Ivy Nile speaks about joining WWE Raw roster, title match at Day 1, reflects on journey with Creed Brothers

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A look into Ivy’s journey up to where she is now. 

The trio of Ivy Nile and The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) have been a part of the Monday Night Raw roster since the fall of 2023. They aligned in NXT as a part of Diamond Mine and the trio are the last three remaining members of that group. 

On the latest edition of  WWE – Die Woche, Nile spoke about their main roster call-up and officially joining the Raw roster

Gosh, so when — I watch Raw every Monday night, SmackDown every Friday and being in NXT, you just hope and you wish for — you watch it and you’re like, ‘One day. One day, maybe’ and the first time we were at Raw and The Creed Brothers had Alpha Academy and when we walked out there, you go from watching it to being a part of it. I can’t put words into that. I know everyone saw, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It was just so surreal to walk out there and be like, I watch this every single Monday and then now I’m a part of it. It’s unreal, and now that I’m a part of Raw, I cannot wait to get my hands on everything. I want to be in the pay-per-views, I want to be in all the specials. I want to get my hands on absolutely everything.

To start off 2024, Nile challenged Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Championship on the Day 1 episode of Raw. She did not come out on top, but spoke highly of the champion. 

Nile said she has seen most of Ripley’s matches dating back to her time in NXT. 

That kind of happened fast, didn’t it? (Nile said about her WWE Women’s World Title shot at ‘Day 1’ Raw) It was something that was another moment to show what I was made of so I’ve been a huge fan of Rhea Ripley for a long time and the cool thing about this whole thing was I’ve probably watched every single match of hers since her time in NXT up until now and so I’ve had countless matches and years of film study on her. But for me, she didn’t really have much on me to watch. She’s had the past year or two to watch and I really haven’t had that much of a chance to show what I’m made of. So I think I went into the match with an upper hand on that, knowing that I’ve had years and years on her and she really hasn’t had anything on me. So I think I went into that match with a huge surprise from her.

Later in the chat, she spoke about her journey with Julius and Brutus Creed. She heaped praise onto them and expressed that she’s very much looking forward to what’s to come in the future for their trio. 

So, ever since my debut, I’ve been with them (Creed Brothers). They were on NXT first and they were just… don’t tell them I said this, but they’re just the most strong, athletic bunch of guys you’re ever gonna meet in your life. They’ll just do things that are insane, and then me joining them, I had to step up my game and make sure that I delivered just as much as they did and you know, since day one, we push each other and now we’re on Raw together. So it’s really cool. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey with them and ready to see what’s next for us. 

When it comes time to go in the ring, they go. Behind the scenes, I think that’s their way to relax is to just be goofballs but, definitely. They’ve got it all. 

With the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event coming up, that became a topic of discussion. Nile revealed that she was an alternate for the 2023 women’s Rumble and was backstage in case she needed to fill in. She thinks her chances of being in the 2024 installment of the match are higher because she’s now on the main roster. 

What’s crazy is last year, I was an alternate (for the women’s Royal Rumble). So I was in NXT and last year, I was there as an alternate. I was just backstage, just like, ‘Maybe, maybe something. I don’t know’ and now this year, being a part of Raw, my chances are even bigger… I think I have a strong chance but we’ll see.

Nile and Ripley had a Women’s World Title rematch in a dark segment at the New Year’s Revolution edition of SmackDown. At house shows in early January, Nile worked with Nia Jax. 

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