IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Omega & Good Brothers vs. Callihan, Edwards & Kazarian

Originally published at IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Omega & Good Brothers vs. Callihan, Edwards & Kazarian

IMPACT! Wrestling

August 5th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before the IMPACT! – Crazy Steve (w/ Rosemary, Havok & Black Taurus) def. Fallah Bahh (w/ No Way) by pinfall at 7:31

Chris Bey (w/ Jay White) vs. Juice Robinson (w/ David Finlay)

Right away Bey dropkicks Juice in the corner and continues with stomps, Juice tries to fight back but the referee gets in the way and Bey knocks him to the outside where Finlay protects him from White. Bey can take Juice off the apron and do a push-up on the outside before hitting a missile dropkick back inside for a two count. Juice can block Bey’s kicks into a suplex position, but Bey escapes and puts on a sleeper hold as both Finlay and White get on the apron and Juice finally escapes by backing up into the corner but misses a cannonball. Bey hits a Famouser for a two count, but as he tries a standing moonsault, Juice puts his knees up and hits a spine buster. Juice tries the cannonball again and connects as he gets the crowd started on a ‘Juice’ chant. As he lands his punches, Jay White distracts him but Finlay fights him off. With Juice still distracted, Chris Bey hits the Art of Finesse for the pin.

Winner: Chris Bey by pinfall at 5:17

After the match, Jay White hands Chris Bey a Bullet Club shirt to a big pop from the crowd as White and Bey ‘too sweet’ each other.

Filling Up the Plate

Gia Miller is backstage with Kenny Omega, the Good Brothers, and Don Callis as Callis says you can take any three wrestlers in the world, but none are as good as the three. Omega asks Gia what she thinks would happen, but he answers for her it’s going to be an embarrassment and Omega laughs at the fact they are doing a battle royale to figure out who’s fighting him. Violent by Design walks in as Eric Young says that at Emergence their plate is going to fill up more as they are going to reenact their rematch clause for the IMPACT World Tag Titles against the Good Brothers. Doc Gallows says he used to be crazy, and Omega chimes in and says ‘you used to be Festus’.

Good Tag Team Partner

When we come back from the commercial, Gia Miller is backstage with Fire ‘N Flava and asks since things have been rough how they feel going against Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering tonight. Kiera Hogan says they have gotten back on the same page but then makes a dig at Tasha Steelz and Fallah Bahh losing at Homecoming and her now knowing what a good tag team partner feels like. Tasha agreed sarcastically that she knows what a good tag team partner does feel like.

The Homecoming King & Queen + Deonna’s EmPowerrr Opponent

The lights blacken and when they come back on, we see the Drama King Matthew Rehwoldt in the middle of the ring with a mic. As he tries to introduce himself, the crowd chants that he still sucks. Rehwoldt says tonight he is the Homecoming King and will share his spotlight with the Virtuosa Queen, Deonna Purrazzo as she makes her entrance. The lights dim as roses get thrown into the ring. Deonna tries to speak but says she will wait for the crowd to quiet down, as she has all day this being her coronation. Deonna says she’s been racking up accolade after accolade since coming to IMPACT, and not only is she a two-time Knockouts Champion, but the first-ever Iron Woman, the 2020 Wrestler of the Year, 2020 Knockout of the Year, and everybody already knew she was the uncrowned queen of the Knockouts Division. She gets interrupted by the sounds of Hardcore Country, as Mickie James makes her way to the ring with a folder. Deonna gets upset about her spotlight being stolen again tonight but Mickie says she’s out here to congratulate them both and knows Deonna wants to put another jewel in her tiara at EmPowerrr and being they only had a handshake deal she has a contract here for her to sign to put her Knockouts Championship on the line at NWA EmPowerrr. Deonna says she’s defeated the unknown before but before she signs, she wants to know who her opponent is. Mickie introduces Melina as her opponent who comes out and does her signature split coming into the ring. Mickie asks Deonna now that she knows her opponent she will make it official, as Deonna signs away and formally introduces herself to Melina. Even though it’s an honor to meet her, at EmPowerrr it’ll be an honor to defeat her. Melina says she heard Deonna won the Knockouts Title on her first attempt, and even though that’s impressive, she’s looking forward to doing the same thing at EmPowerrr.

Canadian Border Problems

Gia Miller is backstage with Taylor Wilde and asks where she was for the last two months. Wilde says she was just getting her groove back, being back after ten years, but with her being a Canadian, someone reported her crossing the border as being a suspicious person. Wilde accuses Tenille Dashwood of possibly doing it as the person who called in was known as ‘Kalvin With a K’, and she’s demanding a match against Tenille next week.

Mother, The Time Has Come

We see a quick video of Kimber Lee in her Su Yung makeup who calls Su Yung her mother and says she will bring the soul required that she asked for and the time has come.

X Division Championship #1 Contenders Match: Jake Something vs. Daivari vs. Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) vs. Trey Miguel

Daivari and Something starts the match going after each other and ending up outside as Miguel and Raju go at it, with Raju diving to the others outside but they quickly get joined by a moonsault from Miguel. Daivari tries to dive but gets stopped with a cutter from Miguel, they get joined by Raju on the apron and all three men get a big crossbody from running Something as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, Something is in control but Raju and Daivari start double-teaming him, but Something fights them off until Miguel comes back inside and hits a missile dropkick and a Pele Kick taking down Something. Raju and Miguel go at it, ending with Miguel putting on a Muta Lock on him while fighting off Daivari until Something comes in who holds on from a hurricanrana into a sit-out powerbomb, but the pin gets broken up by Raju. Raju takes Something down with a jumping knee but gets taken to the outside by Daivari, who hits a missile dropkick on Something, but he comes back quickly and hits the Black Hole Slam for the pin on Daivari.

Winner: Jake Something by pinfall at 9:03

New Date for Emergence

We get an ad for Emergence on IMPACT Plus now with the new date of August 20th, moving to Friday from the original Saturday date of the 21st.

My Bag, My Bad

We go backstage to Rohit Raju and Shera who are upset and start throwing stuff around, but Matt Cardona comes in and gets upset that one of his bags almost hit Chelsea Green. Shera walks away as he says he doesn’t want to hit a woman. Raju, now alone, says ‘my bad’, and walks away.

All You Have to Do Is Ask

We go to Gia Miller who’s with Josh Alexander who says his X-Division Championship Match with Jake Something will be at Emergence. Alexander says Something earned it the right way and he doesn’t care how big or strong Something is, but Daivari walks in and says Alexander is lucky he isn’t fighting him. Alexander says all he has to do is ask and they will fight next week, and if Daivari wins he will get an X-Division title shot.

Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) vs. Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

Grace and Ellering come out with matching gear looking like an established tag team. All four women go at it before the bell rings, but as it does, Grace and Tasha start in the ring where Grace hits a spine buster for a two count. Ellering comes in and they hit double team splashes and an assisted senton on Tasha, as Rachael hits another senton for a two count before tagging Grace back in. Grace grabs Tasha from the top rope and tries to hit a muscle buster, but she escapes and tags Kiera who hits a running boot to Grace in the corner. Fire ‘N Flava keep Grace in their corner and trade tags as they work on her. They try a double suplex, but Grace can reverse it and tags in Ellering who can take out both Tasha and Kiera before tagging Grace back in as they are now in control hitting a Vader Bomb and a jumping elbow for a two count that Tasha breaks up before getting tossed to the outside. Kiera fights back with a superkick for a two count as she starts looking frustrated trying to call in Tasha who is out of it. Grace and Ellering take advantage and Ellering hits an assisted, spinning Rock Bottom-like move on Kiera for the pin.

Winners: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering by pinfall at 5:21

No More Fire, New Flava

After the match, Tasha Steelz stands above Kiera Hogan looking disappointed. As they are staring each other down, we see a debuting Savannah Evans who comes in and takes out Kiera Hogan with a big boot and a Samoan Drop as Tasha looks on in approval. Evans has recently been seen on AEW Dark.

The Elite Hunter Will Find You

Gia Miller is backstage with Frankie Kazarian and says everybody is surprised after seeing him back after 7 years. Kazarian says this has nothing to do with his past, but his presence as no matter where Elite is he will find them, including IMPACT, the house that he helped build as he starts naming down names that helped build. Yesterday doesn’t mean anything because he’s here for vengeance and today he will get it. Gia asks if he thinks his partners Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan can get along, Kazarian says whatever issues they have to handle elsewhere as tonight it’s all about ripping out the heart of the Elite.

Emergence Three-Way

We see Violent by Design knocking on Scott D’Amore’s door as Eric Young says they will be reenacting their rematch clause at Emergence. D’Amore appreciates them letting him know because they are entitled contractually but he was talking to someone else about tag team title shots as Willie Mack and Rich Swann, and since they were able to beat Violent by Design, they will be part of the Emergency title match making it a three-way.

Steve Maclin vs. Jah-C

Maclin attacks Jah-C on the top rope before the bell rings and takes him out quickly with a big elbow and stomp shouting for him to never turn his back on him as he tosses him against the corner and continues stomping him out. Maclin places Jah-C in a Tree of Woe position and hits him with the low spear in the corner that he calls the Crosshairs. Maclin pulls off at two from a pin attempt as he says he’s not done with him and starts raining down elbows to the face of Jah-C and pulls up at two again telling the referee to never put his hands on him again. Maclin finishes Jah-C off with his Join the Mayhem inverted DDT for the pin.

Winner: Steve Maclin by pinfall at 2:25

After the match, Maclin keeps attacking Jah-C and goes to grab a chair. Petey Williams runs in and stops him with a German Suplex and running knee, he calls for the Canadian Destroyer, but Maclin grabs a chair. Petey takes it away from him as Maclin leaves.

All About Investigations

We go to Tenille Dashwood’s All About Me with Kaleb with a K who is sporting a neck brace. Tenille talks about Taylor Wilde viciously attacking Kaleb as she introduces Dr. Ross Forman who sits down and has nothing to say as he doesn’t understand the concept of the show before Tenille asks the doctor to check on Kaleb’s neck. Scott D’Amore comes in and tells the doctor to leave as he has more important things to take care of before taking a seat himself after smacking the back of Kaleb’s neck a couple of times. Tenille thinks D’Amore is here to fire Taylor Wilde, he says no but since there’s been a lot going on with them and since investigations are messy, Taylor will drop the investigation in return for a match with Tenille for next week. D’Amore comes back in and says Tenille should probably call Madison Rayne about stealing her locker room set for this segment.

Gia Miller is backstage with Chris Sabin and says they know Moose will be part of the #1 contender’s battle royal for next week but Sabin says things are far from over between them. Sabin says he’s not a hateful person, but Moose brings it out of him and they both get under each other’s skin and says when they meet in the battle royal, Sabin will win it go on to become two-time IMPACT World Champion and Moose will never become champion.

Next Week

  • #1 Contenders Battle Royal
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Taylor Wilde
  • Daivari vs. Josh Alexander
  • FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) vs. Chris Bey & Jay White

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) & Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) vs. Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian

Callis does his usual introduction for Kenny Omega this time including that he’s better than ‘Ric Flair, David Flair & Charlotte Flair’. This is Kazarian’s first match for TNA/Impact since May 2014. All six men start brawling on the outside before the bell rings. Callihan and Omega get in the ring as the bell finally rings with Callihan trying to hit his package piledriver, but the Good Brothers stop it. Callihan instead hits a suplex and tags in Kazarian. Kazarian slams Omega and hits a springboard leg drop for a two-count. Gallows kicks Kazarian when he was trying to run the ropes, and Omega takes him down with a bulldog and gains control as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, Gallows has Kazarian in their corner as he’s choking away on the ropes with Omega’s assistance, but Kazarian can fight them off and tag in Edwards. Edwards can keep Anderson in the corners with Kojima chops and goes to hit a top rope hurricanrana, but Omega holds Anderson’s legs who ends up hitting a neckbreaker before tagging in Omega. Gallows comes in and knocks Edwards down with a shotgun elbow and slam before tagging back in Anderson. The Elite hit their triple splash on Edwards for a two-count as Omega starts screaming ‘what is this’ in anger. Edwards tries to tag in Kazarian, but he gets tripped off the apron by Gallows. Omega and Callihan both come in with the hot tags, but Callihan takes advantage and stomps out Omega in the corner but everybody else comes in hitting moves including Kazarian hitting an outside to in DDT on Gallows but runs right into a V-Trigger by Omega. The Elite started triple-teaming Callihan in corners with splashes and hit a double neckbreaker for a two-count from Omega. The Good Brothers go for the Magic Killer on Callihan, but Kazarian stops them. Callihan tags in Edwards who comes in and gets hit by a spine buster from Anderson. Edwards fights off Omega and hits a Blue Thunder on Anderson. As he sets up for the Boston Knee Party, he watches Callihan hit a package piledriver on Omega on the apron, before connecting his finisher on Anderson for the pin.

Winners: Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian by pinfall at 13:49

After the match, Don Callis is seen checking the fingers of Omega to make sure he’s okay. As Edwards is celebrating, W. Morrissey runs in and takes him out with a powerbomb.