IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: James Storm's 1,000th Match

Originally published at IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: James Storm's 1,000th Match

IMPACT! Wrestling

March 30th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT! – Hernandez & Rohit Raju def. Fallah Bahh & Shera by pinfall at 10:39

Havok & Nevaeh vs. Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)

Kiera and Havok start the match with Kiera and Tasha talking trash until Havok easily takes down Kiera with a boot. Havok holds Kiera down by throwing her around like a ragdoll before tagging in Nevaeh who gets a 2 count after a short clothesline. Nevaeh keeps Kiera in the corner with a couple of shoulder blocks, followed by a dropkick for a 2 count. Havok comes in, but Kiera tags in Tasha, and they hit a double dropkick to take down Havok, followed by a running uppercut in the corner. Kiera comes back in and hits a running dropkick for a two-count. Tasha comes back in and holds Havok in the middle of the ring down with a chin lock until they back up in their corner, as Kiera tags herself back in. Tash comes back in and tries a springboard crossbody, just to be caught and thrown with a fall-away slam. Nevaeh comes in and is able to take down both Tasha and Kiera, including a German suplex on Tasha for a 2 count. Kiera is able to reverse Havok into a DDT, and Tasha takes out Nevaeh with a cutter. Fire ‘n Flava are able to double team Havok, ending with Tasha hitting a frog splash as Kiera gets the pin.

Winners: Fire ‘n Flava by pinfall at 7:18

After the match, Havok and Nevaeh show a bit of frustration but are able to hug it out. Once Havok turns her back, Nevaeh attacks her and hits her with a spear. She starts screaming “You thought I was the weak link”, before taking her out once more screaming “You’re the weak link!”

Knock Knock! Who’s There? Chris Harris!

Gia Miller is backstage with a very excited James Storm ready for his 1000th match tonight. Storm says 999 matches in IMPACT! and one more to go, saying he has drunk a lot of beers in that time. Storm says as much as a celebration this is, it’s also a dedication for a man who’s had 1000 matches he wasn’t even supposed to be one. He mentions the late Bob Ryder and says he spoke about America’s Most Wanted; James Storm and Chris Harris, about using them. They listened to Bob and the rest of history. So this is a dedication to his best friend, Bob Ryder. Storm says he expects Eric Young to bring his friends, so he has friends of his own with Chris Sabin and Jake Something, who say they have a surprise of their own, and Chris Harris comes out to hug Storm and tells him to get ready.

Talkin’ All that Jazz

Gia Miller backstage with the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Susan, Deonna says since she’s become the champion again she’s been unstoppable. Susan starts getting upset about what Jazz did to Kimber Lee, which prompts Jazz to run out and attack Susan with a trash can as Deonna runs away.

Sami Callihan vs. Larry D (w/ Acey Romero)

They brawl right away at the bell, Larry wearing some real bright neon green but it doesn’t help as he misses a splash on Callihan. Callihan continues with some knees to knock him out of the ring, as Matt Striker plugs the move next week to Thursdays saying he prefers it as most people drag on Monday and Tuesdays. Larry is able to catch a diving Callihan on the outside and back body drops him on the apron as we go to the commercial.

Back from the commercial, Larry and Sami are still fighting on the outside as Larry is able to knock Sami down with a hard forearm. Back inside, after the referee decides not to even try and count out, they trade quick clotheslines on the ropes before Sami pulls on Larry’s hair, slaps him but runs into a spinning lariat. Larry hits a big splash and gets a 2 count. Sami is able to catch Larry from the top rope and hit a Death Valley Driver but only gets a 2 count. They fight on the apron, as Sami tries to hit a piledriver but Larry is able to fight out of it as they start trading chops, punches, and headbutts until Larry picks up Sami for a Fireman’s Carry, but Sami escapes and starts digging in Larry’s eyes. Callihan calls the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, and hits the assisted piledriver off the middle rope for the pin.

Winner: Sami Callihan by pinfall at 9:11

After the match, Acey Romero runs in and attacks Callihan as Matt Striker asks why Trey Miguel didn’t return the favor from last week and runs out to help him. Sami Callihan is shown in the middle of the ring laughing about all this before he starts clapping as Striker says Trey Miguel has just passed the test about not being soft.

Hell of a Secret

They cut to footage from FinJuice wrestling in the New Japan Cup Tour against the likes of Will Ospreay, Sanada Tetsuya Naito, and more.

We see Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and the Good Brothers backstage watching the footage and Callis and Omega seem impressed saying they have gotten better, but the Good Brothers don’t seem as impressed. Callis says they should be as they took the IMPACT Tag Team Titles from them, then suggest watching the One-Winged Angel highlight tape, but the Good Brothers don’t seem interested. Callis asks what has happened with them lately until they play a game of telephone, that has the Good Brothers impressed as they walk out and Kenny says “That was a hell of a secret, that I whispered to you”.

Twitter Check Mark

We see Sami Callihan who confronts Trey Miguel backstage saying he helped him last week and Trey didn’t even repay the favor. They start screaming back and forth, with Miguel saying he doesn’t owe him anything. Callihan says Miguel lacks passion and he has pushed him to his limit and asks how long have they known each other, and Miguel says that’s irrelevant. Sami says he needs to push Miguel to his limit, and Trey says he’s not his Twitter checkmark and doesn’t need validation. Sami offers to be his mentor and Trey says he’s not a young boy. They start yelling some more, but Sami says next week he will go to Scott D’Amore and ask to wrestle XXXL in a tag match and the only partner he wants is Trey, and Trey says ‘hell, no’. Sami tells Trey to think about it for a week and then give his answer.

Brian Myers vs. Suicide

Suicide goes for a handshake, and Myers refuses saying he’s a professional. Suicide takes down Myers and hits a dropkick for not even a 1 count. Suicide starts to stretch out Myers, but he grabs the ropes and starts mounting with punches and kicks on Suicide. Suicide comes back with another dropkick and tries the same submission, but Myers reverses hits a Falcon Arrow and gets a two-count. Myers hits the Roster Cut and gets the quick win.

Winner: Brian Myers by pinfall at 2:59

Myers grabs the mic and talks about the challenge Matt Cardona issued, but even with one eye, he can see right through him and that he’s only trying to get the rub, but it’s not going to happen here in IMPACT Wrestling, as IMPACT Wrestling is his and he’s the franchise, and it doesn’t include Cardona.

Ultimate Jeopardy

We see Tommy Dreamer backstage who gets interrupted by Jazz who says she’s looking for Scott D’Amore because she wants to get her hands on Deonna Purrazzo. Tommy Dreamer suggests for Hardcore Justice, an Ultimate Jeopardy match where if Jazz wins she gets the Knockouts Title but if she loses she has to put something on the line, where Jazz says she’ll put her career on the line. Dreamer asks if she’s sure, and Jazz says yes, and she’ll make sure she won’t lose.

Tuesday Tony’s

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan back with another paid advertisement where Khan says last week’s Dynamite was one of the best shows they have done before plugging this week’s card. Khan says when Kenny Omega wins the IMPACT World Title, their problem will be his problem as Khan starts screaming that he controls the wrestling world as he’s the Forbidden Door, and continues to call out Kenny Omega and Don Callis and tells them to watch Jon Moxley’s match as Schiavone runs through the rest of the card.

Odds Have Swung In Kenny’s Favor

We go to Swinger’s Palace where Johnny Swinger is asking John E. Bravo how the bets for Rebellion are coming in, and Bravo asks to go to the bathroom in which Swinger hands him a red solo cup. Don Callis and Kenny Omega walk in, and Swinger asks if that’s the guy from TNN, a nice callback to the Network. Callis apologizes to Kenny for bringing him here and says they have to get tested after this and asks what the action looks like for the betting for Rich Swann and Kenny Omega, and Swinger says it’s 1 to 1, right now. Callis starts showing Swinger the One-Winged Angel, and Swinger seems impressed by his cell phone and says the ‘odds have swung in his favor’, and Callis puts $20,000 for Omega and Swinger is ecstatic at that.

TJP & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

TJP and Alexander argue a little about who starts against Fulton, but it ends up being Alexander. Alexander is able to hold Fulton down with a headlock, but Fulton back body drops him, but Alexander keeps the hold on the entire time. Alexander comes back with a flying shoulder tackle, as Fulton tags out to Austin. Alexander is able to take down Austin easily, as Austin is already trying to reach out and tag out. With the referee’s back turned, Fulton and Alexander start fighting, but TJP hits a crossbody on Fulton who catches him and gets taken down by Alexander. Alexander and TJP argue a bit as they take down Austin, and TJP angrily tags himself in and goes to work on Austin, but with an assist by Fulton is able to kick TJP in the corner while he was doing a headstand on the top rope. Austin tags in Fulton, and they start double teaming on TJP as Fulton is able to choke and lift TJP in the corner. TJP and Austin battle it out, with TJP hitting a Tornado DDT as both men are able to tag out. Alexander escapes out of a chokeslam attempt but walks into a boot before reversing into a suplex on Fulton. Alexander hits a boot, but Fulton hits a back body drop followed by a big boot of his own followed by a suplex as Austin tags in but gets taken off the top rope. TJP and Alexander double team and take out Fulton, but TJP starts stomping Austin in the corner, followed by a running boot. They double team on Fulton again, but Alexander takes out TJP by accident with a splash. Austin escapes from Alexander’s Fireman’s Carry and hits a double stomp followed by a Fold attempt, that Alexander punches out of, as he takes down Austin, TJP hits the Mamba Splash. TJP and Alexander start arguing about who should go for the pin, and as Alexander leaves, TJP gets rolled up by Austin for the pin.

Winners: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton by pinfall at 9:12

After the match, Josh Alexander and TJP start arguing some more.

What Up, Fool?

Don Callis walks into Willie Mack backstage and they exchange ‘What up, fool?’, as Callis starts being very pleasant to Mack and asks him how long his contract is for, before complimenting Mack’s dip. Callis starts showing Mack the One-Winged Angel video, but Mack doesn’t seem too impressed. Rich Swann walks in and starts complaining that Callis is showing the video again. Callis says they love his finishing move, and Kenny can’t wait to kick out of it. Swann asks Callis to stand up like a man, and he does and says he’s already in Swann’s head. Swann tells Callis to stop talking to his friend and doesn’t care if he’s an executive here. Swann says if Callis wasn’t his boss, he would smack his sunglasses off his face. Callis repeats it, and says he won’t embarrass Kenny and his family and says for the next 10 minutes he’s not his boss and takes off his glasses and tells Swann to hit him, but Kenny and the Good Brothers run in and start attacking Mack and Swann before Eddie Edwards gets involved and they fight them off.

Let’s Get Wilde

We see a video of what looks like a restroom with some music band posters from the likes of the Ramones and Sublime with the ending graphic saying IMPACT Wrestling presents Coming Soon; IMPACT Zone, April 2021, and an unfinished sentence saying __T’_ G__ __D_. My guess is ‘Let’s Get Wilde”, as in Taylor Wilde who is rumored to be returning.

Indian Latin Exchange

We see Rohit Raju backstage with Hernandez where Raju recommends the tag team name of ILX, the Indian Latin Exchange. Hernandez says the only thing he cares about is money, and if Raju steps in his dock he better have money, Raju has no money so Hernandez tells him to get to stepping.

This World Belongs to Us

We see Violent by Design where Eric Young is with Deaner, Joe Doering, and Rhino. Young says violence showed Rhino the way, and he was baptized in the Holy Water of change, and the olive branch won’t be extended to all. He says 1,000 matches mean nothing to him, and this company wasn’t only built on the back of Storm, but himself as well. And tonight he will show Storm that this world doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to us.

What Are The Rules?

Tommy Dreamer is backstage with the Knockouts roster saying Scott D’Amore has put him in charge of Hardcore Justice and Deonna Purrazzo tells everybody they can get their goodbyes ready as Jazz will lose her career match and challenges anybody. Dreamer stops Susan and asks about her friend Su Yung, but Susan acts like doesn’t know what she’s talking about and doesn’t like any ideas going through his mind, she begins to snap a little until Deonna calls her over. Dreamer then announces a multi-woman Knockouts Scramble Match and the winner will be the #1 contender and face Deonna at Rebellion and all weapons will be legal, which Rosemary is very excited about. Jordynne Grace says she’s in before Tenille asks if it’s a joke as Kaleb with a K says there shouldn’t be any weapons involved, and they ask to speak to someone higher up like Scott. Havok laughs and says she loves this, and Rosemary says ‘Match time!’ before walking away. Alisha asks ‘technically, what are the rules?’, as Tommy seems annoyed and asks for Eddie Edwards and Scott D’Amore saying he never understands her.

Next Week:

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Eddie Edwards

Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering, Deaner & Rhino) vs. James Storm (w/ Chris Harris, Chris Sabin & Jake Something)

It should be noted this is the match where Eric Young suffered his recent torn ACL that should put him on the shelf from anywhere to 6-9 months. They start off Storm’s 1000th IMPACT match, slow before Young tries to take advantage of Storm who has his back turned, but Storm comes back and hits a couple of leg drops and gets a two count followed by a chin lock to wear down Young in the middle of the ring. Young fights out, but Storm punches him, knees him, and takes him down with a pair of elbows. Young takes Storm to the outside, as the six men on the outside surround him as we go to the commercial.

Back from the commercial, Young inside with a pin attempt only gets a two, he hits a swinging neck breaker and gets another two. Young starts to choke out Storm in the corner, as the referee asks him to lay off of him, in which Young tells him to ‘shut his mouth’. Young whips Storm runs towards him and gets an elbow. With Storm on the top rope, he tries a Tornado DDT, but Young is able to reverse it and suplexes Storm into the turnbuckle, but Storm grabs the rope to break the count. Young starts choking out Storm on the ropes while staring down Storm’s help outside who starts smacking the ring trying to hype up Storm out of a chin lock, which he does. Storm comes back with an Atomic Drop and hits a neck breaker for a 2 count. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Young gets out, but Storm quickly does hit the Eye of the Storm for a 2 count. Storm runs into a boot, and Young hits a neck breaker followed by a flying elbow drop for a 2 count. Young is able to dodge and hit a superkick for another two-count. They start exchanging punches, Storm hits a lung blower, but Deaner distracts the referee. Storm rolls up Young but gets pushed to the outside where all the men there start brawling. Inside, Young goes to grab his mask, but Chris Harris grabs him and throws him against the barricade. Back inside, Young walks into the Closing Time superkick by Storm who gets the pin.

Winner: James Storm by pinfall at 15:48

James Storm thanks Bob Ryder while looking in the camera, and says what these men do, they couldn’t have done it without him.