Impeached tonight

However you feel about impeachment. Let’s all agree that checks and balances are important. If the law is not #1, then you’re going to have a bad time. If Vince Russo was supreme ruler, all laws would be decided by pole matches. Supreme ruler Cornette would have “outlaw” wrestlers executed.

Although, I would much prefer wrestling matches to decide debates.

Why does this matter? Senate won’t kick him out. It’s much ado about nothing

Can someone explain to me what the point is? The morning news in the UK implying this is stupid because the Senate are pro Trump so it wont follow through?
Is that right - and if it’s that obvious - why have they bothered?

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The US House of Representatives is tasked with oversight. It’s their job. Also, Pelosi says they may not move the articles of impeachment to the Senate until they are given a fair trial. McConnell already spilled the beans that the trial will not be fair, thus nullifying his oath to be a fair juror. He’s saying the jurors (senators) will work with the defendant (the president). In no court would that be allowed.
But when winning is the only thing, oaths/rules/realty really don’t go that far.

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I’ll try to keep this light hearted and fun and don’t plan on engaging in debate, this is mostly for international Cafe members:

In 2016 Americans decided they wanted a reality show for government. This is the same country that makes Keeping Up With The Kardashians the number 1 rated cable program so it’s not surprising. What the last few years have been in America is nothing short of peak reality TV. The cable news stations are having their own ratings war. Anchors have made themselves millions of dollars and household brand names for either being anti Trump or Trump apologists. Our capitalist society is at full bloom as networks take in cash while the government is eroded of norms. Our economy is doing well so many don’t even care who is in office.

Remember how we felt when WWE decided to have a Hell in a Cell match end in stoppage? It totally shit on the gimick, felt so silly for a match designed as the ultimate grudge match gimick…well that is how some (myself included) feel about this particular impeachment. The seriousness of trying to remove a sitting President cannot be understated. If articles of impeachment are drawn up it has the potential to completely undermine democracy. Maybe American democracy is already undermined. But this is a case where two wrongs don’t make a right.

In this particular case, one party is impeaching a President for what is a series of impeachable offenses, but doing it knowing full well they likely cannot remove the President. It belittles the concept of impeachment.

While this particular president has broken many norms, and the Democrats in Congress are not wrong for trying to punish him, they are taking a real check/balance measure and using it to slap a President on the wrist. There are other ways to punish a President besides impeachment and I think that is important for people to understand. Impeachment is a buzzword. People think it is something it is not (it is not removal of the president). It’s like when the term collusion caught fire and was the word of the year.

What this amounts to is 15 minutes of fame for some of the more visible House reps, and another indication that America is more divided than ever - not something brought on by one side, but both sides. It’s no longer a dirty secret that the parties won’t work together. And politicians in office rather further their own brands than try to find common ground. It’s sad. Yes, Democrats are not wrong in trying to impeach Donald Trump but think of it as bad babyface booking. You can easily see which side is right and wrong but the babyface is booked so bad that you become apathetic to them.

Democrats hate Trump, can’t remove him and are trying to make his life hell. They don’t have any viable candidates that can confidently beat him in 2020, so they are taking a shot to do as much damage as possible with no regard for blowback; very short term booking.

At the end of this, Trump will not be removed, empower his base to declare Democrats “losers” as he likes to do, and politics aside, they will definitely feel like losers. Again, think of when the babyface gets beat multiple times by the heel only to get the one win where by the time it happens the guy is not over and you largely don’t care. If you are looking at the scoreboard for how many times they’ve tried to get him and couldn’t it becomes bad babyface booking. Sure, maybe they will get the comeuppance one day but will it even feel like a win by that point? Will people care? The 2020 election is not a lock for removing him which should indicate how bad the babyfaces have been booked here.


ON the other hand, Democrats can go to the public (much like the republicans did previously) and go “We tried” but we cannot do anything unless we get control the Senate, Presidency etc, SO get out and vote us in" SO that might motivate their base more than they currently are


It’s so sad that in America the citizens are so divided based on only 2 parties. If your a Republican you always think your right and Democrats are always wrong and vise versa. I’ve never understood picking a party and sticking with it every election. Here in Canada with our multiple parties I think I have voted for 3 different parties over the last 4 federal and provincial elections. My selection changes all the time based on party policies at that current election time. No party has ever shared my current views at every election.


The issue is the 2 party system and that most people are single issue, or a small list of issue voters, and in the US only one of the 2 parties ever aligns with those issues. So people typically vote for one or the other. How we vote needs to change in order for another party ever to have a chance, and as long as the top 2 don’t want more competition and control the election process it will never change.

Democrats who want to get re-elected, especially those on the ballot in 2020, need to make sure that they’re seen as sufficiently anti-Trump. And Republicans who want to get re-elected need to make sure that they’re seen as sufficiently pro-Trump. That goes double for the potential Democratic challengers for the presidency in 2020. It’s all theater.

I will be shocked if the president is actually removed from office. I think the supporting evidence for the charges is weak and circumstantial, and I think when it gets down to nut-cutting time, all of these politicians (regardless of party) know that it would be a dangerous precedent to remove an elected official from office without irrefutable evidence. The best bet for those who want Trump removed is getting him on the stand under oath, because I have no doubt that he would perjure himself at some point.

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Here’s the thing. Trump asked Russia and China on live TV to interfere in the election. That’s abuse of power.

He’s blocking top officials who have the evidence from speaking to Congress. That’s obstruction.

It couldn’t be any more clear cut. If Congress says that’s ok, then they are saying no more free and fair elections. And hence no more even hint of democracy.

Over 50% of Americans agree with impeachment. And that’s with Trump blocking all the real, deep evidence

The irony of him being removed is it would swing the odds of a republican being in office after 2020 greatly which is another way to digest this as grandstanding and theater.

There is a base of voters who will never vote any way other than their party line. For whatever the issues may be (single issue, fiscal issues, social issues, religious, etc). Then you have the swing voter, or the loosely affiliated voter and right now that group is being pressed as to whether they can vote Trump (or not vote at all which hurts Democrats in elections). If they removed Trump it would be very easy for moderate or swing voting republicans to just stay with their party in voting.

Mike Pence… now that guy is an individual whom might throw the whole country off-kilter. His Uber-Conservative/Evangelical views might end up diminishing the “Seperation of Church and State”. This, in which, is really bad!!

It is actually remarkable who Dems in the House are more concerned with the public knowing how important this is rather than explaining why his actions are dangerous. More grandstanding.

Can we turn this into a thread about American Politics if it were Wrestling.

Trump cut a promo on a recently deceased congressman in his home state and how maybe he is looking Up at this situation and not down. Even that drew boos from his supporters at the rally. Reminded me of when Paige cut the promo on Charlotte’s brother and it came off as just too much heat.

Then you got Corey Booker - a fading candiate for the Democratic nomination for President - cutting a promo on how to be the best you gotta beat the best and that is why it’s a shame Trump may not make it to the debate stages next fall because of Impreachment.

Some good shouting over each other in the Debate last night. Even better was the bad scripting of lines when Elizabeth Warren completely forgot a statistic, froze mid response and then had to go over her lines again.

Politics = Wrestling. I’m here for it.

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I fallen off the democratic debates to be honest. Too many badly formatted battle Royals, they really need to cut back to fatal 4 ways at the least.

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@Breng77 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Fatal Four Ways and Triple Threats > Gimmick Battle Royals

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The the PBS debate has been the best so far with fewer people in the ring, and the refs actually trying to stick to the rules. The first several were like AEW tag matches. “You have 1 min to respond…”” Candidate speaks for 5 mins.

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I mean I guess I’m happy the orange idiot got impeached, however with our scumbag Senate it’s probably not going to mean anything.

Orange Cassidy got impeached from AEW? What?!

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Ironically, both Orange Cassidy’s gimmick and the Dem. Candidates have been really similar. Hands-in-Pockets and being nonchalant and half-assed in regards to the issues.