IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: The North vs. Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards

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iMPACT Wrestling #820

April 7th, 2020

Coca Cola Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

The show opens with a recap of last week’s episode showing Josh Alexander beating Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard defeating Ethan Page. After the match, Edwards ran out to save Blanchard from a beatdown from The North and Michael Elgin ran out to attack them both.

We then see a clip of Ken Shamrock arriving at the arena as he is prepared to talk for the first time since being attacked by Sami Callihan.

Willie Mack Promo

Willie Mack comes down to the ring and calls Ace Austin and Reno Scum “cowards” for attacking an injured Rich Swann last week. He challenges Austin to a fight right now, however, Reno Scum comes out setting up a handicap match.

Willie Mack vs Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster The Legend)

Willie Mack clears the ring early, however, Reno Scum comes back and manages to take the advantage with a series of double team maneuvers leading Thornstowe to get an early one count. Luster gets tagged in and hits a series of chops to Mack and rubs his face into the armpit of Thornstowe for what they call “Pity City”. Thornstowe is tagged in and hits a Standing Moonsault to Mack for a two count. Thornstowe follows up with a beautiful Standing Dropkick followed by a Senton, however, Mack gets his knees up. Mack then fires up with a series of Clotheslines, a back elbow and a Samoan Drop followed by a kip-up and a Standing Moonsault of his own for a two. Thornstowe jumps off the back of Luster into a Double Foot Stomp but it isn’t enough to keep Willie Mack down who comes back with a Stunner to Thornstowe followed by the Six Star Frog Splash for the win

Willie Mack defeats Reno Scum via Pinfall in 5 mins 57 secs

After the match, Ace Austin runs out and hits a Spinning Heel Kick taking out Mack. Thornstowe and Luster hold Mack as Austin hits him with The Fold.

Davie’s Thoughts: Not a bad match to open the show but nothing blow away. Willie Mack’s promo was competent but lacked enough emotion for my liking. Mack is fun to watch but I really feel he can kick it up another gear, especially when he starts to make his comeback. Luster The Legend doesn’t really do much for me however, Thornstowe impressed me with his Dropkicks and Moonsaults, which were executed very nicely.

Kylie Rae Backstage

Kylie Rae arrives and runs into Gail Kim backstage. Kylie expresses how excited she is to be meeting Kim and Kim tells her that she is excited to have Rae in the Knockout Division. Rae then walks into Susie and both introduce themselves as a creepy version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” is playing in the background. Kiera Hogan interrupts them and tells Rae that no one are friends in iMPACT Wrestling and everyone is fake. She reveals that she will be Rae’s opponent at Rebellion and then challenges Susie to a match tonight.

Davie’s Thoughts: I understand what Kylie Rae’s character is. It is essentially Bayley from NXT in 2012-14. Rae plays the character fine but the character itself doesn’t work for me. I don’t like seeing grown adults acting like children on TV…but that is just my preference. I thought Kiera Hogan sounded good and brought the arrogance and “mean-girl” vibe the character needs.

Chris Bey vs Daga

Chris Bey shows off his confidence early on by dancing and posing however Daga takes him down. There are a lot of pin attempts early on from School Boys, Sunset Flips and other roll-ups from both men. Bey starts to get the advantage as he hits Daga with a Cartwheel Kick to the head. He goes for a Springboard Cutter but this gets blocked by Daga. Bey then gets Daga into an Abdominal Leg Scissors for what felt like forever. Eventually, Daga gets out by slamming Bey to the mat and follows up with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and a Gutwrench Powerbomb for a two count. Bey then bails to the outside and goes for a Standing Moonsault off the ramp but Daga dodges. Daga then runs the whole length of the entrance ramp and hits Bey with a huge Cross Body. He rolls Bey into the ring and hits another Cross Body off the top rope. Daga attempts to pin Bey with a Sunset Flip, however, Bey sits down on his shoulders and grabs the middle rope to sneak the win.

Chris Bey defeats Daga via Pinfall in 10 mins 7 secs

Davie’s Thoughts: I thought this was a fun match however, I think I set my expectations a little too high after seeing them meet in the Eight-Man Match a couple of weeks ago. There were some cool spots like the stuff off the ramp however, I felt the long submission attempt in the middle of the match really dragged it down. Chris Bey’s character managed to shine through and I think will be a really fun, arrogant talent to watch in the future.

Flashback Moment of the Week Lockdown 2011

This week’s “Flashback Moment of the Week” is an Xscape Match from Lockdown 2011 between Max Buck, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Jeremy Buck, Robbie E and Suicide.

Taya Beats Up John E. Bravo

In the back of a truck, we see John E. Bravo wearing a helmet and covered in padding as Taya is hitting him repeatedly with a steel chair. She is frustrated about no longer being Knockouts Champion and is taking her aggression out on Bravo, who isn’t too impressed.

Davie’s Thoughts: I just don’t find these segments very funny in the slightest.

The Rascalz Treehouse

The Rascalz are preparing to watch the Tag Team Championship match between Blanchard and Edwards and The North as they want to be prepared for when they eventually challenge for the title. Dez has invited The Deaners to join them to watch who arrive with beer. Fallah Bahh and TJP arrive with some Filipino food and XXXL showed up too. Wentz and Trey are annoyed that Dez invited these guests and leave. Throughout the segment, there is canned laughter.

Davie’s Thoughts: The comedy in iMPACT Wrestling never lands for me. I just don’t think it’s my style of comedy at all and I never think it is executed well. This didn’t make me excited for the main event or excited to see any of these wrestlers again. I also really didn’t understand why there was canned laughter and sound effects throughout the whole thing.

Madison Rayne vs Havoc

Madison Rayne leaves the commentary desk for a match against Havoc. Rayne is acting the heel by posing on the ring ropes and yelling that she is a five-time Knockouts Champion. She tries to strike Havoc and then move but eventually gets caught with a big Backbreaker and Clothesline combo followed by a Running Boot to the corner. Rayne tries to come back with some forearms and Enziguri but gets hit with a Vertical Suplex. Rayne climbs the top and attempts to hit a Crossbody but this gets caught and turned into a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Havoc defeats Madison Rayne via Pinfall in 3 mins 55 secs

Davie’s Thoughts: I was surprised Rayne got in as much as she did here. This was a clear squash match for Havoc who I see them moving towards to title picture now the Undead Realm story is (hopefully) over.

Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards Backstage

Tessa approaches Edwards backstage and says that she needs to clear the air. She’s annoyed that Edwards tried to help her last week as she told him that she didn’t need him. Eddie says that he knows she is a proud champion but sometimes when someone reaches out their hand you should just take it. They have a big opportunity tonight to become Tag Team Champions and she can either take that opportunity or leave it.

Ken Shamrock Interview

Jimmy Jacobs has a sit-down interview with Ken Shamrock, who has not been seen since Sami Callihan attacked him with a fireball a few weeks ago. Shamrock explains that the heat from the fireball penetrated his eyes and did damage to the retina. For weeks he has had to apply drops with antibiotics to avoid infection. He says that it was uncomfortable and scary as he didn’t know if he would ever get his eyesight back. Next week will be a contract signing between Shamrock and Callihan for their match at Rebellion and there is to be no physical contact before their match. Shamrock says that he is working on trying to keep his composure and control and calls himself the “Godfather of Pain”. The lights then flicker as if it has been “hacked” and Shamrock gets mad and leaves to find Sami Callihan.

OVE (Dave and Jake Crist) w/ Madman Fulton vs Tommy Dreamer and Rhino

The match starts with quick tags between Dreamer and Rhino. As Dreamer is running the ropes, Fulton grabs him in a bearhug and gets himself ejected from ringside. Dreamer hits a Bionic Elbow to Jake Crist followed by a pin attempt however, Dave Crist is distracting the referee. Dave gets tagged in who gets hit with a Superplex from Dreamer who makes the hot tag to Rhino. Rhino gets a near fall after a Belly to Belly Suplex. Jake Crist lights up Dreamer with a series of impressive looking kicks but walks right into a Gore from Rhino for the win.

Tommy Dreamer and Rhino defeat OVE via Pinfall in 6 mins 29 secs

After the match Madman Fulton comes out again and beats down Rhino and Dreamer. He delivers a terrible looking End of Days type move to Dreamer to end the segment.

Davie’s Thoughts: I don’t really see who this is serving. Dreamer and Rhino should be there to be putting over younger talent, not beating them whilst making them look like jokes. OVE tried to get their heat back by beating the two down after the match however, Fulton’s offense looked so bad that it didn’t really work. There was also no mention of their anger about Sami Callihan leaving the group, which was a story that actually interested me slightly.

Rosemary and Johnny Swinger

Rosemary is still at the bar and is approaching different men seeing if she should take their soul or not. Johnny Swinger approaches her and says that he is calling a Young Buck for a match so that he can impress her.

Kiera Hogan vs Susie

Kiera starts the match by shoving Susie who comes back with a vicious slap, Headlock Takedown, and a Running Bulldog. Hogan hits a Running Forearm, Running Hip Attack and Running Dropkick all to the corner but Susie comes back with a Lou Thesz Press and the two started rolling around the ring. Hogan hits Susie with a Superkick for a near fall. Susie comes back with a top rope Hurricanrana and then looks for the bloody glove that Su Yung wears. As she is distracted she gets hit by a Roundhouse Kick and Rolling The Dice for the win.

Kiera Hogan defeats Susie via Pinfall in 5 mins 2 secs

Davie’s Thoughts: Kiera Hogan impresses me with her character work and in-ring ability. The match was fine and both looked impressive at points however, there were also moments of sloppiness, especially when they were both rolling around the ring after the Lou Thesz Press. I think Hogan will be a great first big match for Kylie Rae at Rebellion.

Michael Elgin and The North

The North are chilling backstage before their title defense when Michael Elgin enters. Elgin asks which man is going to step aside in tonight’s match so that he can get his hands on Blanchard and Edwards. This works up Josh Alexander who demands respect from Elgin as they are the only champions in the room right now. Page calms them down and says that they will soften them up so that he can win the World Championship. Elgin says that they may lose tonight and this fires up Page. Elgin tells them to use that anger as he leaves.

Tenille Dashwood Interview

Tenille Dashwood is interviewed by Jimmy Jacobs backstage. She says that Taya thinks that she is the best in the division but she is not and that she has lost the plot since losing the title to Jordyn Grace. Tenille reveals that next week she will be facing Taya in a match.

Next Week

Taya vs Tenille Dashwood

Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan Contract Signing

Johnny Swinger vs “Young Buck” M. Jackson

Tag Team Championship

Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard vs The North

The story of the match is that Tessa Blanchard wants to prove that she can win on her own and doesn’t need Edwards’ help. Alexander is outpowering Tessa and attempts to hit her with a Vertical Suplex but she slips out. Blanchard tries to Clothesline Alexander out of the ring but isn’t strong enough and gets shoved down. This fires up Blanchard who now clotheslines him to the outside. Tessa falls into the corner and Edwards tags himself in and hits The North with a series of chops, Atomic Drops and Belly to Belly Suplexes. Edwards goes for a Suicide Dive and as he is running the ropes Tessa tags herself back into the match and hits a Crossbody to The North on the outside. Blanchard fires up with Low-Pe Suicida’s either side of the ring, followed by a Cutter to Page for a near fall. The North hit a great looking Cutter into a Wheelbarrow Suplex for a two count. All four are now in the ring. Blanchard steps off of Edwards’ back for a Destroyer. Blanchard takes down Alexander with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT but refuses to tag Edwards. The North then pick her up and shove her into Edwards, knocking him down and hit the Torture Rack into a Slam for the win

The North defeat Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall in 14 mins 34 secs

After the match, Edwards goes into the ring and asks Tessa why she didn’t tag. Tessa shoves him away and says “I know what you really want Eddie”. As Eddie leaves to go to the back Michael Elgin attacks Blanchard. Edwards sees it happen, shrugs and walks off. Michael Elgin hits Tessa Blanchard with the Elgin Bomb as the show goes off the air.

Davie’s Thoughts: By far the best match of the night. I really enjoyed the storytelling and thought all four wrestlers worked really hard. I’m finding the story between Edwards and Blanchard really interesting and am genuinely looking forward to the triple threat. It is clear why The North have been Tag Champions for as long as they have as I think they are a really smooth team with some fantastic tag moves. I would love to see them in another company…

iMPACT definitely has some really good talent and is capable of putting on some really exciting matches however, I feel they focus far too much on bad comedy. A lot of the comedy not only doesn’t land with me but I don’t actually understand what they are talking about. If I could get more matches like the Tag Main Event and Bey vs Daga, I would enjoy this product a lot more.