IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers

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IMPACT Wrestling

August 11th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

This week’s Impact opens with Willie Mack and Eric Young’s brawl in the backstage area before they are eventually separated by security. They make their way to the ringside area where they continue to brawl. Mack takes Eric Young down in the ring and is pulled off by security again. Mack grabs the microphone and says that although they have a match scheduled later tonight, he wants to fight him right now.

Willie Mack vs Eric Young

Both men make it back to the ring and the bell rings to call the start of the match. Mack throws Young out of the ring and hits a Slingshot Plancha to the floor. Eric Young gets back into the match when he bites the head of Mack and follows up with a top rope Elbow Drop for a two count. Mack hits a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a two count. Young almost puts Mack to sleep but Mack manages to break the hold and hits a big Leg Drop. Mack hits a Samoan Drop followed by the Standing Moonsault but Young kicks out. Willie Mack catches Young with the Stunner and goes to the top to hit the Six Star Frog Splash but thinks against it. He grabs a steel chair and wraps it around the ankle of Young. He goes to the top rope but Young runs up and knocks him off, hits him with the Sitout Piledriver, and picks up the win.

Eric Young wins via Pinfall in 8mins29secs

Davie’s thoughts: Last week’s Impact ended with a really strong angle and they capitalized on it well with this week’s opener. I really liked starting the show mid brawl and the two followed up by having a pretty good match. I’m surprised they went to the match with Mack right away as I thought they might build it for a few weeks. To sell the Rich Swann injury I would think he’ll be off TV for a few more weeks, so I’m unsure who Young will be feuding with until he comes back.

The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers are backstage looking for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

Wrestle House

Taya sits everyone down and says that she counted up the votes and they are going to watch “Taya Valkyrie’s Greatest Hits”. Kylie Rae suggests that there may have been voting fraud. Taya asks where Cousin Jake and Susie are and both Cody Deaner and Alisha say that they’ve got the runs and go and leave to check on them. Taya then shows her TNA debut as John E Bravo gives her a massage and Rosemary looks jealous. Crazzy Steve talks to Rosemary all about jealousy. We see Susie and Cousin Jake preparing for their date. Cousin Jake is wearing no shirt, suspenders, and a Cameron Grimes style hat.

Davie’s thoughts: I haven’t enjoyed Wrestle House the last few week’s but it seemed they tried to move away from the silly humor and actually build some stories. I think they have built the strange love triangle between Taya, Rosemary, and John E Bravo pretty well and Wrestle House could be a good way to build that story. I’m also interested to see how the date between Cousin Jake and Susie goes as both their characters are pretty strong.

Rhino Attacked

Rhino comes out of the washroom and is attacked by Reno Scum who has been hired by Hernandez to steal back the arm wrestling money. Rhino manages to fight back a bit but is eventually outnumbered and Reno Scum takes the money.

Kimber Lee vs Jordynne Grace

Latest Impact signee, Kimber Lee, takes on Jordynne Grace after being hired by Deonna Purrazzo to try and take her out. Grace hits a Sidewalk Slam early in the match for a two count. Kimber Lee attempts to take out the knee of Jordynne Grace. Lee attempts to hit a Vertical Suplex but Grace counters it and hits one of her own followed by some Shoulder Tackles and a Spinebuster for a two count. There’s a sequence where both are countering pinfalls for one-counts. Lee hits a Bridging German for a two count. Kimber Lee goes to the top rope for the Swanton but Grace gets her knees up. Grace locks in a Choke Hold and immediately gets Kimber Lee to tap out.

Jordynne Grace defeats Kimber Lee via Pinfall in 5 mins 39 secs (Plus commercials)

Davie’s thoughts: Pretty solid match between both women, with Grace looking strong in her win. Kimber Lee looked good and will fit into the women’s division just fine. Grace is believable as a threat to Deonna Purrazzo and I’m sure the two will have a great match once again in a couple of weeks.

Locker Room Talk With Madison Rayne

Rayne tells us that Johnny Swinger can’t join her this week as he is too busy with Wrestle House and goes on to introduce Locker Room’s brand new sponsor, Heath. Heath is in a paid-for 30-second commercial where he is advertising himself as the hottest free agent with the hashtag #Heath4IMPACT. The commercial cuts off midway through Heath speaking and Madison Rayne goes on to introduce Rob Van Dam and Katy Forbes. Forbes and Rob Van Dam talk about how it’s nice to be back in their natural state and they start to make out causing Rayne to leave. The couple starts to interview each other when Sami Callihan “hacks” the show and jumps Rob Van Dam. Forbes and Van Dam outnumber Callihan and leave him lying.

Trey as Suicide

Dez and Wentz are backstage when Trey surprises them whilst wearing the Suicide mask. Moose approaches Wentz and is angry because he’s wearing an EC3 hoodie. Moose hands an invitation to Trey (thinking he’s Suicide) for a “TNA World Heavyweight Championship” Match next week.

Wrestle House Part 2

Rosemary is thinking about what Crazzy Steve told her about jealousy. Larry D is still watching Taya Valkyrie’s greatest hits and seems infatuated by Taya. Rosemary blows magic purple dust on him and he now seems to be infatuated with Rosemary.

Alisha is giving Susie a pep talk for her date with Cousin Jake. Susie tells Jake that she likes his chest hair and then tells him that she “has the runs”.

Acey Romero offers Larry D some popcorn but he doesn’t want to eat. Acey suspects that something is up as he would never refuse food. They get into an argument and Tommy Dreamer enters to announce “Match Time!”.

Larry D vs Acey Romero

Acey Romero says that “we’re brothers but tonight I’m going to show you some tough love”. Romero hits him with a Splash followed by a Senton but Larry D rolls out of the way. Larry D hits a Stomp and calls to “knock him out”. Larry D hits Romero with a big right hand and knocks him out to pick up the win. After the match, Larry D points at Rosemary and says “I did that for you”.

Larry D defeats Acey Romero via Pinfall in 1min23secs

First-Ever Knockouts Iron Man Match

Deonna Purrazzo says that Jordynne Grace’s actions since losing the title are unbecoming of a champion. Purrazzo says that now that Grace is medically cleared and entitled to a rematch she can face her at Emergence in a 30min Iron Man Match.

The North and MCMG Video Package

Next up was a video package hyping up next week’s main event between The North and Motor City Machine Guns for the Impact Tag Team Championships. This was a great video showing why both teams are at the top of their division and made me excited for what I’m sure is going to be another fantastic match.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs Havok & Nevaeh (No DQ)

After Hogan & Steelz make their entrance they hide so they are able to attack Havok & Nevaeh when they enter. Steelz jumps off the top rope but gets caught with a Sidewalk Slam from Havok. Steelz Superkicks a chair into the face of Havok but Nevaeh runs in and takes out both Steelz and Hogan with a Double Clothesline. On the outside, Havok runs knee first into the steel steps. This allows Steelz & Hogan to double team Nevaeh. Nevaeh takes out Kiera Hogan with a German Suplex. On the outside, Havok sets up a table. Back in the ring, all four start slugging it out. Havok goes to hit Tasha Steelz with the Tombstone but Kiera pulls her off. They attempt to Double Suplex Havok but it is countered into a Suplex of her own. Steelz and Havok are fighting on the apron by the table. Hogan and Steelz both kick Havok causing her to fall through the table. Hogan hits the Cradle Neckbreaker to Nevaeh for the win.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeat Havok & Nevaeh via Pinfall in 8 mins 11 secs

Davie’s thoughts: This match was ok but there were quite a few awkward looking spots. I’m really hoping that this puts an end to this feud as it seems to have been going on for a really long time. Havok and Nevaeh have never really delivered for me and don’t seem to have much flow in their work. Havok running into the steps and falling through the table looked weak and labored. In my opinion, Kiera Hogan is in a different league to these three and I would really like to see her in more singles matches higher up the card.

Hall and Nash Vibes

The Good Brothers approach Scott D’Amore backstage and tell him that they’re heading to the ring and aren’t going to leave until they get their hands on Austin and Fulton. As they walk off Scott D’Amore comes out with the line of the night by saying “I’m getting some real Hall and Nash vibes off of these two today”.

EC3 Warns Moose

Moose is walking backstage when a video of EC3 comes on behind him saying that he has come back to Impact for Moose. He says that he must destroy what Moose is synonymous with and therefore must destroy him. EC3 says that this is not a threat but a declaration and he has been warned.

Suicide vs Dez

Dez begins boxing with Suicide when The Good Brothers come out, hit Dez with a Big Boot and Suicide with The Magic Killer

Suicide and Dez fight to a No Contest in 1min4secs

The Good Brothers Call Out Austin & Fulton

Gallows and Anderson are in the middle of the ring and call out Austin & Fulton to a fight. Austin says that they aren’t even in the arena but if they want a fight they can do it at Night 1 of Emergence.

Davie’s thoughts: Scott D’Amore said it earlier and it was highlighted here, Gallows and Anderson gave off real “Hall and Nash vibes” here. This made Suicide and Dez seem so unimportant and low on the pecking order by having The Good Brothers interfere and take them out. From the podcasts and Talk n Shop-A Mania it really seems that Gallows and Anderson are just there for a paycheque and don’t care too much about bolstering the promotion. I really hope they don’t continue to go this route.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week

This week’s Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from 2nd October 2016 when Cody took on Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Edwards retains the title by hooking the legs after Cody hit the Superplex.

Rohit and Bey Make a Plan

Rohit is backstage and tells Bey that he should be worried after TJP pinned him last week. Rohit suggests that instead of having him ringside for the match he should be added and make it a triple threat match so that he can help him retain. Bey says that he’s already beaten Rohit much so he’s not worried about him trying to screw him over and he agrees to the match.

Davie’s thoughts: I quite like the idea of Rohit trying to screw over Chris Bey and get the title in this triple threat match. Part of me wonders if this was originally intended for Johnny Swinger but they then felt he would be better used in Wrestle House. I am concerned that this could make the match very overbooked but we will see where it goes.

Be A Professional

We have another Brian Myers vignette with the words “Be A Professional” being said over and over again. The vignette ends with him saying “I’m Brian Myers and I’m the most professional wrestler”.

Wrestle House Part 3

We go back to Susie and Cousin Jake’s date where Susie comes back saying that she’s “got the runs” again. Jake says that he enjoys her company and always thought she was a psycho undead murdering zombie but this is the real her. The screen then flickers and we see Susie briefly go into her Su Yung character. This spooked Cousin Jake who runs off saying that he has the runs. Susie then tells Alisha that her advice was bad and Tommy Dreamer calls for “Match Time”.

Susie vs Alisha

Alisha and Susie are arguing over the advice Alisha gave Susie for the date. Susie screams “You gave me bad advice” and slaps her across the face. Both women knock each other down and Crazzy Steve, who is the referee, starts calling random numbers and words like “potato” and “Grandma” for the count. Susie rolls up Alisha for the match.

Susie defeats Alisha via Pinfall in 1 min 56 secs

After the match, Taya calls everyone back into the house to rewatch when she won the Knockouts Championship. Kylie Rae asks if they can just go to sleep instead. Susie says that Kylie Rae has beaten Taya twice and is the Number One Contender. Kylie asks for a match right now against Taya but she says she will face her next week instead.

Davie’s thoughts: The match wasn’t very good at all and the acting was terrible. The dialogue during this was like watching 10-year-olds doing drama at school. Taya Valkyrie vs Kylie Rae could be a good match but in this Wrestle House set I’m really not sure.

Emergence Night 1

Kylie Rae vs Taya Valkyrie

Moose vs Trey Miguel (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju vs TJP (X Division Championship)

The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

The Motor City Machine Guns vs The North (Tag Team Championship)

Emergence Night 2

Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace (30 Minute Iron Man Match for the Knockouts Championship)

Eddie Edwards Open Challenge

Impact World Heavyweight Championship

Eddie Edwards Open Challenge

Eddie Edwards calls out Eric Young for what he did to Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Brian Myers enters instead and accepts the open challenge.

Eddie Edwards vs Brian Myers

The opening few minutes of the match is a lot of brawling in the ring. Edwards ducks a clothesline hits an Atomic Drop followed by an over the head Belly To Belly Suplex sending Myers to the outside. Myers runs Edwards’ shoulder into the ring post and allows him to take advantage. Edwards hits a huge Tope Suicida sending Myers crashing into the barricade however Edwards tweaks his knee on the landing. Edwards hits a Step-Up Kick followed by the Backpack Stunner for a two count. Edwards attempts the Tiger Driver but Myers counters and hits a big DDT for a two count. Myers runs into a Superkick from Edwards who follows up with the Tiger Driver for a two count. Myers ducks one Boston Knee Party attempt but Edwards comes right back and finishes his finisher for the win.

Eddie Edwards defeats Brian Myers via Pinfall in 11 mins 12 secs

Davie’s thoughts: I found this match pretty dull. There was nothing wrong with it but it felt very cookie cutter and nothing about it drew me in. I struggle to see where Brian Myers is going to fit into this company and re-debuting with a loss in an underwhelming match isn’t the best start.

Overall, I found this week’s show pretty forgettable. Wrestle House is bad and takes up too much of the show. All the matches were fine but nothing memorable or worth going out of your way to watch. That being said, I think the card for next week’s “Emergence” show looks pretty strong. I’m interested to see how The Good Brothers will be in their first Impact match and the Tag Team Championship match should be excellent. I’m also really excited about the Iron Man match on Night 2 between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo. I loved their first match and I’m sure this one will deliver too.

5 Love Potions Out Of 10

I’m all for guys getting second chances in Impact…but they may be doing a bit too much of this at once. Brian Myers in your main event is not a good look.

Some of the new talent are a bit more Teflon. Gallows and Anderson have legit NJPW cred, EC3 and EY have a history there, Deonna never had a chance so she was fresh. Myers though? Has he ever been legit anywhere?

I know he’s pretty respected throughout the business, but he’s never been a compelling worker in any sense