Is Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte still the right match to main event wrestletlemania?

I’ve been asking this question about that match for the last few weeks.

I’m taking myself out of the wrestling bubble for a few moment and just point out some of the thing I’ve seen lately.

Ronda’s character doesn’t feel special anymore, they are slowly ruining everything that made Ronda special and the way she’s been booked lately is really hurting her as a performer.

Becky is still over with the live crowd but her stick is already starting to get old and her pop is starting the soften a little bit. Plus the fact that she’s not somebody that is able to get the ratings up isn’t helping her.

Charlotte, same as Becky, she’s better in her heel role but fans don’t know how to react to her and just like Becky, she doesn’t move the needle for smackdown.

Yeah, I get that it would be cool if the women’s would be put in the last match of mania, but right now, if I had to choose between this match and Rollins vs lesnar for the universal title, I would choose Rollins and lesnar over this match because both character are hot right now and I feel that match would attract more fans to buy mania over the triple threat women’s match.

They have 2 and a half months to reheat those three character and made them feel like they deserved that main event spot for mania because right now, that match feel more like a mid card main event instead of the main event of the show. Kinda like what macho man vs ric flair felt like at mania 8.

Hate to say it, but I don’t think Ronda has to “feel special” for this match to be the main event. The audience that they want to draw by advertising that match as the main event isn’t watching the weekly TV anyway. And my personal opinion is that Becky/Ronda in a singles match is the better Wrestlemania main event than the three-way dance, but potential casual fans they’re looking to attract are more likely to have heard of Charlotte than Becky - and even if not, you can at least possibly move the needle with them by having “Ric Flair’s daughter” in the match

Having said that, right now I agree that Rollins/Lesnar would be the better program if its executed well between now and then. But so much can happen that I can’t say with any certainty what the right call is.

Always prefer one-on-one matches to main event mania.

Who IS getting better reactions or moving ratings then? Rollins? Not after the god-awful Dean Ambrose feud. And after wrestling on Raw every week for 20 minutes his matches have gotten stale. He’s gotten “Boring” chants in multiple PPV matches. And Lesnar could put no effort into the match like his Ambrose match if he is using WM to advertise a UFC match. Now I still want to see Rollins vs Lesnar at WM but I do think the biggest and perhaps best match WWE can make right now is Becky vs Charlotte vs Ronda.

I love the three-way. WWE have perfected the art of booking the three-way match to hide the weaknesses of any of the opponents and highlight their strengths. It’s also automatically a No-DQ match which opens up a lot of opportunities for big Wrestlemania Moment ™ type spots.

Wrestlemania has a history of excellent three way matches too. Benoit vs HHH vs HBK. Bryan saved the Batista vs Orton match. Becky vs Charlotte vs Sasha was the best match at WM32.

I think Becky is still the best and most over character in WWE right now and would be facing two other strong characters who will be able to hold my interest in the feud until Wrestlemania. There are a lot of meta angles with WWE not wanting Becky to win because she isn’t the mainstream star Ronda is and they want Charlotte to be. And ending the night with Becky standing high would be a ground breaking moment and the best feel-good moment WWE can produce right now.

I always love a triple threat but the main event should be Becky vs Ronda. Otherwise it would feel like Charlotte jumping on the “Becky Hype Wagon”. It would be unfair.

Unless Roman Reigns miraculously returns, there are no one else out there who’d generate the fan heat to be the closer for a 12 hour show.

But that plays into the storyline that Becky isn’t the preferred champion and Charlotte gets special treatment. Plus it adds a real heel to the match. Becky and Ronda are both cocky but I don’t think WWE wants them to embrace a heel persona or have Ronda heavily booed.