Is he Drake Maverick yet?

How long will it take for you to stop seeing Rockstar Spud? I identify him as Drake Maverick now. Credit to him for doing a good job in his role. Drake Maverick debuted 9 weeks ago on January 30.

  • Yes, he’s now GM Maverick
  • No, he’s still Spud

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Wasn’t greatly familiar with his work outside of Wwe so hasn’t been a problem. Rockstar spud is a terrible name.

Still Spud for me. Seen him wrestling for 12+ years so finding it hard to see him as ‘Drake’ He is a quality performer though and loving him in his current 205 GM role.

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Rockstar Spud was one of the dumbest names in wrestling. This name suits him.

He’s Drakestar Spuderick to me.

He’ll be Spud forever! Different suit every week!

Didn’t even know who Rockstars Spud was aside from the guy who lost to Hardys kid.

I’ll probably always think of him as both. Dude is immensely talented. Glad he got this gig. He can do his thing in the ring also so they’ll have many options for him.

I got a Slammiversary package a few years back and it included a pass to Six Flags Amusement park (the day before if I remember). They had a food setup in a separate part of the park and most of the TNA roster was there taking pictures and just hanging out. One of the lasting impressions I remember is this dude Spud can really ‘hold court’. You just wind this guy up and he was instant entertainment. They had some picture taking machine (not sure if it was for the website or what it was exactly) but they would have like a countdown and fans and Spud (and EC3) would do some pose and then the picture would show up on a big screen. One fan was in the front of one shot and he head up his phone when the picture was being shot. On that phone he had the score of England losing in the World Cup (or some other big soccer tournament). When Spud saw that on the big screen, he blew a gasket!! Full on promo mode! Entertaining as hell.

I suppose in the end this Drake guy really is a rockstar. Glad he’s still getting to do his thing.

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I don’t know that ill ever see him as anything but Spud. I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s the same with Big Damo and Tommy End. I’m just so used to those names that my mind can’t wrap around the new ones.

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