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Impact Wrestling Victory Road 2020 – Impact+ Exclusive

October 3rd, 2020

Empty Arena at Skyway Studios – Nashville, TN

By: John Siino

Commentary: Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne

The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Acey Romero & Wentz start the match, Wentz teases Romero with his speed doing matador taunts. Wentz fails at attempting to knock down Romero with chops and kicks but eventually knocks him to the outside. Dez tags in and hits a suicide dive onto Romero outside to no effect, followed by another attempt into an uppercut. Wentz dives onto him as well and gets caught and body-slammed right on top of his partner. As Larry D gets tagged in, XXXL hit Dez with a bunch of splashes into the corner. Romero comes in and continues to work on Dez as he attempts to make the tag. Romero hits a back suplex that gets broken up at two by Wentz. After a couple of minutes of being beaten down by Larry, Dez attempts at countering with a hurricanrana, just to be reversed into a powerbomb, followed by a club to the back of Dez’ head, which seems to drain Larry’s endurance. While Romero attempts to get tagged in, Larry brushes him off. Dez takes advantage of this and hot tags Wentz in, who is fully energized and fresh. Wentz knocks Larry D down, hits a standing moonsault which Romero attempts to break up and misses and hits his partner with a senton instead. Dez gets tagged in, but double-teamed into a double flapjack, Senton by Romero and a big splash by Larry D that gets broken up by Wentz at 2 and a half. Dez takes advantage of Larry being distracted by Wentz and Romero on the outside, that he hits him with a backflip kick and then the Final Flash for the win.

The Rascalz def. XXXL at 9:27

Siino Vision: I enjoyed the story of XXXL using their new heel tactics to take away The Rascalz main weapon which is the speed by slowing them down and keeping them on the opposite corner to avoid the tag. I expected a faster-paced opener, this one did not pick up until the final minutes of the match. Interesting that they teased Larry ignoring Romero’s request, and makes me wonder if it leads anywhere. I see Acey more of a likable babyface to feud with Larry down the road.

Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

Myers starts the match by getting the better of Dreamer and winning the lockups, so he teases to get the “crowd” to start chanting “You still got it” for Tommy. After a couple of lockups and headlock takedowns, Dreamer finally gets the upper hand on Myers. Myers starts targeting the left arm of Dreamer by snapping it against the ropes, then stomping on it until the referee stops him. Myers continues to verbally taunt Dreamer saying, “You think you’re Terry Funk?”. He kicks Tommy out the ring while going to rest on the turnbuckle suggesting this match is easy for him. Myers seems surprised after a suplex only results in a one-count, that he suggests the ref asks Dreamer if he wants to quit. Dreamer eventually counters into a small package that Myers kicks out of and seems to get him a bit aggravated. Dreamer hits a running dropkick to keep Myers on the outside, followed by a clothesline off the apron. They both get back into the ring at the eight-count. A couple of back and forth abs get followed by a back elbow into a sky-high for a 2 count by Dreamer who says, “That’s worked for D’Lo for years”. Myers hits his signature DDT, but Dreamer stops the three-count by grabbing the bottom rope. Myers awaits Dreamer getting up by saying “I’m sorry, I love you” in the corner, only to go into a cutter where Dreamer gets the two. Dreamer’s face shows frustration as Myers counters with a back kick into a 2 count. Dreamer now hits his signature DDT but continues to do a lazy cover, so Myers puts his foot in the rope to stop it. As Dreamer attempts to climb the top, Myers runs into the ropes knocking him down. As Dreamer gets up, Myers hits him with a clubbing clothesline and a proper cover for the win.

Brian Myers def. Tommy Dreamer at 11:05

Siino Vision: I appreciate Mathews & Rayne attempting to explain the psychology of this match with the story of Dreamer helping Myers break into the wrestling business and how Dreamer shouldn’t have stuck his nose in other’s business, but I feel as if that didn’t translate into the ring much. Not sure, how in the storyline, it makes sense for Dreamer to keep attempting lazy pin attempts and that is the reason for his loss, and I felt like it carried on way too long. Myers still trying to reinvent himself and shed his WWE persona should have gone over quickly and in a more dominant fashion. Hopefully, Myers can move onto a more beneficial feud as I am not too interested in this one.

Moose & Scott D’Amore backstage

Moose is shown backstage knocking on Scott D’Amore’s door as D’Amore shows up from behind him. Moose is questioning why he has a match tonight and should not be allowed to in this state with his TNA title missing. D’Amore says you are a wrestler, and wrestlers usually show up to wrestle here. Scott says Moose has not had a match in a month and maybe he should head out there and remember what wrestling really is. Moose is more concerned about the upcoming funeral for his TNA title that EC3 is holding on Tuesday. D’Amore does not understand the logic of the funeral of an inanimate object but says that is his problem for Tuesday and his problem today should be his match with Trey Miguel. He walks away from Moose still shouting about the match.

Rohit Raju’s Defeat Rohit Challenge

Rohit gets on the mic and says that he and his people are the most caring and giving benevolent people in the world they love to give and love to share the love. And that is what he will do, he will give anybody an opportunity at his X-Division title. He challenges anybody from the back to come out. Willie Mack comes out to accept.

Impact X Division Championship: Rohit Raju (champion) vs. Willie Mack

The match starts with Raju putting Mack into a side headlock, only to get it countered into a shoulder tackle. Back and forth, until Willie hits an arm drag into a hurricanrana, he attempts the stunner but Raju escapes to the outside and comes in at a 5 count. After a couple of quick shots, Rohit knocks Mack down with a leg sweep but runs into a spin kick by Mack before escaping to the outside again. Mack attempts a dive but misses but still hits Rohit with an open palm to the forehead, before throwing Rohit back into the ring at 4.

Rohit tries to distract the referee by talking to him and then catches Mack’s foot and places it into the ref’s hand and punches Mack down. He screams “Opportunity!” before clapping to get the “crowd” amped. Rohit gets a 2 count after a couple kicks to the chest and head of Mack, respectively. Rohit keeps talking about being a giving champion as he holds Mack down with a sleeper hold. Rohit connects with a neck breaker for a two count as he starts to show frustration. He keeps saying “You got it champ, you’re the man, I know!” Mack hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline, a flying back elbow, and a body slam. Mack then hits a leg drop, a Samoan drop into a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Rohit counters a stunner with a rake into the eyes, followed by a spinning DDT into the cross face.

After about a minute of Mack trying to reverse out of it and teasing passing out, he finally breaks free from it but runs into a flying running knee by Rohit followed by a cannonball into the corner for a very close 2 count. Rohit attempts to jump off the top rope but Mack moves out the way hits Rohit with an elbow into an exploder suplex for another two-count. Mack & Rohit end up bumping heads which knocks Rohit to the outside. At the count of 8, Rohit is up and perfectly capable of coming back into the ring but once he realizes what is going on, he dramatically falls back down to the floor to get counted out.

Willie Mack def. Rohit Raju by count-out at 11:13, Rohit Raju retains the X-Division Championship

Siino Vision: I enjoyed this match much more than I expected, Rohit and Mack continue to be two of the most talented in-ring competitors for Impact, and Rohit’s cowardly tactics as champion continue to work for him. I usually do not like cop-out finishes like that, but this one works heavily for Rohit and warrants the rematch.

Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan backstage

Gia Miller asks Shamrock the world wants to know why he attacked Eddie Edwards. Callihan takes the question, he says “The World’s Most Dangerous Tag Team” were very close to becoming tag team champions and says Shamrock would admit it could be his fault for not being the Shamrock of the past before saying Ken is now his best friend. He says he had Shamrock attack Edwards to go back to his old ways. Gia asks Callihan if this has anything to do with Sami & Eddie’s past, Sami says no and shows that his tweet has 45 billion retweets based on the attack, Gia refuses to believe that number is accurate as Callihan & Shamrock get offended by the actions of one, “Mean” Gia Miller.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Kaleb with a K (Caleb Konley) is in the ring about to drop some “premium content” for us tonight. He introduces Tenille as having more followers on social media than anybody else on the Impact roster, not to mention SkyMiles. And tonight, she will put the ‘victory’ in Victory Road, it’s all about her; Tenille Dashwood. Madison Rayne points out the barista spelled Caleb with a C on his cup.

As the match starts, Kaleb warms Tenille up with a shoulder massage and words of encouragement. The story of the match is this is the rubber match as both have earned a victory against each other in the last month. Grace uses her legs to hold Dashwood down, but Dashwood tries to break out of it with a ‘noogie’. This upsets Grace as she starts hammering Tenille’s head down on the turnbuckle while splashing her repeatedly in the corner. The ref warns Kaleb after he moves Tenille out of the way. As Tenille starts stomping down on Jordynne, Kaleb starts taking the pictures with Tenille posing for the selfie. Kaleb continues to distract Jordynne as she hits a neck breaker on the apron. Kaleb seems to get to Jordynne as Tenille knocks Jordynne out of the ring with a basement kick. They both fight and get knocked into the guardrail as Tenille breaks the count-out. Tenille continues to take selfies outside as she bangs Jordynne’s head against the steel steps and even stops to make sure the pictures Kaleb has been taking look good. This distracts Tenille as she just beats the count-out at 9. Kaleb complains the ref is counting slowly and tells Tenille to be more aggressive and “Carol Baskin-ish” with her claws out.

Tenille puts Jordynne in the tree of woe and poses for another picture as she pulls Jordynn’s hair back. Tenille is too busy trying to make sure to get a “perfect picture” as Jordynne reverses and knocks Tenille off the top. Jordynne fires up now and hits Tenille with a spine buster for a two count. Tenille hits a butterfly suplex for a two count, followed by a stomp to the foot and her Spotlight Kick gets reversed, as Jordynne throws her shoulders first into the turnbuckle, hits a Vader splash for a two count. As Kaleb distracts the referee, Tenille is tapping out from a rear-naked chokehold. Once Grace acknowledges this and goes to get the ref’s attention, Tenille reverses the Grace Driver into an inside cradle for a two. Tenille duck two clotheslines followed by the Spotlight Kick for the win.

Tenille Dashwood def. Jordynne Grace at 12:16

Siino Vision: I enjoyed this match, even though some might see Kaleb with a K’s tactics annoying, it certainly fits Tenille’s “influencer” character, and I hope they keep this tandem together for a while before Kaleb becomes more of a distraction to Tenille than her opponents. It is safe to say Tenille should be able to move away from this feud now and into the title picture, as there is not much more to do with Jordynne after the definitive win.

The Motor City Machine Guns backstage

We go backstage where Gia Miller asks how they feel about defending the titles in a fatal four-way at Bound for Glory. Chris Sabin says they feel excited and relieved as they want this story to conclude. It is about time they end it and they can get on with their lives as tag team champions, he talks about tonight’s being a preview with one member of each tag team fighting each other but hypes up Alex Shelley. Shelley says the MCMG is locked, stocked & loaded and tonight he will come out on top and then have a repeat performance at Bound for Glory.

Unsanctioned Match: Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) vs. Rhino & Heath

The explanation for this being unsanctioned is because Heath is not a contracted talent in Impact. Rhino and Luster start the match up and begin to size each other up. Heath tags himself in and works on the left arm of Luster before he himself tags in Thornstowe. Heath looked impressive with some arm drags and takedowns before tagging Rhino back in. Rhino hits Thornstowe with a couple of chops in the corner while working on the arm before tagging Heath back in. As the referee gets distracted, Luster takes advantage and attacks Heath. Scum double team Heath before Luster drops a couple of knees to the throat of Heath. Heath attempts to make the tag in the ring corner, this combined with other antics by Heath gets summed up as ‘ring rust’ by the commentary team.

Heath fires back up before getting shut down into the corner by Luster before being put into ‘Pity City’. Thornstowe tags in hitting a standing moonsault. Heath again attempts to tag in at the wrong corner before finally tagging Rhino in. Rhino and Luster go at it before Rhino hits a belly-to-belly that gets broken up at 2. Rhino sends Thornstowe out and Rhino and Luster hit each other with a double clothesline. Heath, still looking out of it, tags himself in, showing signs of being tired and dizzy. Reno Scum takes advantage and knocks Rhino outside. As they attempt a double-team maneuver on Heath, Rhino comes back in and gores Luster before walking into a superkick by Thornstowe. Thornstowe walks in the Wake-Up Call by Heath for the pin.

Heath & Rhino def. Reno Scum at 10:34

We go backstage where Scott D’Amore tells Heath & Rhino that he was impressed by their team, he still reminds Heath that he does not work there. D’Amore says they can use him in the marketing department with ideas like #Heath4Impact and maybe they can actually sell a Rhino shirt now. In all seriousness, he is impressed and tells Heath to show up Tuesday night for Impact and have a sit-down and talk about possibly being on the show officially. Heath and Rhino embrace and talk about going to have a beer now.

Siino Vision: This match was fine for what it was, but I feel like I just cannot get into this storyline. Heath trying to get a job and then earning a tag team title opportunity seems like a retread of their 2016 SmackDown push. I am hoping that once Heath does get a job, he can break out and reinvent himself to something that is not just a clone of what he was doing elsewhere before. The commentary team didn’t seem into the match plugging away at the rest of the card and storylines for tonight, I don’t understand the idea of that since this is a pay per view that people have already paid and committed too and won’t ‘change the channel’. If the commentary does not seem into the match, it clouds me to feel the same.

Moose vs. Trey Miguel

The match starts quickly with fast-paced action before Moose counters a hurricanrana into a chop. Moose shows anger as he corners Miguel screaming at his “Where is my title? Where is EC3?”, he loses focus as Miguel capitalizes before being thrown off the turnbuckle by the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’. Moose says he knows EC3 is watching this and that Miguel is going to get hurt because of him. He hits a dropkick before saying that Miguel’s family will start a GoFundMe because of him. Moose demands the camera in his face, and he continues to say EC3 is to blame for all of this. Moose hasn’t cracked a smile the entire match as he laughs off Miguel’s attempts at offense. Moose again questions Trey about the whereabouts of his title and EC3. Moose uncomfortably holds Trey’s face to his screaming and spitting out as he yells before Trey starts finally fighting back. Moose counters into a standing Rock Bottom telling Trey it is time to go ‘night-night’ before Trey counters back with a couple of superkicks and then a couple of dives to the outside. He attempts a third dive that gets caught then a moonsault that also gets caught before Moose drops him on his face onto the apron. Just as Moose is about to finish Trey off with a spear, EC3’s graphics come on the screen. Trey takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Moose for the pin.

Trey Miguel def. Moose at 8:20

Moose, EC3, and TNA Title Candlelight Vigil

After Miguel’s music plays, EC3’s graphic comes back up and Moose claims that EC3 is in the production truck. We go into the truck now as we shift to cinematic mode with ominous music playing. All the screens in the truck switch to EC3’s logo as Moose attempted to leave and realize he is locked in before hearing a shrieking sound that bothers him. He finally breaks out and starts running into the parking lot before spotting something. We go to a candlelight vigil for the TNA title that is on display by some flowers. Moose attempts to grab it before EC3 randomly appears and attacks Moose. EC3 says “Nothing lives forever. Next week, the legacy with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship dies. It’s the funeral of the century.” As he grabs the title and walks away.

Siino Vision: The match was just a set-up for what would come after, but I am glad they let someone like Trey rack up wins as he attempts to build up his solo record. Moose continues to entertain me weekly and I am intrigued on how this TNA Title Funeral on Tuesday will go and what the next chapter in the EC3/Moose story is.

Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page) vs. Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows) vs. Alex Shelley (w/ Chris Sabin)

The Good Brothers come out promoting their new beer, it should be noted that Anderson has his own theme music, which I enjoy a bit better than their tag team theme song. They plug Talk N Shop: Full Keg will premier Tuesday, October 20th at 10 pm on AXS, a show with the Good Brothers talking about what they talk about. Anderson and Shelley start the match, as all four partners circling ringside. They both do their own ‘Machine Gun’ taunts to each other and that upsets Anderson as he tags Austin in. Austin hits a beautiful dropkick before Shelley bounces back with a back-body drop. As they fight into Alexander’s corner, he tags himself in and takes down Austin. Austin cowards out to hide behind Fulton, taking advantage of no count-outs. He tries to take a cheap shot on Anderson, but Anderson reverses and chops Austin, resulting in a tag. Alexander and Anderson lock up before going back and forth with strikes before Page trips up Anderson.

The North then taunts Gallows to attack them. Austin tags himself in and runs into a back elbow by Anderson. Anderson then tags in Shelley. Shelley hits back to back dragon leg screws on Alexander and Austin before doing a double single leg Boston crab onto both before Anderson breaks it up. As the ref is distracted, Fulton chokeslams Shelly onto the apron. Austin misses a springboard before Shelley hits a snap suplex onto him. Shelley tags out to Anderson while Austin tags out to Alexander. Anderson screams “It’s Machine Gun Time!” before hitting a spinebuster on Alexander for the two-count. As Alexander hosts Anderson up, it knocks the ref down. This prompts Gallows to come in and big boot Alexander, Fulton then big boots Gallows, followed by a top rope dropkick from Sabin to Fulton, and finally, Page runs in and shoulder tackles Sabin to the outside.

All the talent start brawling outside until Fulton holds Ace Austin up ready to press-slam him onto them all, but before he can, the referee (Brandon Tolle) ejects Fulton, Page, Sabin, and Gallows all to the back as security comes to escort all four out. We go back into the ring where all four participants are duking it out, Shelley tags himself in from Anderson, but Anderson gets upset and eats a superkick from Shelley. As Austin goes to suplex Alexander off the top rope, Shelley intervenes and powerbombs Austin at the same time, which results in a two count from Shelley to Alexander. Shelley hits a frog splash that gets broken up at 2 by Anderson. The ending sequence came with Anderson hitting a Gun Stun on Austin taking him out of the ring, he attempts one on Shelley but Shelley reverses. Alexander then hits a double hook piledriver onto Shelley for the win.

Josh Alexander def. Alex Shelley, Karl Anderson & Ace Austin in a four-way at 14:39

Siino Vision: Up to this point, my favorite match of the show. Incredibly fun with 4 great talents all with different styles. The outside partners did not distract too much, and I am happy the ending was unscathed by that. It was an exceptionally good build-up to what should be an amazing four-way tag match at Bound for Glory.

Brian Myers & Tommy Dreamer backstage

We go to the back where we see Myers packing up, Tommy says “Brian, you’re everything I always knew you were. Thanks for the match, you beat me. Didn’t need to pull my trunks, it’s all good, bro”. Myers says “You want me to shake your hand? You think I respect you, Tommy? Is that what you think this is? I tried to tell you I am not the same little kid you hired. I am better right now than you ever were in your career. I thought tonight maybe just maybe tonight I would get the Innovator of Violence, instead what he got was some sad, old, retired man”. Dreamer says that maybe he will see the innovator of violence on Tuesday. So, it looks like this will not be ending just yet.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (champion) (w/ Kimber Lee) vs. Susie (w/ Kylie Rae)

Susie is wearing the kick pads that Kylie had recently gifted to her. Susie starts with “Hi, I’m Susie” as Deonna calls this match a piece of cake. Deonna continues to laugh along with Kimber Lee about Susie and her being a joke. Deonna keeps toying with her and then proceeds to wrestle with her. The commentators do an excellent job of explaining why she calls her armbar the “Venus De Milo”, because that being a statue with no arms, and that is exactly what Deonna is trying to do to her opponents.

Susie hits a couple of dropkicks before Deonna goes outside to buy herself some time. As Kylie tries to hype Susie up, Kimber begins to escort Deonna out. Susie then takes out both Kimber and Deonna with a dive to the outside. Kylie tells Susie to go to the top rope. Susie takes a bit longer than usual; Kimber holds her leg as Deonna throws Susie down from the top. Deonna then starts doing some innovative armbars onto her. Madison breaks down the meaning of Virtuosa; “an individual who possesses the outstanding technical ability and a person who has cultivated appreciation of artistic excellence”.

Deonna continues to club and chop Susie before Susie builds up to a strong comeback. Kimber takes advantage of the ref being distracted and hits a boot onto Susie who was resting on the apron. Susie starts to rage up a bit hitting a Thesz press and starts beating down on Deonna. At this point, Susie starts doing more Su Yung moves and mannerisms. She hits Deonna with a cross body, but Kimber Lee distracts the ref before Kylie takes her down. Susie is distracted and runs into a kick, knee-lift, leg sweep, and into the Fujiwara armbar, but Susie gets out. Susie attempts the Panic Switch, but Deonna slips into an armbar, before snapping the arm of Susie right into Venus De Milo for the submission.

Deonna Purrazzo def. Susie by submission at 13:08 to retain

It is now official, Deonna will defend her title vs. Kylie Rae at Bound for Glory. As Kylie checks on Susie, Kimber Lee starts attacking her as Deonna joins in. Deonna goes to grab a chair as she now starts beating down on Susie as well. Deonna places Susie’s arm in the chair before jumping off the second rope onto it. Deonna then puts the other arm into an armbar snapping it back as Kylie must watch on, insinuating that she broke her arm.

Siino Vision: This match was excellent and continues to prove why Impact has one of the best women’s divisions in wrestling. Everything from the storytelling, to the comeback, to Susie’s transition and beat down after the match was vicious and a perfect setup for the match at Bound for Glory. I do feel like the Su Yung tease has been going on for way too long now, and I expect her to finally snap back into her once Kylie wins the title and they can spin off into a feud.

Josh & Madison then run down the current card for Bound for Glory:

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (champion) vs. Kylie Rae

Impact Tag Team Championship: The Motor City Machine Guns (champions) vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Good Brothers vs. The North

Rich Swann will challenge for the World Title

They also announced for this Tuesday’s episode of Impact:

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

The Defeat Rohit Challenge continues

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Impact World Championship: Eric Young (champion) vs. Eddie Edwards

They show a well-done video package before the start of the match, where Young claims him being a man with two legs automatically makes him better than the one-legged man who will not “stand” a chance. Eddie comes out limping as his left ankle is all wrapped up. Young taunts Edwards to start fighting but Eddie just stands there staring a hole through Young before finally hitting him with a big boot taking them both outside to fight against the guardrails. Edwards is full of energy as he repeatedly hits dives to the outside onto Young, and Young already starts bleeding from his left eye.

Eddie keeps breaking up the count outs and keeps the match on the outside taking control before Young counters with a back body drop to the outside as the left side of his face is drenched in blood. They finally take it back inside, as Young takes advantage of a tired Edwards. Edwards counters back with an inverted atomic drop into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Young takes back the momentum after a neck breaker between the two top turnbuckles to the point where the referee checks to see if he can continue.

Young jumps back on him like a hyena, throwing him into the ring for a two count. Young starts screaming “My World!” before beating down on Edwards some more. Edwards fires back with chops in the corner followed by a Backpack Stunner for a two count. Young puts Edwards in the tree of woe before realizing his injured left ankle is exposed and starts beating down on that by stomping it in the corner. Young then drops Edwards’ ankle right into the apron as Edwards begins to scream in pain. Young then does the same but onto the steel steps. At this point, Eddie can barely stand up and before he gets to his feet, Young wraps his ankle in the guardrail and proceeds to kick it three times. Young finally tells the referee to count Edwards out, but Eddie starts laughing and goes back in. Young keeps at the ankle hitting a Russian leg sweep right into an ankle lock.

Edwards comes back with two Blue Thunder Bombs resulting in a two count. Young reverses an attempted Tiger Driver into a TKO, but Eddie rolls out to avoid being pinned. Edwards hits a superkick but misses the Boston Knee Party, Young hits a wheelbarrow into a neck breaker for a two count. Young hits a flying elbow drop for another two-count. Young attempts a piledriver, but Edwards reverses it, hitting a Tiger Driver finally, for a two count. Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party but looks like he did not get all of it with Young blocking some of it with his arms. They head to the ropes, as Eddie hits another Blue Thunder Bomb this one from the second rope for a two count.

As they both climb up again, Young drops Eddie off the ropes knees first with Eddie in incredible pain checking onto his ankle, Young takes advantage and immediately puts him into an ankle lock, but Eddie’s shoe comes off with Young thrown off he takes a Boston Knee Party but is able to put his foot up the ropes right before Eddie could get the win. Edwards tried for the Emerald Flowsion, but Young reverses and kicks out the leg of Eddie followed by a piledriver where he holds Eddie’s injured ankle upon drop, quickly following with an ankle lock as Eddie finally cannot take enough, submitting.

Eric Young def. Eddie Edwards by submission at 23:49 to retain

After the match, Eric Young grabs a chair to go and attack Edwards, but Rich Swann runs in taking out Young. Swann grabs the World Title and raises it up as Eric Young screams “You’re not real!”

Siino Vision: Was not a huge fan of the beginning of the match as I feel like the brawling aspect of it would work so much better with a crowd and noise. Something about Young attacking Eddie’s ankle and him screaming in pain in complete silence is very unsettling to me. Once they got into second gear and took it to the ring it really picked up for me. The constant reminder that Eddie’s ankle would be his downfall would immediately get your attention whenever Eric would get a hold of it, keeping me hooked into every move.

Overall, the show was solid. Nothing spectacular happened, but it did have excellent wrestling throughout the show with the final three matches taking this show onto the next level. It didn’t have a pay per view feel per se and felt more like when Impact would split out themed shows throughout two weeks like Emergency and Rebellion, but instead airing it all in one night clocking in at close to 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was an excellent precursor to Bound for Glory and tied up some loose ends might not have been fitting for a Tuesday episode of Impact, and a nice incentive for anyone who either already has Impact+ or was on the fence on subscribing. Now, with the reintroduction of monthly pay per views would be a good reason to sign up if you are more of a newer content consumer for products that will not be available on AXS TV.

7.5 Injured Eddie Ankles out of 10