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IMPACT Wrestling

October 27th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

Eric Young Attacks Rich Swann

The show starts with Eric Young attacking Rich Swann backstage. He brings Swann to ringside and attempts to hit him with the title belt but Swann starts fighting back. Young starts choking Rich Swann with his shirt and throws him into the ring. Swann fights back with a Spin Kick and climbs to the top rope to hit the Phoenix Splash but Young knocks him off and continues the beatdown until security and referees pull them apart. Scott D’Amore comes out Young demands he gives him a rematch. D’Amore refuses to grant the rematch and orders Young to be removed from the building. Swann tells D’Amore that if Young wants his rematch right now, he can get it right now.

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship

Rich Swann vs Eric Young

Swann wrestles the whole match in dress slacks and barefoot. Young goes for a Splash off the top rope but Swann moves. Swann follows up with some Kicks to the stomach and a Front Flip Kick to the back of Young’s head for a two count. Young catches Swann and hits him with a Release Powerbomb for a near fall. Swann catches Young with a Superkick, Handspring Cutter, and the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Rich Swann defeats Eric Young via Pinfall in 3 mins 24 secs

Davie’s thoughts: I felt this was a hot way to open the show but after their fantastic match at Bound For Glory, the fact that Swann is now able to defeat Eric Young in just three minutes after being attacked, wearing slacks and barefooted makes Young look really weak and it’s going to take a bit of time to rehab him.

He’s Back!

Nevaeh is backstage checking on Havok. Havok says that “he’s back” and the wedding’s on.

Women’s Tag Tournament

The women’s locker room is outside Scott D’Amore’s office trying to figure out what is going on with the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Kaleb With A K tells them that it has been announced that an eight-team tournament will start in three weeks. Alisha Edwards says that she needs to find a tag partner. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan and Havok and Nevaeh walk off as they are already in a team. Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace eye each other up before leaving separately, leaving Alisha all on her own. Steelz and Hogan come back to make fun of Alisha being all on her own. Jordynne Grace comes back and says that she will partner Alisha and take them on later tonight. Alisha starts to sing “Jordynne Grace wants to be like me” as they leave.

Hardcore Halloween Match

Brian Myers vs Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer enters wearing his Road Warrior Animal inspired face paint and attire. Dreamer throws Myers to the outside and the two start to brawl. Dreamer tries to choke Myers with a t-shirt and then drives his face into the spikes on his entrance vest. Dreamer smashes a walker over the back of Myers and teases that there is something in the garbage can as he places it in the ring,. Dreamer hits Myers low with a ring bell and goes to jump off the apron but gets hit with a plastic road sign. Myers gets a bag of apples and continuously spits them into the face of Dreamer. Dreamer starts to fight back with some Jabs to the face but gets Kicked in the stomach before he is able to hit the Bionic Elbow. Dreamer comes back with a Cutter but Myers is able to kick out. Dreamer fills the ring with candy corn and thumbtacks. Myers attempts to Superplex Dreamer onto the candy corn and thumbtacks but Dreamer bites him in the head and shoves him off the top onto the tacks. Dreamer goes for the pin but Myers kicks out. Dreamer sets up a table in the corner but Myers hits him with a Clothesline sending Dreamer into the tacks. Myers picks up the kendo stick and says that he is going to end Dreamer’s career but Swoggle comes out of the garbage can with a pair of BBQ tongs and uses them to grab Myers low. Dreamer then picks Myers up and hits the Death Valley Driver through the table and picks up the win.

Tommy Dreamer defeats Brian Myers via Pinfall in 11 mins 40 secs (plus commercials)

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was actually a really fun plunder match and a lot better than I thought it would be considering I am no longer interested in either performer. Sure there are questions about why people are doing spots with thumbtacks to no crowd but I was entertained. I don’t really see where either of these guys go from here. I feel they’ve been trying to build up Myers as a credible veteran performer but he just lost to Tommy Dreamer who really shouldn’t be a focus in wrestling in 2020.

Rhino and Heath Interview

Heath and Rhino are backstage being interviewed by Gia Miller. Rhino says that once Heath is healthy they are going to cash in the Call Your Shot trophy for a chance at the IMPACT Tag Team Championship. Heath plays down that he is injured and says that he is absolutely fine as he is wincing in pain.

Hernandez and Reno Scum corner Fallah Bahh backstage and demands an apology and the money back. Fallah Bahh apologizes but says he no longer has the money as he stole it for John E Bravo. They rip open his shirt to see if he still has the money but it is gone. Luster The Legend punches him in the stomach as the others go to look for Bravo to get the money. After they have left, Fallah Bahh reaches into his pants and reveals that he still has the money.

XXXL vs The Rascalz

The Rascalz are posing on the turnbuckle for their entrance, XXXL charge at them but are hit by Tandem Moonsaults. The Rascalz follow up with Super Kicks and Dez hits a Low Pe Suicida to Larry D on the outside. Wentz attempts a Handspring maneuver to Acey Romero but gets caught in a Samoan Drop, which allows XXXL to have the advantage over Wentz for a while. Wentz tries to fight back with Palm Strikes and Kicks to the stomach but Romero is able to prevent him from making the tag. Larry D makes the tag and hits a Body Slam for a two count. Wentz manages to hit Romero with a High Knee and makes the much-needed tag to Dez. Dez comes in with a lot of energy and takes out Larry D with a Somersault Senton in the corner for a two count. Dez hits a Backflip Kick to Romero but Larry D knocks him down with a clothesline for a two count. With Dez in the middle of the ring, Larry D climbs to the top to attempt a Splash however The Rascalz stops him. As they are attempting a Superplex, Romero comes back in and takes out The Rascalz. Larry D delivers the Splash off the top rope and picks up the win.

XXXL defeat The Rascalz via Pinfall in 5 mins 53 secs

Davie’s thoughts: This was another solid match with a great David and Goliath story. Since XXXL has started to show more of a heel edge they seem a lot more credible as a tag team. The Rascalz may be the best in IMPACT at selling being the underdogs in peril and it made for a very entertaining act. Although I prefer The Rascalz, I think it is great to see IMPACT putting a bit of steam behind XXXL and attempt to push them up the rankings in the tag division.

Purrazzo Threatens Legal Action

Scott D’Amore is in a meeting with Deonna Purrazzo and her lawyer. The lawyer is demanding that D’Amore strips Su Yung of the Knockouts Championship and hands it back to Purrazzo, otherwise, they will pursue legal action. D’Amore leaves and says that he is going to head to the ring and address the situation right away

The Motor City Machine Guns Interview

The Motor City Machine Guns are backstage being interviewed by Gia Miller. Alex Shelley informs us that he will be out for about two months until his neck is good enough to wrestle again. Sabin says that The North made it personal when they attacked Alex Shelley and they were never pinned and deserve a rematch for the title once Shelley is healthy. XXXL interrupts and say that they deserve to be Number One Contenders. The Machine Guns tell them to leave and to get to the back of the line but instead they attack Alex Shelley. Sabin fights them off as Shelley is left laying.

Knockouts Title Match Set

Scott D’Amore comes out and addresses the controversy surrounding the Knockouts Championship. He explains that Purrazzo’s lawyer has threatened legal action if she doesn’t get handed her title back. However, D’Amore insists that Su Yung will remain Knockouts Champion. This prompts Deonna Purrazzo to come out with her lawyer and Kimber Lee. Purrazzo’s lawyer says that Scott D’Amore has made a lot of mistakes in the past and this is one of them. He suggests that Su Yung took Kylie Rae out to get the championship shot that she didn’t deserve. The lawyer says that he is fully prepared to take D’Amore to court over it and questions whether he really wants to go through all of that when he could easily just give the title back to Purrazzo. D’Amore says that Deonna could be waiting for years and years until it is settled in court or she could just be a competitor and have her contractually obligated rematch next week and prove why she should be Knockouts Champion. Deonna accepts the rematch for next week.

Su Yung then makes her entrance in her full undead bride gimmick. She applies the Mandible Claw to both Kimber Lee and the lawyer and Mists D’Amore in the face. Purrazzo tries to attack Su Yung but is caught in the Mandible Claw until she passes out.

Rich Swann Is A Marked Man

Rich Swann is backstage with Willie Mack and The Rascalz. He talks about how he was meant to have the night off and celebrate tonight but now he is the World Champion, there are no nights off. The Rascalz and Swann are all laughing and posing with the title as the music from EC3’s vignettes begin to play and Moose appears. Moose says that he is confused about why Swann is celebrating when he is only second best. Moose says that he is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and that makes him number one. He says that Swann must be happy with whatever he gets as he came from a poor home. The Rascalz hold Swann back from attacking Moose and takes him away. Willie Mack squares up to Moose and challenges him to a fight but Moose says that only he gets to say when.

Rich Swann then walks into Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock who mockingly congratulate him. Callihan says that going forward Swann is going to hear a lot from him and Shamrock.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a great segment to showcase who Swann’s next challengers are going to be. Moose’s feud with EC3 has seemed to have changed him and his delivery here was serious and terrifying with no hint of the comedy that he has been showing in recent months. I feel that match is the most logical to build to for the next Pay Per View and you could even unify the titles. Until then it looks like Swann will be feuding with Callihan and Shamrock on TV.

Recap of Ken Shamrock’s Induction

Next up is a recap of Ken Shamrock’s induction speeches including messages from Bas Rutten, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Ariel Helwani, and The Rock.

The North and The Good Brothers Brawl

The North is backstage explaining to security what makes great tag team wrestling. The Good Brothers enter and Ethan Page makes fun of them saying that they were the biggest investment IMPACT Wrestling has made and they can’t even get the job done. The two teams begin to brawl and security pulls them apart.

IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week

This week’s IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week comes from last month’s Victory Road where Willie Mack defeats Rohit Raju via countout in a match for the X Division Championship.

Rohit’s Party

Jimmy Jacobs enters Rohit Raju’s dressing room expecting a party but no one else has shown up. Raju is delusional as he talks about how he defeated five other competitors at Bound For Glory. Jacobs says that TJP had the match won and Rohit stole it from him. This makes Rohit angry and he kicks Jacobs out of the party.

John E. Bravo approaches Fallah Bahh, who is dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Bravo is furious with Fallah Bahh as Hernandez has been chasing him for the money. He tells Bahh that he is dead to him. Johnny Swinger comes in and laughs at Fallah Bahh for messing up.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace & Alisha Edwards

Tasha Steelz wants to start the match with a test of strength but Jordynne Grace easily pushes her down to the mat with just one hand. Grace follows up with a couple of Shoulder Tackles sending Steelz to the outside. Grace sets up for a Tope Suicida however, Alisha Edwards throws Steelz back into the ring, displaying some miscommunication from the new team. Kiera Hogan and Alisha Edwards come into the match with Alisha taking Hogan down with a Clothesline before tagging back in Grace. Alisha climbs onto the shoulders of Grace to hit a Splash. Jordynne attempts to go for a pin but the referee didn’t see the tag. Alisha then turns into a Superkick from Kiera. Alisha hits Kiera with a Flatliner but Grace looks frustrated that she didn’t follow up with a tag. Kiera is then able to isolate Alisha into her corner and makes the tag to Steelz. Alisha sidesteps Hogan and Steelz causing them to collide heads and follows up with a Bulldog to Steelz before tagging in Grace. Grace slams Kiera on to Steelz for a two count. Grace hits the Vader Bomb to Steelz but Hogan breaks up the pin. Alisha Edwards is tagged back in and attempts a Splash on Steelz in the corner however, Tasha is able to move and she hits Grace instead. Steelz then rolls up Alisha for the win.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeat Jordynne Grace & Alisha Edwards via Pinfall in 8 mins 25 secs

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a fun match with a heavy focus on storytelling. Edwards played her role of the underdog trying to prove herself to her partner really well and Hogan and Steelz were entertaining as ever with their bully heelwork. Jordynne Grace being positioned as the “monster” of the team actually works really well and I feel her and Alisha could be an entertaining team to watch in time. I really hope they go all the way and make Kiera and Tasha the first champions as they have been fantastic every week and deserve it.

Moose Attacks Mack

Willie Mack is approached by a fan in the car park who asks him to send a video message to his nephew. As Mack is recording the message, Moose attacks him from behind and grabs the camera.

Taya Warns Rosemary

As Rosemary is getting ready for her wedding, Taya comes in to warn her about Bravo. She says that recently he has turned into a lunatic and he’s out of control. Rosemary says she has something much better in mind for Bravo than leaving him at the altar. Alisha comes in to ask if she made it in time and Rosemary says she has a bad feeling about this.

Next Week

Chris Bey vs Trey Miguel

Su Yung vs Deonna Purrazzo (IMPACT Knockouts Championship)
Ethan Page vs DOC Gallows

Eddie Edwards & Rich Swann vs Eric Young & Sami Callihan

The Wedding of John E. Bravo and Rosemary

As creepy organ music is playing all of the IMPACT roster come out in costume. John E. Bravo comes out in a white, purple, and silver tuxedo. James Mitchell then makes his big entrance as he is back from the dead. Rosemary is then walked to the ring by Crazzy Steve. Rosemary is wearing a black and white Beetlejuice style pantsuit. Father James Mitchell begins the proceedings by saying we are gathered here today to join these two retched souls in unholy matrimony. Mitchell describes Bravo as “virginal” and calls Rosemary “that pernicious dark strumpet of the hive”. Mitchell asks whether anyone has any reason for the two not to be married and no one steps up. John E. Bravo has written his own vows and calls Rosemary “creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, altogether ookie” and his “little gargoyle”. He says that they are destined to be together forever and no one is going to ruin his day for him. Rosemary has also written her own vows and says that from the moment she caught the scent of his extra virginal blood, she knew a shadow had brought him to her. She says that no mortal from this realm or the next can stop them from getting what they want. Mitchell calls for the “ring imp” to bring the rings, so Swoggle steps forward. Both Rosemary and Bravo exchange their rings. Mitchell asks Bravo if he takes Rosemary to be his lawfully wedded wife and of course he says “I do”. Rosemary is asked if she will take Bravo to be her lawfully wedded husband, to which she responds “we do”. Mitchell pronounces them man and wife and he may now kiss the demon. Just as Bravo leans in to kiss Rosemary the lights go off and we hear a lot of commotion from all the guests. We hear a gunshot and the lights come back on to reveal John E. Bravo on the mat with a gunshot wound in his chest. Tommy Dreamer checks on him and asks “Oh my God, who shot Bravo?” Before screaming “Noooooo!” as IMPACT goes off the air!

Davie’s thoughts: When I started writing these IMPACT reports a few months ago, I knew nothing about the Dead Realm. I found the segments confusing, stupid, not funny and I didn’t feel it belonged on a pro wrestling show. Over the past few months I have witnessed James Mitchell get murdered, Havok and Rosemary banished to a desert, Wrestle House, and a lot of other ridiculous stuff. However…IMPACT has beaten me down into submission and I have to say…I thought this was fantastic.

When it comes to weddings in wrestling, you know things aren’t going to go smoothly but I wasn’t expecting to have the groom get shot to close the show. The set up of the wedding with everyone in costume was great. I thought the dialogue from James Mitchell was brilliant and fitted perfectly with the dark tone of the demon’s wedding. Rosemary and Bravo’s vows were also perfect. They have now left us with a “Who shot JR” style story where everyone is a suspect. During the blackout, you can hear someone shouting out “Where’s Chris Bey?!” You also have Hernandez and Reno Scum who believe Bravo has their stolen money. You have Rosemary who said earlier in the show that she has a plan. You have the concerned friend in Taya worrying about the man Bravo has become. Johnny Swinger who is jealous that Fallah Bahh was made best man. Fallah Bahh who was just told that he is “dead” to Bravo. So many suspects! This is actually a case of long term storytelling paying off with a great climax. Now we can move into the “whodunnit” portion of the story.

Overall, I thought this was an incredibly enjoyable episode of IMPACT and their best TV episode for a while. I found all the matches entertaining and we also seemed to get a clear direction of some upcoming feuds. The final scene was simply the icing on the demon wedding cake and closed out a great episode.

I’d really been hoping that this was all leading up to Rosemary sacrificing Bravo. I guess that could still be the case.

I still surprised that Cartoon Network hasn’t sued IMPACT for “John E. Bravo.”