Impact Wrestling 'Slammiversary' Review with John Pollock, Nate Milton & Wai Ting

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John Pollock and Nate Milton review Impact Wrestling’s ‘Slammiversary’ pay-per-view:

Impact Wrestling held their second pay-per-view of 2018 in front of a rabid audience in Toronto with Austin Aries defending the Impact title against Moose. Plus, a Hair vs. Mask match, both versions of LAX collided in a Street Fight, Su Yung defended the Knockout’s title against Madison Rayne and lots more.

Wai Ting joins us with a live report after attending the event at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in downtown Toronto.

Plus, your Café feedback to the show from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Nate & John highlighted a big issue that TNA/Impact has always seemed to have and that is not pulling the trigger on guys at the right time. They do these big builds and don’t go for it, Roode losing to Angle at Bound for Glory, Storm losing to Roode and Monty Brown are all good example. I would even throw in Chris Harris when you look at the early days, I remember when Storm got injured and they really got behind Harris going against Jarrett for the title but he then lost.
In terms of there being no heels ready for Moose, I think you could easily go with an Aries rematch or you get behind Callihan, who I think is incredible in this role.

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Just wanted to say what a fun listen this was. I very much fall into the curious but not committing category you were describing re Impact, so coverage like this (with bonus Vladimir Guerrero shout outs to boot) is great for me. I know John and Wai have a thousand irons in the fire right now re Post Wrestling and I know everyone’s offering their two cents, but I wouldn’t at all be upset if a few of my Patreon shekels made their way to Brother Nate’s pockets in return for continued Impact coverage.