Is Michael Cole negging Renee on comentary now?

I don’t watch the main shows but I do catch what goes up on the network. I’m watching the newest episode of Mixed Match Challenge and Cole and Renee are taking shots at each other. Was this on the last episode of Smackdown as well? Is this how they’re selling Dean’s turn on commentary?

I should also note that I haven’t listened to Rewind-a-Smackdown yet this week so I don’t know if the guys talked about it.

Dean just turned, there’s been no commentary about him yet. There was no commentary during that segment. I havent noticed any shots being taken.

A wife being a wrestler commentary with her husband being one of the top guys is just awkward. Its just uncomfortable for everybody having Renee there. I’m praying they finally give up on filling a quota and bring up Nigel.

It is awkward, what would make the most sense would be to have Dean on Smackdown, or Renee in the booth on Smackdown, but I don’t see that happening. I think the shots Cole and Renee took at each other on mixed match challenge are in good fun, and with that being the less produced show it’s probably their actual friendship shining through. I think Cole is pretty tight with the younger announcers. I think they will do the best they can on Raw with Dean being a heel now, we’ll see how it goes.

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By the way, Renee being recently married to Dean is probably a blessing in disguise. She has reason to stay with the WWE. I would bet a steak dinner that ESPN or Fox Sports have sniffed around and tried to pick her up in the past. She’s that talented.

Agreed that she is really talented. I wish she would leave and get to display her talents to the fullest. She is never going to be that good at color commentary and is way too talented just to ask questions in pre taped segments.

She been washed like dirty laundry for awhile now.

Charlie eclipsing her.

Or why not just go back to a 2 person booth

WWE is super corporate now and that means they can’t have a bunch of white men on commentary. As Meltzer puts it “they believe in diversity”. The problem is no one other than white men appear to be qualified to do wrestling commentary. So they put on a woman or minority as the third wheel just to fill a quota. That’s basically what Meltzer said but in a more PC way.

I think Xavier Woods might be good. After New Day breaks up I don’t see a bright future for him as a wrestler and think he could as a commentator. So good that he won’t need Corey there.

Diversity is soooo terrible. :roll_eyes:

Why not just hire people for just being good at what they do. I don’t care about what colour you are or about what gender you are.

If you are the best person at doing your job then you should be hired. I hate this idea that there has to be a black man or a woman on commentary just because there needs to be diversity.

Nate Milton does not appear on post wrestling shows because he is black. He appears because he is amazing at doing his job and talking about wrestling. I hope to hear more from him eventually.

WWE is super corporate now and you have to have diversity quotas for stuff like this. They actually time the amount of time for whites vs non whites on the show. That’s the extent they go to for stuff like this. Its not a big deal if its a job that takes zero talent (prerecorded backstage interviewer) but wrestling commentary is really hard and takes talent to do.

Diversity for the sake of just diversity makes the women and black announcers just look bad and puts a lot of pressure on them that they have to do it for their race or gender. If they try another black announcer on RAW and they are awful no one wins or looks good by doing this at this point.

Nigel clearly deserves to be on a main show. Hopefully he replaces Corey at least on SD.