IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: The North vs. Austin & Fulton

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IMPACT Wrestling

September 29th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Empty Arena

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs Havok & Nevaeh

This week’s IMPACT begins with a Tag Match from the Knockouts Division. As Rosemary and Havok are about to square off both Taya and Nevaeh calm them down and start the match instead. Taya kicks Nevaeh in the midsection and both very quickly tag their partners back in. Rosemary comes at Havok with a lot of energy and soon tags back in Taya allowing them to double team Havok. Havok blocks an Irish Whip and knocks down Taya with a big Clothesline before tagging Nevaeh in, Now Nevaeh and Havok are double-teaming Taya with Running Splashes into the corner. Nevaeh and Havok have an advantage over Taya for a long time. Taya fights back and makes the hot tag to Rosemary who delivers Sling Blades to both Havok and Nevaeh. Rosemary applies the Upside Down on Havok but breaks before the five-count. Rosemary follows up with a Top Rope Crossbody, makes the tag to Taya and both deliver a Spear to Havok. Rosemary and Taya celebrate prematurely and Nevaeh attacks them from behind. Taya very quickly fights back and hits Road To Valhalla and pins Nevaeh for the win.

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary defeat Havok & Nevaeh in 6 mins 53 secs

After the match, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz attack Taya and Rosemary from behind.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought that this was an enjoyable opener for this week’s show. The match flowed well and allowed to show the story that Rosemary and Taya are starting to work together well. I especially enjoyed the Double Spear to Havok. Now it seems that Rosemary and Taya are going to be feuding with Kiera and Tasha, which I prefer and think could lead to some solid matches.

Machine Guns Confront The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers are backstage telling some extras a story about when Gallows wouldn’t stop singing at a Japanese Karaoke bar. The extras are laughing hysterically as if it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard. Motor City Machine Guns enter and ask who The Good Brother’s agent is as it seems they’ve got a sweet deal where all they have to do is stand around and tell stories. Gallows reminds Shelley about how he was Anderson’s Young Boy in Japan. Shelley tells Anderson that he was way ahead of Anderson in the Dojo and that he was winning championships whilst Anderson was washing Liger’s laces. Sabin tells them that if they wrestled half as well as they told stories, maybe one day they would be champions too. The Motor City Machine Guns walk-off whilst fake laughing and leave The Good Brothers looking annoyed. Anderson asks Gallows what the name of the Motor City Machine Gun’s finisher is to which Gallows replies “I don’t know, probably some flip or something”. Anderson shouts after the Machine Guns “Cool finisher! I can’t wait to kick out of it!” and they all break into over the top laughter.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a good back and forth between the two teams. I like that The Machine Guns are airing the same grievances that fans have been having with The Good Brothers, that they aren’t taking IMPACT seriously enough. I thought Shelley’s call back to their time together in the Dojo was excellent and gave more context to the feud.

Deonna Purrazzo Interview

Gia Miller is backstage interviewing Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee. Purrazzo calls Kylie Rae “misguided” and “confuses”. She says that being friends with the locker room won’t help Kylie Rae when she faces the Virtuosa. Deonna says that at Bound For Glory she is going to defeat Kylie Rae and break her arm. Miller informs Purrazzo that she may not be champion at Bound For Glory as she will be defending her title against Susie at Victory Road.

Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace

Kaleb With a K is in the ring and says that he is going to drop some premium content for $3.99. He says that they know her from Cancun to Bora Bora, she has over 1.5million followers on Instagram and it’s “all about her” as he introduces Tenille Dashwood to the ring.

Grace goes for the Grace Driver early but Dashwood slips out. Grace follows up with a Scoop Slam to pick up a two count and follows up by driving Dashwood into the corner. Grace tries to drive Tenille’s head into the ring post but Dashwood blocks it and hits a Neckbreaker in the ropes. As Grace is down, Dashwood poses for some photos taken by Kaleb With a K. Grace fights back and hits a Running Meteora into the corner followed by a Running Hip Attack and finishing with a Vader Bomb for a two count. Tenille hits the Low Cross Body into the corner and goes for the Spotlight Kick but Grace blocks it. Grace attempts the Grace Driver again but Kaleb With a K gets on the apron, distracting Jordynne Grace and allowing Dashwood to slip out. Grace however manages to come back and applies a Crossface Chickenwing with Bodyscissors to force Tenille to tap out.

Jordynne Grace defeats Tenille Dashwood via Submission in 8 mins 40 secs (plus commercials)

Davie’s thoughts: Another solid match from these two. I really enjoy Jordynne Grace and feel she has good matches against pretty much anyone she is up against. Dashwood works well against her although had moments where she slowed the pace of the match down too much for my liking. It is now 1-1 in their feud and I fully welcome a rubber match with higher stakes down the line.

TNA’s Funeral Invitation

Moose is backstage looking for EC3 and is angered when he learns that EC3 has his own private locker room. Moose bursts into the room and grabs a guy in a hoodie who he thinks is Moose. The guy says that he is just an employee and is going to HR to make a formal complaint about Moose. As the employee leaves, the lights go out and EC3 appears on a screen. He tells Moose that he made a valiant effort but it’s not good enough and he has failed. EC3 tells Moose that failing is ok because when you fail, you grow. EC3 says that next week he is going to destroy the TNA World Heavyweight Title and hold a funeral for it. He says that in death we pay homage to nostalgia. EC3 invites Moose to the funeral because if he doesn’t show up, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Rich Swann Is Ready

Next up we get a video package watching Rich Swann training and rehabbing for his World Title match at Bound For Glory. Swann says that at Bound For Glory he is going to prove all his doubters wrong. There is an interview with Swann’s doctor who says that he wants to be proven wrong as he didn’t clear Swann originally. The doctor says that no one has been training harder than Swann. He checks the ankle and says that it looks amazing and that Swann is ready to go

IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week

This week’s IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from Victory Road 2012 where Madison Rayne challenged Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship.

Reno Scum Jump Heath & Rhino

Heath is outside the arena telling Rhino about how well the infomercial is going, that the fan response has been excellent and how IMPACT Management is willing to have talks with him. Rhino says that the money (stolen from Hernandez) paid off. Heath goes on to say that he still has the money as he maxed out his credit card but before he can finish they get jumped by Reno Scum who steal back the money.

Rhino approaches Scott D’Amore and tells him about the attack outside and asks for a tag match with Heath against Reno Scum. D’Amore says that he doesn’t have time to set up the paperwork to employ Heath but if they are able to sign a waiver Heath can partner Rhino against Reno Scum in an Unsanctioned Match at Victory Road.

The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)

As The Good Brothers make their way to the ring they are advertising their Talk n Shop Beer. Anderson and Gallows manage to isolate Wentz in their corner and deliver punches and kicks in the corner. Wentz makes the tag to Dez and both double team Anderson with Kicks and a Double Stomp to the back. Anderson makes the tag to Gallows who hits a big Clothesline to Dez followed by a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Gallows tries to put Dez to sleep but Dez fires back with some punches to the stomach and delivers a Wheelbarrow Bulldog, allowing him to tag in Wentz. Wentz hits an Enziguri to Anderson followed by a PK and tags Dez back in allowing them to double team Anderson. Dez goes for a Tope Suicida to Gallows but gets caught and thrown into the barricade. Anderson hits a Spinebuster to Dez and follows up with the Magic Killer for the win.

The Good Brothers defeat The Rascalz via Pinfall in 7 mins 12 secs

After the match, Anderson gets on the microphone and calls out The Motor City Machine Guns. Anderson says that since arriving at IMPACT Wrestling they haven’t told anyone why they are there. He goes on to say that they came for a lot of money but also to make The Motor City Machine Guns their first target and that at Bound For Glory they will become new Tag Team Champions.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was another fairly decent match on this week’s show but didn’t reach the levels that I feel it could. The Rascalz have been excellent every week and were definitely the highlights in this match for me. I feel that The Good Brothers haven’t really been wrestling at full speed since joining IMPACT and this showed here. It looks as though they are turning The Good Brothers into more of a heel act and I think that will work a lot better as I have not been finding them likable. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them win the titles at Bound For Glory and then have The North repackaged as babyfaces chase them for the title.

Dreamer Challenges Myers

Brian Myers and Tommy Dreamer see each other from across the hallway as old Spaghetti Western music starts to play. They approach each other and Myers reminds Dreamer that he said if he saw him in these halls that he better go the other way. Myers goes to punch him but Dreamer blocks him and grabs Myers by the throat. Myers screams “be professional” so Dreamer lets go and says he will face him at Victory Road.

Fix It Kaleb!

Tenille Dashwood is backstage with Kaleb With a K nursing her injured neck. They approach Grace who asks if they have a problem. Kaleb tells Grace that Tenille challenges her for a rubber match at Victory Road. Tenille is angry with Kaleb and says that she wanted him to fix the situation, not make it worse.

Johnny Swinger vs Fallah Bahh (Winner will be John E Bravo’s Best Man)

The cast of Wrestle House (now known as the Grooms People) surround the ring for this “Best Man Match” between Swinger and Bahh. Fallah Bahh backs Swinger into the corner and lights him up with Palm Strikes to the chest. Swinger attempts to Scoop Slam Bahh, however, he is too heavy. Bahh hits a Scoop Slam of his own followed by a Leg Drop for a two count. Swinger stamps on the hand of Cody Deaner and as the referee is distracted with Deaner trying to get into the ring, Swinger uses Crazzy Steve’s monkey to hit Fallah Bahh in the head. Swinger gets the pinfall and is now officially John E Bravo’s Best Man.

Johnny Swinger defeats Fallah Bahh via Pinfall in 1min44secs to become John E Bravo’s Best Man

After the match, Bravo gets on the microphone criticizing the referee for not seeing Swinger use the monkey and demands that the match is restarted.

Fallah Bahh hits a Running Splash to Swinger and follows up with the Banzai Drop for the win.

Fallah Bahh defeats Johnny Swinger via Pinfall in 18 secs to become John E Bravo’s Best Man

Davie’s thoughts: I wasn’t expecting much from this match and I wasn’t delivered much either. The good thing is is that it didn’t outstay it’s welcome. The highlight was Bravo chastising the referee for missing Swinger’s antics. I think Bravo always sounds great on the microphone and is very entertaining in his role.

Rohit Raju Interview

Gia Miller is backstage with Rohit Raju and asks about Rohit’s “cheap tactics” last week when he retained the X Division Championship. Rohit says that he went from being the hardest worker in the room to the smartest worker in the room and because of that he now gets results and is a star. Rohit goes on to say that at Victor Road he will debut “Defeat Rohit Challenge” and anyone is welcome to challenge him. TJP comes in and says that he would like to challenge Rohit at Victory Road. Rohit says that it can’t be TJP, Chris Bey, or Trey as they have already had their chance. TJP is left with Miller and says that he has never been rejected before and is going to go home, put on The Notebook and eat some Ben and Jerry’s.

The Referee’s A Moron

Backstage Johnny Swinger approaches John E Bravo and is angry that he didn’t want him to be the Best Man. Bravo says that he doesn’t care who is Best Man but he does care about bad officiating and calls the referee a moron.

Ken Shamrock Attacks Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards comes to the ring and talks about how he got jumped from behind at the end of last week’s show. He calls out Eric Young, saying that he knows it was him and can’t wait to beat his ass. The lights go out and Sami Callihan appears on the stage. Callihan says that he is a good guy and he didn’t do it. Edwards says that whether he admits to attacking him or not, he is still going to get his ass whooped. Callihan says that he didn’t do it but can show him who did. The lights go off again and Shamrock appears behind Edwards and hits him with a Roundhouse Kick. Shamrock grabs him in the head and screams “Get out of my way” before beating him down further. Shamrock then applies the Ankle Lock to Edwards as Callihan gives him the thumbs down.

Davie’s thoughts: This angle seemed really out of nowhere but at least it is a fresh direction for both Shamrock and Edwards. I like the idea of keeping Shamrock and Callihan together as I felt they had pretty good chemistry. Shamrock working as a heel freshens up his character a lot however, I can’t say I’m too excited about seeing him wrestle again.

Eric Young Promo

Eric Young is backstage and says that Edwards doesn’t have too many friends and he has too many enemies. He says that he hurt Eddie really badly and now Shamrock has hurt him badly too. Young says that Edwards shouldn’t show up at Victory Road but being the martyr and hero that Edwards is, he knows he will be there. Young says that he gave Rich Swann the choice to not face Young but he chose wrong. He says that anything that happens to Swann from this point on he is not responsible for. “I am the Champ and you are not.”

Susie and Kylie Rae

Susie is backstage looking at herself in the mirror as Kylie Rae comes in and says she is really excited about Susie’s opportunity at Victory Road. Susie asks if Kylie will be mad at her if she wins the championship but Kylie says she would love the opportunity to face her friend at Bound For Glory. Kylie gives a pair of kick pads to Susie for good luck and tells her “your time has come” as she leaves. Susie stares back into the mirror as the lights change as she gets possessed by Su Yung and we hear a voice say “your time has come”.

Victory Road Card

Defeat Rohit Challenge

Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace

Brian Myers vs Tommy Dreamer

Reno Scumm vs Rhino & Heath (Unsanctioned Match)

Deonna Purrazzo vs Susie (Knockouts Championship)

Eric Young vs Eddie Edwards (IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship)

Next Week

Motor City Machine Guns vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary

The North vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Ethan Page starts the match against Fulton and acts scared as he is trying to avoid the big man. Fulton catches Page and hits him with Snake Eyes. As Fulton is running the ropes, Josh Alexander hits him from behind. Fulton gives chase to Ethan Page on the outside but runs into Alexander allowing The North to beat him down. Fulton holds Alexander as Austin hits a Springboard Leg Drop. Fulton tags in Austin who continues the beatdown on Alexander. Alexander eventually makes the tag to Ethan Page and The North double team Austin. Fulton and Alexander get tagged back in. Fulton delivers a Pop Up Punch to Alexander. Alexander hits a German Suplex followed by a Roaring Elbow and a Rolling Senton, showing off impressive strength. Austin and Page get tagged back in. Austin hits a Top Rope Leg Drop to the back of the neck of Page to pick up a two count. Austin then climbs on top of the shoulders of Fulton and hits a Splash from a crazy height. The North then starts to fight back and send Fulton to the outside. Fulton gets back up on the apron so Page throws Alexander into Fulton’s legs to take him out. The North then hit their Double Team Finisher (never given a name on commentary) on Ace Austin and pick up the win

The North defeat Ace Austin & Madman Fulton via Pinfall in 10 mins 18 secs

After the match, The Good Brothers come back out and are gesturing that they will be the next Tag Team Champions. The four men square off in the middle of the ring as Austin and Fulton attack The Good Brothers from behind. Page and Alexander join in the attack on The Good Brothers as The Motor City Machine Guns run out to even the odds. The show goes off the air as all the men are still brawling.

Davie’s thoughts: Another great showcase from The North. Madman Fulton was in the match a bit too much for my liking as I think he is the least interesting of the four men but he is starting to seem more comfortable in playing the monster. Austin’s jump off of Fulton was really impressive as he was incredibly high. The North is playing a weird mix of still babyface fighting from underneath paired with some heel work as they are in this transition period with their characters. This wouldn’t often work and would be confusing but as it was a heel team vs a heel team it worked well and was actually more believable. I’m glad to see The North got the win and that they are still going to get a lot of focus despite not being tag champions. The final image of the four teams fighting was a great visual of seeing how strong IMPACT’s Tag Division is right now.

Overall, I found this a pretty enjoyable show beginning to end. There was no segment that I felt insulted my intelligence, which unfortunately I find I get too much of in wrestling. All the wrestling was strong, however, nothing blew me away. The cards for both Victory Road and Bound For Glory look to be in good shape. I think IMPACT has been doing a pretty good job in recent weeks with the majority of their stories and their Knockouts and Tag Divisions are really shining brightly right now.

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