It’s AEW Nite! What are you consuming?

While watching AEW Tonite…
Will you be on the sofa in your undies and shirtless while eating cheese curls?
Will you be drinking Heineken/Seltzer Water?
Will you be multitasking on your phone while watching?
Will you Pop for The Elite?

I’ll be consuming NXT. But I’ll be in bed getting ready to sleep.

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Your threads are so completely random.

I have to type more. Lol

They are Life threads.
Let me in!
Answer the questions, now!

I watch both shows, but I’ve made the decision to decide which show to watch live now via coin flip.

However, I won’t be seeing either show live tonight because I’m visiting friends.

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I’ll watch AEW once it “comes online”.

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Four peaks xerocole ipa and some of my wives brisket!

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