heel Kick for a two count. Edwards comes back with a Tiger Driver for a two count. Edwards hits a neck breaker across the steel leg of the table. Madman Fulton interferes with two huge Chokeslams to Edwards. He picks Edwards up to allow Austin to hit The Fold and pick up the win.

Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards via Pinfall in 16 mins 22 secs (plus commercials)

As the show goes off air the commentary team announces that it must have been Madman Fulton that attacked Trey.

Davie’s thoughts: Fun, competitive main event. I thought Edwards selling of the eye was pretty good. I’ve never seen someone hit a Neckbreaker across the legs of a table and thought it was creative but scary looking. I was not a fan of the reveal of Fulton being the mystery attacker. The commentators telling us that “he must be the mystery attacker” was incredibly lazy and I felt the reveal should have taken place during a match involving Trey and The Rascalz. I also feel that Ace Austin is a good enough promo and performer that he can work on his own and doesn’t necessarily need someone to replace Reno Scum.

Overall, this was a weaker episode of IMPACT. The opening match was probably the best match of the night and the main event was fun but with a weak ending. I also really enjoyed the segment involving Deonna Purrazzo. Although I was disappointed with the reveal of who Trey’s attacker was, I always enjoy show long storylines. I felt they could have maybe even dragged the story out for a couple more weeks and built even more suspicion between Trey and his teammates. The rest of the show was largely forgettable.

5 Mystery Phone Calls out of 10

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