ITV make new announcement regarding AEW in the UK.

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It’s much better than having to wait until the Sunday to watch it like they previously announced but until it’s live on ITV 4 I’m always gunna be slightly disappointed.

I agree it’s better, just wish that the 1st ITV 4 screening was Thursday instead of Friday.

Announced after people like me have already paid the £4.07 to subscribe to the fite TV app for the month…!

Mentioned in a previous thread why they couldn’t just put it on the ITV Player/Hub. Seemed so obvious, even at the time. May not be live but most would have watched on the Thursday anyway. Probably after work as well so 7pm on a Thursday is a good time.

The timing of the announcement is a bit ridiculous, especially if people in the UK have paid to watch the shows for a month on Fite TV. If they wanted to watch live then I guess it makes no difference but if people were going to watch it at the time ITV have it available for free then they’ll probably see it as money pissed down the toilet.

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Not the best, but much better than before.

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That is bullshit!
You should be able to get a refund, though the folks at Fite are notorious for not refunding people even when their streams shit the bed.

Being someone in the UK. I think this better for AEW and people too. As they’re able to watch it at an reasonable amount of time between the US airing and when we can watch it.

As it being on Sunday, you would be watching the PPV before the go home show airs.

Cant find it on the ITV Hub? Anyone found it?

As of 19:06… it is not on there. :grimacing:


I hope technical issues doesn’t mean “we haven’t finished editing the shit out of this”.

Not in any way surprising.

You’d never get this with the BBC iPlayer. No wonder no one bothers to download the ITV Hub even though it’s free.

Plan was to get one hour out of the way, watch football, and then watch the second hour of AEW after that.

Still broken. This is shockingly shit.

It’s now up, three hours late.

Finally!! What a farce

Haven’t watched it yet. Don’t have time now but from what I’m hearing it seems my worries about the show being heavily edited are true… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Can’t say for sure, but I think it would be edited because of children being able to access it, that would be my guess.

I’m more interested in this Friday night late showing on ITV 4, if that’s edited, then there are problems that will need solving