In support and solidarity with all my black brothers and sisters

I wrote and recorded this song a few years ago after the death of tamir rice. Though its an older track, the message is just as prevalent today. As a white man I could never truly comprehend the struggles of being a minority in this country but Ive surrounded myself with people of all walks of life in an attempt to be as empathetic as i can to their plights. Also, my wife is hispanic and of Mexican decent and my son is mixed race. Living in Arizona, the thought has certainly crossed my mind that one day my son may experience some form of racial prejudice. All that said, i wanted to share this song on Wai’s suggestion of expressing our feelings and frustrations through our art.

Heads up, this song helped me vent some heavy feelings so there is definitely strong language and content so be warned.

I honestly feel like we all need to lean on each other more now than ever. Love you post marks. Please stay safe.